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MultiplicationTimes Facts

1. Students will learn the multiplication facts between 7x3
and 7x8 to 8x3 to 8x8.
2. Students will remember these multiplication facts easier
by learning a song that has rhythm and rhymes that
make remembering easier.

1. Sing the Times Facts song by yourself for the students
to give a preview into what they will be learning.
2. Have a copy of the song lyrics for each student so they
can read through the words.
3. Sing a line to the students and have them echo/copy
what you sing. Do this without any musical
4. Go through the song with a musical accompaniment as
many times as it takes for the students to get the hang of
5. Go through the chorus first, then continue through each
verse separately to break up the song.
6. Sing the entire song together. Practice as a class a couple
times while learning these facts so the students can
remember the song.

Common Core Standards

Understand properties of multiplication and the relationship
between multiplication and division.
Represent and solve problems involving multiplication and
-CCSS.Math.Content.3. OA.A.3

Math Lesson Plan

Grade Level: 3-4
Time: 30-45 minutes
Sam Levy

Autoharp or Ukulele
Multiplication Flashcards
Song lyrics