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Temple 1

Tori Temple
04/? /16
Comp 1312
Mr. Beavers
App Toulmin Framework
College Q&A Videos

I graduated from high school and was ready to beginning college. Little did I know there
was so much to do before I even started my first day of school. I had no idea that I need to go get
advised by an academic advisor before I could register for classes. I had no idea that if I filled
out FASFA I could gain some more money for college and could receive financial aid. One of the
biggest factors I had to face coming to college was switching from the grade school homework
and classwork, to college homework and classwork. Looking back, students responding to the
opinion poll wished that their high schools had challenged them more. About 40 percent said that
their high schools had done a poor or fair job of helping them understand what knowledge and
skills they needed for college success (Perkins-Gough par,9).
The solution to this problem can be easily fixed with non-other than College Q&A
Videos application. This application allows you to post videos asking questions that you need
specific answers to for college. Heres how it works you post a video asking a question and a
college student can post a video back directly to you answering your question. If you get bored
or curious one day just look at the random information videos tab that displays videos that
college students give out random tips. The app can have comments and ratings on each video. If
you dont have a specific question but feel you need to know more about a subject matter then
type the subject in the scroll bar and many videos on that topic or similar to the topic will pop up.
Of course the videos with the highest rating will be at the top of pop-up list.

Temple 2

My proposal would allow for less transfer rates, students will feel confident in the school
theyre attending. This proposal will also help solve students getting connected, getting involved
on campus. Moreover, it can help the lacking knowledge or awareness in general of what you
didnt know about college.
Some students end up going to a college thinking they are going to love it, but then end up
regretting their decision. These students end up deciding they want to transfer. A way to avoid
transferring is making sure you have enough information about a college campus to feel you
have made the right decision. . One-third of all students switch institutions at least once before
earning a degree, says a report released on Tuesday by the National Student Clearinghouse
Research Center (Gonzalez, par. 1) If they need to know if a certain campus has Greek life, or if
the college offers the major they can make a video with these questions. A reason some students
transfer is because of their financial situation. This application could have helpful videos to
explain scholarship information for a campus, and could also help explain college's work study
In addition, my proposal will help students get connected. Students who are really set on
being in a fraternity or a sorority, can ask video questions on which Greek life would be best for
them. Nine million college students are members of a Greek organization and whether they join
to make friends, to build their resumes, to go to parties or to learn leadership skills, they each
have an incentive to change some aspect of their life (Glass, par.1). They could get the
information they need to really check out what Greek life is about. Another example is scholars.
For me at UALR I am in the Chancellor Leadership Corps, I had to go through an application
and interview process to be involved in this scholarship program. If I hadnt of known the right
people I wouldnt have gotten the scholarship. In College Q&A, if I hadnt of known the right

Temple 3

people, I could have posted a question on the app to get feedback on who I should meet or talk to
about getting the scholarship.
None the less my application proposal could help the lacking knowledge of a
student and general awareness. As I have stated earlier if a student becomes bored one day and
wants to know more about campus life the application has random videos that display many tip
videos about college. Tips that can range from where is the best place to eat on campus? to Is
microbiology okay to take with organic chemistry? Another great example would be, in the
dorm room freshman of course get the older and more run down building of the campus. If an
incoming freshman was really curious and really wanted to know how run down and old the
dorm room looked they could post a video asking someone hey can someone post a video of a
room in the freshman dorms? Someone then would kindly post a video showing the layout of
the room and could even open dresser drawers and closets to give the questioner an idea of
clothes space.
In spite of the beneficial tips this application can provide, many could argue that this
application is very similar to google. Google of course is very helpful in daily life, but you can
only get the usual tips about college life. College Q&A Videos lets you get personal answers to
questions, there are better answers that are unique and not typical like the ones on the internet.
While some people assume that there are high school counselors are there to prepare your
kids for college with such things as college seminars or pamphlets, I would argue that you are
not getting the information or tips that would help you personally. In fact, the odds are high that
your counselors knowledge about college admission strategies, standardized testing and
scholarships is limited. Ironically during this period of skyrocketing college costs, financial aid
is often the subject that high school counselors know the least about (O'Shaughnessy).

Temple 4

Based on these reasoning I believe my application would benefit many upcoming

students, returning students and even parents of students coming to college. I believe my
proposal should be enacted, because it would create less transfer rates, make students feel
confident in the school theyre attending. This proposal will also help solve students getting
connected, getting involved on campus. Moreover, it can help the lacking knowledge or
awareness in general of what you didnt know about college. While some people assume that
there are already informational tips on the internet or from high school counselors I would argue
that you are not getting the information or tips that would help you personally.

Temple 5

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