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1. A set of simple statements enclosed in a pair of braces is called a ___________of

2. The only special character that is used in a variable is _____________
3. __________ statements makes the program self explanatory
4. The symbol used for an address operator is ___________
5. The escape character used for new line character is ___________
6. __________ is formatted input statement
7. __________ are used to link two relational operators
8. The logical AND operator is ______________
9. The modulus operator is _____________
10. _____________ operators are used to combine two arithmetic expressions
1 X 10 =10

1. What are the different types of expressions? Give example

2. Write conversion characters for various data types
3. List the rules for naming the variables.
4. Write the syntax for the formatted out put statement. Give example
5. Write a note on structure of C.

1. Write a program to calculate area and volume of cylinder.

2. Write a program to calculate sum and average of two numbers.
3. Evaluate the following expression