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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

-Teaching a story through music

-Grade Level: 2nd Grade- 3rd Grade
-Time: 45 minutes
-Lesson Design: Jackie Shepler & Caroline Werner

Using different types of musical instruments such as jingle bells, students will
focus on their listening skills, organizational skills, and rhymthic skills while
incorporating this through a childrens book.


Students will learn a sense of rhythm

Students will be familiar will different musical instruments
Students will learn how to improve singing skills
Students will improve reading comprehension through music

1. Sing the story to the rhythm of Santa Claus is coming to town
2. Talk about the parts of the story such as: Who, what, where, when, and
3. Talk about different sounds throughout the story
4. Go through and just listen to the song by itself
5. Divide the class up with different instruments
6. Go over when each student will be playing each instrument
7. Rehearse each part separately
8. Play all together until students get it right

-(the book??)
-Jingle Bells

- Music or song in the background

Other Resources???
Common Core Standards-Reading
2. Recount stories that connect to the story being presented, that way
each child can learn and remember it the way they want too.
3. Talk about characters in the story so that kids know whom you are
talking about and why you are talking about them.
7. Explain how the story pertains to something in real life and how to
put it into context and be able to distinguish it from other things.

Extensions/Teaching Tips
Make sure all students are included by having an instrument to play. Go over
each instrument with the students involved in that certain part of the song.
Also, re-read the story with the students at least twice so they get a better
understanding of the story.