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to take the quiz:

- After reading the question, click on the answer that you think iscorrect to
go to the definition. If the answer you ve chosenis correct, you
will see the question text somewhere in the defintion.
- After reading the question, write down the letter of your answerchoice on
scrap paper. Check your answers by using the answer key at theend of the
a) backbone
b) circuit
c) transistor
d) bus
e) twisted pair
f) trunk
g) coaxial cable
h) chip
i) interface device
j) motherboard
k) edge device
l) transponder
m) satellite
n) beep code
o) NIC
p) router
q) MAC address
r) repeater
s) peripheral
t) port number
u) acoustic coupler
v) physical unit
w) modem
x) LAN server
y) slot
z) surge suppressor

1._____ This is any computer device that is not partof the

essential computer but is situated relatively close by.
2. _____This is a larger transmission line that carriesdata
gathered from smaller lines that interconnect with it.
3._____ This is a computer circuit board or card thatis installed
in a computer so that it can be connected to a network.
4._____ On a network, this is your computer's unique
5. _____This is the ordinary copper wire that connectshome and
many business computers to the telephone company.
6. _____This is a physical device that can pass packetsbetween
a legacy application type network (such as an Ethernet) and an
ATM network by using data link layer and Network layer
7._____This consists of three layers of a semiconductormaterial,
each capable of carrying a current.
8._____This is a device or, in some cases, software ina
computer, that determines the next network point to which a
packet shouldbe forwarded toward its destination.
9._____This is the physical arrangement in a computer that
contains the computer's basic circuitry and components.
10.____This is a device that receives a signal onan
electromagnetic or optical transmission medium, amplifies the
signal,and then retransmits it along the next leg of the


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ANSWER KEY: 1s;2a;3o;4q;5e;6k;7c;8p;9j;10r