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Criteria 1: Teachers Provide Appropriate Reviews to Improve

Teachers make appropriate reviews transparent and understandable to improve learning.
This is demonstrated on the students work and their individual skills rubrics. Steps to
progression are visibly provided to the students and parents both online and on classwork.
This helps home learning and encourages parents to help their child improve and progress.
Teachers reviews are often in a question format to help students expand on their learning.
Year 1
Class Dojo Class Feedback and Review
Teachers award points to learners for demonstrating particular personal goals in their

In December 2015, 49 points were awarded to the students for showing resilience in their
learning. Points were also awarded for Adaptability and Cooperation. Points are continuously
awarded to reinforce positive behaviour in learning. Teachers can also invite parents to the
Class Dojo to view their childs progress and well being. Parents will be able to view the
students report and help improve learning by re-consolidating at home or encouraging
positive behaviours.

Year 2
Students consolidate their learning at the end of every week by writing reflections. Students
can distinguished whether they have learnt a new knowledge, skill or understanding and
expand on their learning by giving details on their thoughts. This makes their learning
transparent and helps the teacher to identify areas of learning and gaps in learning that may
need to be further taught. Teachers then respond to the students by questioning to improve

Year 3
Student Self Review
Year 3 teachers provided an appropriate review to students after completing a Fair Test
Experiment Presentation from the Shake It: Matter unit. Students were given beginning,
developing, or mastering feedback on their personal goals as well as their Science 2.1b and
2.1g skills used during the project. Teachers wrote specific feedback as well.

Year 4
Circuit Unit
This is a student answering questions to reflect on what they did in the circuit unit, if they
could make the lightbulb work. After answering, the teacher has added in feedback to the
student responses, encouraging students to expand on their thinking and learning.


In the Champions for Change unit, seniors read a news story and wrote about who was
effect and why. Teachers gave feedback in the form of further questions, as well as learning

Explicit Reflection Display to Improve Learning
The Mandarin teachers divided student work into 3 different stages in order to show what the
expectations are for each stage. This helped the students reflect on their learning as they
were able to tangibly see which learning stage their work matched with most. They then
reflected further by making improvements to their work in order to move to the next learning



Physical Education

End of Unit Questionnaire/Survey

At the end of a unit taught in PE, the teachers conducted a short survey asking students
to review their learning and what they understood at the end of the unit, so they could
review the content and make adjustments and improvements accordingly.
Below is a page from a Looking for Learning survey conducted with 2B on the Tennis

Learning Support

ILP Review
This is the front page from an Individualised Learning Plan Review for a student at
IslandCA. It shows what the goals were for that student, what was achieved, and then
the next steps for that student to continue learning and improving. Learning support
staff are regularly reviewing individual children's learning and progress to aid their
learning and development.


Reviewing a Pentatonic Composition

Students are given feedback about what they have done well, and what they need to
work on next to be able to improve and progress further in this IPC unit.