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Rezumat : Articolul dat prezint cercetarea realizat n baza unuia dintre cele mai rspndite

probleme ale funcionalitii organismului, i anume recuperarea regiunii lombare a coloanei

vertebrale .n acest scop a fost elaborat un program bazat pesistemul DAVID SPINE
CONCEPT n recuperarea mobilitii i forei musculare.n urma multor studii a fost depistat
legtura dintre scderea activitilor motrice i apariia durerilor lombare,scderea primei
condiioneaz apariia celei de a doua .n baza acestor cercetri s-a dezvoltat sistemul
DAVID SPINE CONCEPT ce determin onou orientare a reabilitrii coloanei vertebrale i
anume reabilitarea prin micare.Studiul a demonstrat eficatitatea programului
kinetoterapeutic prin rezultatele obinute de ctre pacieni n urma programului kinetic
Summary: This article presents the conducted research on one of the most common
problems of organism functionality recovery of spine loin. For this purpose, a program for
mobility and muscular strength recovery has been developed based on system called David
Spine Concept. As a result of a lot of studies, it was detected the connection between the
decrease of moving activity and the appearance of back pain, the decrease of first one giving
birth to the second one. On the basis of such kind of reasearches, the system David Spine
Concept has appeared, a system which gives a new direction to spine recovery through
movement . It has demonstrated the efficacy of physical therapist program through results
obtained from the physical program offered to patients.