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Stephen King

Devin Jones & Camryn Garrett

Kings Early Life:

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Senate. He g
from the Un
iversity of M
aine at Oron
o in 1970.


As a child, King apparently witnessed one of his friends being

struck and killed by a train, though he has no memory of the
event. Some commentators have suggested that this event may
have psychologically inspired some of King's darker works; King
doesnt mention this in his novels.
Richard Matheson is the author who influenced King the most as
a writer. King envied his first experience reading pieces by
One of Kings earliest memories of inspiration was a H.P.
Lovecraft short story, The Lurker in the Shadows. This, along
with other similar collections of short stories, sparked his
interest in what would become his main genre, horror fiction.
His first publications included, Carrie, Salem's Lot and The
Shining which would go on to be made into a feature film in 1980.

Kings Popular Screen Writings & Novels

Kings Writing Style

& Famous Techniques

King usually begins the story creation process by imagining a "what if" scenario.
He is known for using his favorite authors as names for his characters. He also includes
fictional books in his stories.
Horror, thriller, science fiction, supernatural fiction and suspense, are just some of
Kings famous genres.

Personal Beliefs vs. Writing

Fiction is the truth inside the lie. - Stephen King
Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us
and sometimes, they win. - Stephen King

Some of Kings most popular work were based on his own personal
experience, including, The Shining and Pet Sematary.
King incorporates real-life issues into his horror novels. For example,
bullying and abusive parents were issues dealt with in his Carrie and IT
Most of his stories however, are based on pure fiction. His inspiration
comes simple things that are then crafted into a novel.

Kings Work Through Time

When Kings career first began, he specifically focused on horror and sci-fi
genres. Through the years he started to write screenplays. Some of his most
famous novels were made into movies.
Over the years, King has written over 200 short stories of all genres. These
stories are based out of his home town in Maine but most have never been
published. The variety of pieces King has written, portrays the ability and
talent he has to create such contrasting pieces.
Some reviewers have reported that as King grows older, age reflects his
writings, but he still remains a popular author and his books have made a legacy.

Critical Response to Work

Most of Kings books, over 60 published,
have been international best sellers.
King has been praised for his creativity and
use of language and tone in his writing.
Some critics have stated that King has
actually written too many novels, spreading
himself too thin.
Nevertheless, King is considered one of the
best storytellers and writers of our

Most Famous Work

King has ruled the horror film genre throughout
his career. Most of his work has a horror/thriller
aspect involved, however King did write the
screenplays for The Shawshank Redemption,
Stand by Me, and The Green Mile. This shows King
can work and write successfully in other genres.
When someone thinks of Stephen King however,
they typically think of twisted horror and
suspense genres. In my opinion, the novels that
define him as an author are: The Shining and IT.
Both are trademark King novels that have become
well-known classics and hit movies.

Famous hallway scene from the 1980 film

The Shining based on Kings novel.

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