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Teacher Candidate: ___Rebecca Tooker______________________________
Cooperating Teacher: __Dr. Varano___________________________________
Group Size: _24 Students______ Allotted Time: ____50 minutes_____
Subject or Topic: _____Weather-Measuring Temperature ___________

Date: ___3/9/16_______________
Coop. Initials: ____KU_________
Grade Level: __1st Grade_____
Section: _____________________

STANDARD: (PA Common Core):

3.3.1. A5. Become familiar with weather instruments. Collect, describe, and record basic
information about weather over time.
I. Performance Objectives (Learning Outcomes)
A. First grade students will measure different temperatures by measuring the water with a
B. First grade students will fill out a worksheet by observing the different temperatures of the
II. Instructional Materials
A. Two cups of cold water and warm water for a group of 4
B. Two thermometers per group
C. Temperature worksheets that go along with activity
D. Assess to water
E. Blue and Red dye
F. Ice cubes, warm water, and room temperature water
G. Assess to YouTube-
III. Subject Matter/ Content (prerequisite skills, key vocabulary, big idea)
A. Prerequisite Skills
1. The temperature changes from place to place and from season to season
B. Key Vocabulary
1. Temperature, thermometer
i. Temperature- The degree or intensity of heat present in a substance or object
ii. Thermometer- An instrument for measuring and indicating temperature
C. Big Idea
1. How to measure temperature by using a thermometer
D. New Content
1. Using a thermometer to measure temperature and Fahrenheit is a unit of measuring
IV. Implementation
A. Introduction
1. The teacher will have a big thermometer that you can manual change on the board in the
front of the room.
2. Teacher will than show them the how temperature can change by the Mercury changing
B. Development
1. As a class the teacher will make anchor chart with the class about how to read a
2. The teacher will ask the students about what they know about thermometers.
3. The teacher will draw a picture of a thermometer on the big sheet of paper and add lines on
the side with number counting from intervals of 10 (0-10-20-30-40-50)



The teacher will use the big thermometer to show them how to measure temperature with it.
a. Explaining that where the red liquid stops is where you measure from by looking at
the side of the thermometer.
The teacher will than have the student go to the carpet in front of the smartboard for
The teacher will have the smartboard activity up on the screen.
The smartboard will have a thermometer on the board and the teacher will ask the student
to say what the temperature on each of the thermometers.
The teacher will only use the first part of the temperature smartboard activity.
Teacher will explain that they will be talking temperatures of two different waters that are
dyed blue and red.
The students will be seated at their desks.
Each person will be assigned a partner that they work with.
Each set of couples will put their desk together facing each other.
Teacher will hand two cups per group
One cup will have blue water with ice cups in it and the other cup will have warm water with
red dye in it.
The teacher will than hand out thermometers to each student.
a. The teacher will mention that they have to be very careful because the
thermometers are made from glass and can break easy.
b. The materials inside are unsafe for humans.
Teacher will have the students put one thermometer in each glass.
The teacher will than explain that the units that the students will be measuring in will be
As partners they will have to read the thermometer and see what temperature each water is
and record it on the temperature paper. (Shown Below)
The teacher will walk around the room and observe the students as the measure the
different temperatures of water.
As a whole class the students will than discuss their findings of the two different water

C. Closure
1. Teacher will have every one go to the rug for the video on the smartboard.
2. Teacher will put up a YouTube video for the students to listen and watch as a reminder of
what they learned that day.
D. Accommodations / Differentiation 1. Steve has a visual impairment and have difficulty see things on the board. Steve will be
placed in the front of the class and during the video at the end of class. Steve will also need
the temperature work sheet to have bigger font and picture of the thermometer. Steve will
need a bigger thermometer use for the activity. For the students that have difficulty with
paying attention in class will be able to fiddle with a squishy ball during the YouTube video.
E. Assessment/Evaluation plan
1. Formative- The worksheet will be collected at the end of class and be graded on if
the students finished it or not. It also will be graded on if their answer are around
the temperature they should get. And if it corresponds with the coloring of the
thermometer above their answer.
2. Summative- There is no summative assessment for this lesson

V. Reflective Response

A. Report of Students Performance in Terms of States Objectives


B. Personal Reflection
Did the temperature come out how they were supposed to? Was the two different temperatures
different enough for the students to understand that there was a difference between the two?

Did the students understand where how to read the thermometer? How did you know this?

VI. Resources
Smart Exchange