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Allford 1

China Allford
Professor Voltz
UWRT 1102-045
29 April 2016
Course Reflection

I think first and foremost this year has gone by quickly! I never would have thought that
my freshman year would end in the blink of an eye. Nevertheless, I would say this semester was
my best semester yet. I was able to stay a little bit more focus on my goals, and not question
myself on whether or not if I thought I did better this semester. My goals consisted of getting an
A in most of my courses, and I hope with this semester ending I do just that. Moreover, to
speaking of this course I hope this last assignment gives me what I am asking for and if not Im
okay with what I receive; however, I do hope you like the assignment I conjured up for you. I
think that this course was by far one of the best writing courses I have taken this year. I think I
actually learned a lot more about myself and how I write based on the class, which is why I
consider it my best writing class this year. I was able to see what and how I can improve better
because I was able to reflect on my writing process. Since, I mentioned this process I took
actually allows me to bring up a question I have to answer, what might be meant by reflective
writing? I think reflective writing is exactly what it says, which is writing you reflect on based
off a certain amount of time. I actually think that this type of writing differs from other types of
writing, because of the fact you able to reflect on yourself about you own writing. If some was to
ask me that question a semester earlier I would have definitely thought that it was not any
different from other types of writing I would have answered with writing is writing no matter
what you wrote. Writing is one of my least favorite subjects. I think it is mostly because I would
rather speak my point and what I wanted to get across instead of writing it. Yet, I do understand

Allford 2

that having to write things down can better organize your thoughts. It allows you to think about
what point you are trying to get across and construct better ways of explaining your point.
Although, I hate writing I can say this class is the most successful of all writing classes I ever
One of the most useful things I learned from taking this course is that writing and reading
is versatile. Both reading and writing can change immensely based on what feeling or action is
trying to be evoked from the writer or reader. For example, the different types of ideas and
concepts in class always changed and tried to get the reader to think about the other things they
read. When we went over the readings on bullshit and shitty first drafts the two concepts were
similar but different and what you got out of them question on whether or not what you wrote
down for a course was both bullshit because you did not want to do or just a shitty first draft or
both. Another useful thing I have learned about reading and writing is that it helps an individual
or individuals understand and learn from past events. For example, in class we were able to learn
about previous conformity experiments and how the experiments effected people. I am kind of
still on the hate side of writing, so anything I have to write for a class is both. However, I think
my best piece of writing for this semester will have to be the essay from the extended inquiry
My best piece of writing comes from the extended inquiry project because of it was the
only piece of writing I put the most effort into writing. I believe that because inquiry sort of
means investigation that is why it was so hard. I was creating an investigation on social media
and trying more or so get to the bottom of how a topic affects an individual or group instead of
just stating fact about a topic. Thus, making that essay the hardest piece of writing I had to do.
That gigantic, no good, ugly piece of writing took hours to complete; although, granted I did

Allford 3

procrastinate quite a bit on that writing assignment. Ah ha! Here comes another question and
bullet point I able to transition into. The extended inquiry project was the worst because of
procrastination. The first part, the proposal, was the simplest part because all I had to do was
pick a topic, question it, and angle it into what I wanted most out of the topic. Heck, I was able to
revise the whole proposal in like than ten minutes and feel like the revision was better than the
first draft. The second part, Prezi Exhibit, was a bit harder. It took me longer to complete but
only because I procrastinated once again, but at least I was able to get it in on time. I think the
only changes I made between the first and the last draft was fixing the citations. The last part, the
essay, as I stated above was the most difficult for me as I mentioned above already. The major
change for this part of the assignment was actually finishing the half done essay. I procrastinated
too much, and had no time to make really big changes on the essay, and sort of gave up on it near
the end. However, I did my best to try to create intellectual sentences and complex thought
processes. What I notice about the process and the product the most is procrastination took
control of the process and hard work took over the product. (I would totally put a smiley face at
the end of this sentence if I could!) I believe that I expressed enough how frustrating the essay
After looking and reflecting on all my work I can say that I did have a pattern of talking
about how technology effect people. I think the main topics that came up in all my writing is the
corrupting or distracting of society because of social media, and how technology plays a role into
allowing the corruption and distraction to happen more. A writing strategy or process that
worked best for me was writing everything down on paper, and then going back over what I
wrote and figure out better ways of executing what I wanted to express. The problem I struggled
with was slowing down my mind enough to let my hand catch up to the thoughts I was writing

Allford 4

down. I was able to overcome this struggle by writing down everything first, and finding ways to
execute what I wanted to express as I stated above. I think I deserve a low A and if not a high B,
because I did really did work hard on this project. I know I did not the absolute best but I did
take up the majority of the last week to execute every aspect of what was needed in the project.