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Plants Lesson Plan



1. Students will learn about plants and the
parts to plants.
2. Students will study will read the book Oh
Say Can You Seed? By Dr. Seuss
3. Students will talk about what happened in
the book
4. Students will listen to The Plant Song and
sing along
5. Students will play the game Roll & Build a
Flower to understand where all the parts
of a flower go.

-Dice to play game with
-Smart Board to display song on
-Parts to build the flower
-Oh Say Can You Seed By Dr. Seuss book

Curricular Connections
Music, Reading, Language, Math

Activities/ Procedure
1. I will ask students what types of plants they
may grow in their garden at home.
2. I will pull up a picture of a plant on the
Smart Board and ask students if they know
the parts of the flower
3. Next, I will play the The Plant Song they
can listen the first time and sing along with
the song the second time.
4. If already discussed before we can just
refresh our minds the parts of the flower
and what each part does.
5. Next, I will read a fun book Oh Say Can
you Seed By Dr. Seuss
6. Then I will explain the game Roll & Build a
Flower Students will roll the dice and if
they get the correct number they can put
the according part of the flower on the
7. We will finish with one last person telling

Grade Level: Pre K-1st

Time: 15 minutes
Lesson Design by
Nina Pohl