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Kassie Hooker

2344 Victor St.

Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Education
GPA 3.2/4.0
Graduation Spring 2016

2016- Present
TriHealth Corporate and Preventative Health Department
Blue Ash, Ohio
Intern; 40 hours/week
Assisted wellness coordinators and health specialists with the creation and implementation of
wellness programs designed for corporate office staff. Conducted biometric screenings, health
coaching, creating wellness and incentive programs, presentations, newsletters and health fairs
alongside staff.

2015 - Present
University of Cincinnati Advancement and Transition Services
Cincinnati, Ohio
Direct Care Staff; 10 hours/week
Assisted adults diagnosed with Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder or similar behavioral, sensory
or communicative needs. This program is focused on the improvement of verbal communication,
vocational skills and independent life skills through verbal and non-verbal prompting, behavioral
cueing and implementation of a rigorous schedule.

2013 - Present

Adriaticos Pizza & Sports Bar

Cincinnati, Ohio
Shift Supervisor/ Bartender; 20-25 hours/week
Supervised a team of hosts, servers and bartenders at one of the most popular pizza and sports
bars near the University of Cincinnatis campus, while balancing cash drawers and preparing
deposits, and maintaining a high level of customer service and sales.

2014 & 2015

Island Lake Sports and Arts Center

Starrucca, Pennsylvania
Bunk Counselor/Lacrosse Coach, 720 hours/10 weeks
Supervised a group of eight to fifteen girls, providing a role of responsibility, developed skills in
organization and coordination of both youth and peers personal achievement and growth by
disconnecting from technology and establishing a true social connection teaching a variety of
groups. Through two summers spent in rural Pennsylvania.

2012 2015
University of Cincinnati Biology Department
Cincinnati, Ohio
Undergraduate Research Assistant, 10-12 hours/week

Served as a lab technician in the Polak Lab, collected and organized data, conducted basic
dissection and microscopies, and aided in experimental design. Gained valuable experience
working with Drosophila bipectinata and dozens of other subtropical fruit fly species. Performed
statistical analysis, using both Microsoft Excel and JMP.

Skills and Certifications

Data Processing

Data Collection
Microscopy using Olympus SZX12 Stereo Microscopes
Statistical Analysis using Excel and JMP
Experimental Design regarding efficiency and accuracy


Valid Driver License, State of Ohio

CPR/First Aid/ AED, American Red Cross
Bloodborne Pathogens Training, University of Cincinnati and OSHA

Communication Skills

Formal and informal public speaking

Outreach and education of a variety of health topics
Knowledge and experience working with diverse populations
Planning and Implementation of health programs
professional writing

Publications and Presentations

June 2015
Polak M, Hooker K. J, Tyler F. Consistent Positive Co-Variation between Fluctuating Asymmetry
and Sexual Trait Size: A Challenge to the Developmental Instability-Sexual Selection
Hypothesis. Symmetry. 2015; 7(2):976-993

April 2015
Undergraduate Research, Scholarly Endeavors and Creative Practice Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio
April 24, 2015. Consistent Positive Co-Variation between Fluctuating Asymmetry and Sexual Trait
Size: A Challenge to the Developmental Instability-Sexual Selection Hypothesis. Poster

Volunteer Service

2015- Present
Compost Kids at the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
Volunteer Educator, 25 hours/month

A community educator, instructing elementary school groups, girl scouts, and field trips to learn
about the benefits of reducing waste, composting and recycling, as well as various plant
identification, gardening and crafts.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
Community Volunteer; 10 hours/ month

Volunteers spend time preparing snacks, playing games, and spending time with families and
children receiving medical treatment. These children are often diagnosed with chronic and
terminal illnesses and receive treatment at nearby Cincinnati Childrens Hospital and Shriners
Hospital for Children.

Research, Education and Continuing Opportunities Network (R.E.C.O.N)
Cincinnati, Ohio
Peer Mentor; 8 hours/ month

An established undergraduate researcher, trained to guide a fellow undergraduate with the

intention of finding an Academic or Clinical Research position. This is done through the
development of a personal research interest statement, networking and goal setting. This level of
scholarly work expands from the University of Cincinnati to Cincinnati Childrens Hospital,
Shriners Hospital for Children and other research facilities across Ohio.

Healthy Bearcats at University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
Undergraduate Leadership Team; 5 hours/ week

A student led research organization, with a primary goal to educate and promote nutrition and
physical activity to various Cincinnati Public Schools, focused on working with third to sixth grade

Great American Cleanup: Keep Cincinnati Beautiful Project
Cincinnati, Ohio
Service Volunteer; 8 hours

An annual spring event, the Keep Cincinnati Beautiful Project is an environmental effort to clean,
paint and update urban communities around Cincinnati.

Fall 2015
Deans List at the University of Cincinnati
Spring 2015
Cincinnati, Ohio

An award given to students who have earned at least a 3.5 grade point average during the
previous semester

August 2014
Rookie of the Year Award
Starrucca, Pennsylvania

An achievement award, presented to a first-year counselor who exemplifies outstanding

enthusiasm and ability to facilitate growth and competition in young athletes at Island Lake
Sports and Arts Center.