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Solutions manual Operations Research: An Introduction Ninth Edition Hamdy A. Taha Contents 1 What is Operations Research? 2 Modeling with Linear Programming 3 The Simplex Method and Sensitivity Analysis 4 Duality and Post-Optimal Analysis 5 Transportation Model and its Variants 6 Network Models T Advanced Linear Programming 8 Goal Programming 9 Integer Liner Programming 10 Heuristic Programming Ty Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP) 12 Deterministic Dynamic Programming 13 Deterministic Inventory Models 14 Review of Probability 15 Decision Analysis and Games 16 Probabilistic Inventory Models a Markov Chains 18 Queuing Systems 19 Simulation Modeling 20 Classical Optimization Theory 2 Nonlinear Programming Algorithms Appendix — AMPL modeling Language ©2011 obtained t on Euston, Ine, Upper Sale River Nu. All rights reserva This publication nth publisher proto ay prohibited reprodueton, storage Ina rettaval system tected by Copyright and witan permission shouldbe ranmisson nan forn or by any means, elscronc, Imecharicel, protocopying, recording, or likewise. For infomaton regaréng prmission(s), rte to Righis and Permssions Deparment, Pearson Education in, sper Sacdle River, NJ O7&SS. Chapter 1 What is Operations Research? 1-1 {© 2011 Pearson Education, na, Upper Saddle River, NJ. Allsght eserves. This publleation is patected by Copyright and wrten permision should be ‘the publsher pra o any prohibited reproduction, storage in a reteva ystem,o” transmission In an form of by any means, electron, notocopying, recording, oF Ikewise, Foriformaton regarding permission), wrle(.Righs and Permsions Department, Pearson Education in, sper Sacdle River, NJ O7&SS.