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909 Pine Dr. Windsor, CO

(970) 381-0414

Secondary Education Post Baccalaureate Licensure Program, Content Area: Biology, 4.0/4.0
University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO
Praxis Exam passed, July 16, 2015

May, 2016

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Zoology with an emphasis in Pre-Med., 3.3/4.0

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO

Dec. 1991

TEACHING EXPERIENCE:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Student Teacher at Severance Middle School, 7th Grade
Severance, CO

Design of inquiry based lessons that support relevance to students working from macroscopic to
microscopic levels.
Stimulate critical thinking and problem solving through small group collaboration and experimentation.
Integration of Science Notebooks, I-Squared Strategy and Infographics to assess student learning.
Implementation of computer simulations such as Gizmos to support different learning styles.
Encourage innovation and creativity through engineering projects.
Collaborate with and support of other subject areas including Language Arts and Math through skills such
as CERs (Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning), graphing, and probability tables.
Manage and support of student learning through Google Classroom.

Practicum at Greeley Central High School, 10th Grade

Greeley, CO

Jan. 2015-Present

Oct. 2015-Nov. 2015

Provided support through grading papers, taking attendance and helping students in the classroom.
Established strong teacher-student relationships for effective behavioral management.
Taught and designed lessons with Think-Pair-Share activities to promote student interaction.
Gained a better understanding of the CDE, NGSS, NSTA standards focusing on daily learning targets.
Attended Parent-Teacher Conferences, Professional Development, Staff and Team meetings.

WORK EXPERIENCE:_________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

Paraprofessional at Windsor High School-SPED
Aug. 2007-Aug. 2015
Windsor, CO
Leadership role in training and supporting new paraprofessionals.
Administered accommodations and modifications to meet the needs of every student.
Taught educational strategies as well as supported student-driven behavioral management (PBIS).
Tutored and co-taught students in many different subject areas including: Biology, Earth and Space,
Chemistry, Spanish, World Geography, U.S. History, English, Agriculture, and Health.
Collaborated and built strong working relationships with administrators, teachers, fellow
paraprofessionals, therapists, students and parents.
Paraprofessional at Meeker Elementary School
Greeley, CO

Aug. 2006-May, 2007

Substitute Teacher for Greeley School District 6

Greeley, CO

Aug. 2005-May, 2006

909 Pine Dr. Windsor, CO

(970) 381-0414