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Olaf and the States of Matter

Integration Plan
Grade level: 4th Grade
Time: 30-45 minutes
Lesson Design: Ellyse Verdev

Students will use the song In Summer from the Disney animated
movie Frozen to explore the different states of matter.

1. Students will improve listening skills by identifying
lyrics in the song
2. Students will learn to differentiate between the different
states of matter
3. Students will properly identify the different states of matter when presented to them

In Summer video from
Paper cards illustrating the different states of matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas)

1. Begin the lesson by discussing with students the different states of matter. Give them the
definition of matter as something that takes up space or something that exists physically. Ask
them to list different examples of matter. Make sure to clarify any confusion on the subject.
2. Inform students that there are three distinct types of matter: solids, liquids, and gases. Ask
them for examples of each. Address any confusion on the subject, and give the definitions of

them as When a solid is warmed to its melting point, it melts into a liquid...when a liquid is
heated to its evaporating point, it evaporates into a gas...when a liquid is cooled to its freezing
point, it freezes into a solid...when a gas is cooled to its condensation point, it turns back into a
liquid etc.
3. Introduce the video from Frozen. Most students will be familiar with the film because
of its popularity, but give a brief overview of the plot surrounding the song if there are any
students that are unfamiliar with it.
4. Have students watch the video, and tell them to watch for any examples of the different
types of matter, including solids, liquids, and gases.
5. When the video is finished, hand out the paper cards to the students. Make sure each of
them has one card for each state. Play the video again, but this time have students hold up the
corresponding card whenever they see or hear a state of matter.
6. Finally, have a recap of the video. Discuss with students what they saw in the video and
any connections they made. Ask them what was wrong with Olafs idea of what frozen things do
in summer? Why is it silly? If they cant figure it out, ask them what happens to popsicles or ice
cream in summer. Be sure to inform them that solids, liquids, and gases do not only come as ice,
water, and steam, but many different kinds.

Common Core State Standards:

D.4.3. Understand that substances can exist in different states-solid, liquid, gas
D.4.4 Observe and describe changes in form, temperature, color, speed, and direction of objects and
construct explanations for the changes
D.4.5 Construct simple models of what is happening to materials and substances undergoing change,
using simple instruments or tools to aid observations and collect data

F.4.1 Identify phrases and sections of music that are the same, similar, and/or different

F.4.2 Identify simple music forms upon listening to a given example

F.4.3 Demonstrate perceptual skills by listening to, answering questions about, and describing music
of various styles representing diverse cultures
F.4.4 Use appropriate terminology in explaining music, music notation, music instruments and
voices, and music performances
F.4.5 Identify the sounds of a variety of instruments, including many orchestra and band instruments
and instruments from various cultures, as well as male and female adult voices

States of matter pictures: