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Information of Japan
Population:127.3 million (2013)
Capital: Tokyo
GDP per capita:38,633.71 USD
Language: Japanese
Total area:145,925 sq mi
Average life span 84 years old

Japan is a member of the UN, the G7, the G8,

and the G20. Japan is a great power. The
country has the world's third-largest economy
by nominal GDP and the world's fourth- largest
economy by purchasing power parity. It is also
the world's fifth-largest exporter and fifthlargest importer. Although Japan has officially
renounced its right to declare war, it maintains
a modern military with the world's eighth
largest military budget, used for self- defense
and peacekeeping roles. Japan is a developed
country with a high standard of living and
Human Development Index whose population
enjoys the highest life expectancy and the third
lowest infant mortality rate of any
country.Japan is ranked first in the Country
Brand Index and is the highest-ranked Asian
country in the Global Peace Index.

Map of Japan
Japan has 47 prefectures. Prefecture is like state. My
country divides 8 regions. In japan, we have 3 big
cities which are Tokyo (13), Osaka (27) and Nagoya
(23).Tokyo and Osaka are name of prefectures, but
Nagoya is not name of prefecture, so it is in Aichi
prefecture (23). My home town is located in near the
Nagoya city, but it is different prefecture. My
prefecture is called Mie (24). In this year, summit
which is international conference will be held in May
26 - 27 in my prefecture.
Japan,Italy,France,U.S.,Canada,Germany and U.K are
going to attend it. U.S. is 25 times larger than
Japan.Shiga prefecture (25) which is sister sity of
Michigan. Shiga prefecture has the largest lake of
japan, and state of Michigan even has big lake so it is
the relating

History of Japan
This is a picture of after the dropping atomic
bomb in Hiroshima which is located in west side
of Japan. Japan is only contamination country
of all over the world. One shot of the atomic
bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on August 5 in
1946 by U.S. army. 122,338 people were killed
by only one atomic bomb. 420,000 people lived
in Hiroshima at that time. There were lots of
military facilities in Hiroshima, so it had been
target. People that they survived the attack, but
they were suffered from radiation sickness for a
long time.The power of the atomic bomb is
immeasurable, so the Japanese government
has lobbied the eradication of the atomic bomb
in World.

Japanese history of world heritage site

This picture is the oldest wooden building of all
over the world. It is a buddhism temple. We call
it HORYUJI. This building was built in 607. It
was over 1400 years ago. The building is still
standing on the middle of Japan. It is located in
Nara prefecture which was the ancient capital of
japan.The building was registered in the world's
cultural heritage of the UNESCO for the first
time in 1996 in Japan. Japan is one of the
buddhism country so there are lots of things
related to it. It is over 2300. The picture back
side building which it is the famous form in
Japan so there are same shape of buildings in
some areas in Japan. We call it Goju no tou in
Japanese which means five Storeyed Pagoda.

Culture of Japan
Japan is famous for anime. Many top rank
creators are from Japan. These anime are loved
by many people around the world. The name of
comic book is One peace which is the story of
pirate. The comic books sold 300 million 30
million parts in the world, so it is registered in
the Guinness record. Animation of Japanese
culture has infiltrated all over the world. Many
Japanese teen guys read weekly magazine
which we can read latest story of these cartoon.
Now, many foreign people try to study
Japanese. Thats why, they are interested in
Japanese culture and language from comics.
The influence of the Japanese comics are

Traditional Japanese culture

I am going to introduce Japanese traditional
sleep goods. In japan, people do not sleep on
the bed. The first of picture is Japanese Huton
which is Japanese bed. people sleep on it.
Many foreign people when they come to Japan,
they are so surprised the bed design first. When
I was a child, I slept on it with my parent. The
merit of this good is able to fold. Thanks to the
merit, we can ensure a space. The second of
picture is Japanese traditional dining table and
chair. However, these traditional culture is going
to disappear in Japan. The most big reasons
are westernization and convenience. Bed is
more comfortable than Huton that I think.
Besides Japan has a lot a country unique
culture not found in other countries.

There are lots of big company in Japan today,
so lots of employees work at big city especially,
Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Thanks to their
effort, japans GDP per capita is fourth of all
over the world. Japanese transportation system
is developing very much, so in the every single
morning, the large number of people use it
every single day. Train and Bus is super busy
every morning and every evening, so station
stuff push people to close the door. The
number of users of the day is 6.33 million
people. Japan is not rich in natural resources,
so my country depends on imports of its almost
100% natural resouces. Foreign people might
be surprised the cost of gasoline, especially U.S
people when they come to Japan.

Business of Japanese major companies

Prime minister of Japan & Government of Japan

He is a Japanese prime minister. His name is
Shinzo Abe. He had been Prime minister
before, so this is the second time of
administration for him. Thanks to his policy,
Japan's economy was fairly recovery. The name
of his policy is Abenomics. Japan is configured
two big parties which are called Democratic
party and Liberal democratic party. Now the
government is Liberal Democratic Party. He is
also leader of the party. Parliament are
consisted of the House of Councillors and the
House of Representatives in Japan. We do not
choose the direct prime minister in the election
of Japan, so my country is representive

The most big issue of Japan is the aging
society. In Japan, the baby population is still
decreasing. The most big reason is the average
lifespan. Japans average lifespan is the highest
of all over the world. Thats why, the senior
citizens are increasing. A lot of senior citizens
are getting a pension. However, the people of
paying into the national pension are still
decreasing. My country is affecting that
government cannot pay enough national
pension to senior citizens.China is worried
about increasing baby population, but Japan
needs huge amount of baby population

Japanese is one of the difficult language in the
world, because our language has 3 types of
letter. Japanese grammar is completely different
between English, so foreign people have
difficulty to speak Japanese.Japanese is
composed of A I U E O which is vowel. Many
western people think Japanese is same of
Chinese. That is completely wrong. Chinese
use only one letter. so This is the big reason
why. Japanese Kanji which is like Chinese letter.
It came from China for a long long ago, but
ancient japanese people made own Japanese
letter Which are Hiragana and
Katakana.Chinese pronunciation is also
completely different.

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