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EDUC 5312/3315-Curriculum and Instructional Design

Classroom Observation Assignment

Observation Form 2
Observation Date: 3/3/2016

Observation Time: 11:10-12:40

Teacher Observed: Adem Kahraman

Subject/Grade Level: Physics /11th Grade

School Observed: Harmony School of Innovation Fort Worth

Observer: Omer DOGAN

For the things you observed, place a check. Please explain further about the checked item
directly below the particular section. Provide overall comments and reflections at the end.
_____ On Task _____ Off Task _____ Engaged ___ Learning Successfully
Explain: Most of the students were on the task and they were listening to their teacher and
following the class rules. There were a few students on the back of the class were having hard
time to focus on the subject. Overall teacher was good at controlling the class and following the
___ Modeling
____ Question/Answer
_ Listening
____ Problem Solving
____ Modifying
____ Integrating Content
__ Other _ ____Experiment________

_____ Lecture ___ Monitoring Groups

_____ Evaluating _____ Reading To Students
____ Guiding Cooperative Groups

Explain: Most of the time teacher was using the lecturing and problem solving method. The
beginning of the class the teacher showed a tool and explained how to use it to meaure the
speed of the objects. Sometimes students were solving the question on the board and teacher
was helping them when they were struggling.
____ Manipulatives
__ __ Workbooks
___ Overhead Projector
____ Smart Board
_____ Chalkboard
____ Maps
____ Computer
__ __ Projector
__ __ Books
____ Other Audio Visuals
____ None
_____ Other __________________________________________________________________

Explain: Most of the time teacher was using the whiteboard to show the questions and to solve
them. And also students were using the whiteboard too. The teacher showed a couple of short
videos about the subject and students were so engaged when a student was on the board.
Students were using their textbooks to look at the formula of the subject.


__ __ Small Groups

___ __ Whole Group _____ Pairs

__ ___ Individuals

Explain: At the first time the students were working alone to try to solve the questions and later
they were explaining their answers to the other students. This class is a lab-class. There are 6
big tables and around 25 students. There were 4-5 students around the each table. After one of
the student finish solving the questions he or she was explain his or her answer to the other
students around the table. The teacher was asking to the students if they would like to solve the
question on the board. Sometimes they were volunteering and sometimes they were chosen by
the teacher to solve questions on the board. If no one has a good answer for the question , the
teacher was solving the question to the whole group.


_ _ Worksheet
__ __ Listening
___ __ Writing
_____ Reading
_ _ Performing
___ Journaling
_ __ Discussing ___ __ Centers
_____ Homework _____ Research ___ Investigation _____ Laboratory
__ __ Using Technology
__ _ Other: Motion probe of PASCO

Explain: At the beginning of the class teacher explained what they will learn today and showed
the a couple of short videos relative to the subject of the day. He showed the how to use the
motion probe to measure the speed of toy cars. And also showed them how to make graphs on
the probe and how to read the graphs after the experiment. Each table had the probe and a
laptop and some of the table used IPad. After they are done with their experiment they stared
solving questions and show their performance. When a table had a hard time to demonstrate
their experiment the teacher sent a student from the other table to show them how to use the
probe. It was a very useful method for the teacher and student. When this student was showing
what he did to other student ,teacher was helping the other student. It was time saver for the
teacher and also student was teaching too. This is the most effective method of teaching. If a
student is teaching ,this student is learning too.

_ ___ Stated Expectations for Behavior
____ Redirection of Inappropriate Behavior
_____ Self-disciplined Students
___ __ Materials Ready

___ __ Positive Reinforcement

__ __ Encouragement of Students
___ __ Effective Time Management
_____ Enthusiasm for Teaching/Learning


The teacher was ready for experiment and the class. He could reach every material
easily in the class. He prepaid all the experiment materials on the main table and
student took their needs after the teacher explained what to do. Almost all the students
were on the task and working on their experiment. The teacher were encouraging
students all the time and giving them chance to try to solve the question and explain

It was a very excited experience for me in the physics class. I observed physics class for
11 graders. I enjoyed the class and I can say that I learned something even I am a biology
teacher. Everything was so clear and understandable. The class environment was so
interesting and very well designed for a good learning environment. Mr. Kahraman has been
teaching physics more than 15 years in many different states and countries He has more
experiences than the other teachers in the school. Also he is a STEM teacher and hold his
teacher certificate for 2-3 years in TEXAS state. He knew what to do all the time and he was
helping students when they need help. All the students knew what to do too.

Overall ,the class was very well organized and ready to teach and learn the objectives.
The teachers knowledge was so advanced and he answered all the questions clearly. He used
the time very well and able to finish the agenda. He had time to explain the homework too.