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Breitung Township Schools

Teacher observation

Teacher: Mr. Nick Heikkila

Observing administrator: David Holmes

Subject/Grade: Physical Education 6

Date: 3-07-16

The following is a summary based on a classroom observation conducted during this school year.
Comments/recommendations are listed at the end of this summary .A final performance evaluation will be
written and based upon the criteria discussed in the pre-observation meeting and the BTS Teacher

Observation summary:

Summary of lesson


Students entered the locker rooms and changed into their gym clothes prior to class.
They then entered the gym to begin a short organized warm-up which included several
running, bounding and agility drills.


Mr. Heikkila gathered the students at the center of the gym and reviewed yesterday 's
lesson. "What are the four skills that we focused on yesterday?" Several students
volunteered answers and were able to participate. After the brief discussion, he explained
the goals for today's lesson. Mr. Heikkila demonstrated the proper ways to run with the
Lacrosse stick and a ball using the "cradle method".
After the demonstration, Mr. Heikkila directed half of the class to get a stick and line up along
the baseline. He directed the other half of the class to the other baseline. He instructed the
group with the sticks to run using theone handed cradle" method. He then asked them to use
the "two handed cradle" method. The next group rotated into the drill.
During this time, Mr. Heikkila coached, demonstrated,encouraged and guided the students .


Mr. Heikkila broke the class into four groups and organized a stick handling relay
race. Students seem to enjoy the race and they were able to immediately practice a
skill they learned.


Mr.Heikkila then transitioned the lesson into another demonstration. He gathered the
students at the center of the gym again and demonstrated the proper techniques of shooting.
Afterward he broke the students into groups again and started a shooting drill. He circulated
from group to group to check progress and to guide students.


Mr. Heikkila concluded the gym portion of the lesson by dismissing students to the
locker room and asking them to clean up the gym equipment.
At the end of the class period, Mr. Heikkila gathered
the class in the "Commons Area"
to follow-up on the lesson and to check for understanding.

Instructional strategies observed:

0 Group work/Lab
X lntroduction/Warm-up

0 Reading
0 Writing/Note-taking

0 Bellringer/focus question

0 Discussion

0 Goal/purpose

X Closure

0 Direct instruction
X Guided practice
X Independent practice

0 Other

The following standards and goals were listed in Mr. Heikkila's online lesson plans this week:
Goal(s): Students will...
1. Understand how to properly cradle the ball while moving.
2. Understand how to accurately shoot at a goal with and without a goal tender.
Michigan Standards:
M.IG.06.02 demonstrate selected on-the-ball tactical movements of scoring (e.g., passing, receiving,
shooting, attacking the goal, creating space) , preventing scoring (e.g., defending space, defending goal,
winning the object). and starting/restarting game play (e.g., to initiate play or from sideline) during
modified invasion games (e.g., small-sided games, such as 3 vs.3).
Mr. Heikkila taught a well designed lesson today. The lesson included skills that will be applicable to the
actual game of lacrosse. He was patient with students yet clear about what he expected. During the
competitive portion of the lesson he had a great deal of enthusiasm and energy which translated to the
students being enthusiastic as well. This lesson is evidence that Mr. Heikkila is progressing well as a
student teacher and well on his way to becoming a professional educator.
This observation was reviewed and discussed with the teacher and administrator on: