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March 29, 2016

Dear Promotion Committee members:

Im writing to request consideration for a promotion this year. I believe I have
information that illustrates examples and evidence of my accomplishments over the past
three years.
Ive been employed at SUNY Sullivan since April 1999 in the capacity of Learning
Services Assistant within the Department of Learning and Student Development Services.
Over the years, my responsibilities have expanded to include oversight of the tutorial
program including training and supervision of tutors. I was instrumental in researching
and arranging for purchases for SUNY Sullivans Learning Commons which opened for the
Fall 2014 semester. This was a lengthy process which included researching furniture
styles, seating, fabric options, all while being keenly aware of budget concerns. I believe
that I was able to make choices that offer an aesthetically pleasing, and positive learning
As Learning Services Assistant, I also coordinate academic accommodations for
students with disabilities. In that role, I review relevant educational evaluations, and with
student collaboration, establish on campus accommodations. Ive offered workshops for
students that provide them with tips and strategies to help them achieve academic
success. Ive also offered workshops that I feel are creative and enhance personal wellbeing: Aromatherapy and Drawing Mandalas for stress reduction. Ive had the opportunity
to make purchases through funds supplied by VTEA. I chose products that students with
disabilities and other students can use to improve skills. I offered a demonstration of the
products so students and staff know what is available. I ordered several DVDs on mental
health, disability, emotional health and the current nationwide crisis in opioid addiction.
These are recordings of PBS programs that theyve shown on air. The series of DVDs I
purchased are thought provoking, relevant, and include stories of ordinary people. I
believe students will enjoy the choices.
An additional assignment is that of Veterans Certifying Official. Together with the
Department Director, Rose Hanofee, I have been trained to certify qualified veterans for
educational benefits under the Veterans Administration. I am responsible for maintaining
placement testing by creating our local math tests in the Accuplacer system. This initially
involved writing the local test into Accuplacer as a local test. Branching profiles and
placement rules had to be created and the actual test written into the system. The
process was lengthy and continues to be monitored and updated when there are changes
to testing.
Our tutoring program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association
and is up for renewal. Ive recently completed the College Reading and Learning
Association recertification packet for review and hope that this professional organization
will approve recertification.
I hope that you will review my promotion packet and the supporting evidence and
recommend my promotion.

Eileen Howell