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- 17th century: Recognized as distinct people

- 1818- 1917: Ongoing war with Russia

- 1858: Russia defeated Imam Shamil; absorbed Chechnya
Imam Shamil was the leader of the Chechen people who wanted to establish an Islamic
State, much like Iran today. Russia wanted the land because of the natural resources and

- 1858-1922: Russia continued to control Chechnya

- 1922: Chechen autonomous region established; forms republic in 1934
The Soviet Union was established in 1922. Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist
Republic is created in 1934.
- 1944: Operation Lentil by Stalin; 400-800,000 people (100,000+ dead)
Stalin deports 400,000 800,000 Chechen and Ingush people to Central Asia and Siberia,
fearing that they are collaborating with Nazi Germany. More than 100,000 people die
during the journey
- 1957: Nikita Khruschev restores republic of Chechen and Ingush people
Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic is recreated. Considered a
satellite states of Russia.
- 1991: Soviet Union collapses. A person named Dzhokhar Dudayev proclaims Chechnya
independent of Russia
- 1992: Chechnya adopts own constitution defined by independent secular state ruled by
president and parliament.
-1992-1994: unrest between Russian Federation and Chechens over power and control of
land, government, and resources.
- 1994-1996: First Chechen War
100,000+ killed
Mostly Chechen civilians
Tensions mount as Russians occupy Chechnya. Chechen rebels fight and defeat
Russians in Grozny in 1996.
Kidnappings (in hospital 1995), Chechen president killed and replaced
- 1997: peace treaty signed (Yeltsin- leader of Russia and Maskhadov-leader of Chechen rebels),
but the issue of Chechen independence is not resolved.

- 1999-2009: Second Chechen War

In 2000, Russia invades Chechnya through obliterating Grozny, thereafter Putin declares
direct rule of Chechnya from Moscow.
25,000 50,000 + people dead or missing (those that were accounted for)
In 2001, Human rights groups express concern regarding Chechnya after finding a mass
grave. That same year, after the 9-11 attacks, Putin urges rebels to stop collaborating with
international terrorists; uses war on terror to fight Chechen rebels
UN aid workers and aid is not respected as well during 2002, when a worker was
kidnapped and the UN suspended aid to Chechnya for six months
2006- Ramzan Khadyrov (war-lord) president, puppet under Putins rule
Kidnappings, murder, bombings continue to this day; however, the current president has
been implementing an infrastructure plan where the capital is being rebuilt at a rapid
Nevertheless there are 10s of thousands of men that are still going missing under his rule

Facts about the Chechen Republic

- categorized as part of Asia-Pacific (I didnt even know that that was a

- currently part of the Russian Federation
- Head of Government: Ramzan Kadyrov (elected in 2006)
- Religion: majority = Islam, minority = Russian Orthodox
- Legislature: Parliament
- Established: January 10, 1993
- Population: 1,346,500
- Official languages: Chechen, Russian
- Natural resources: oil, petrochemicals, oil field equipment, natural
gas, minerals: limestone, gypsum, sulfur, they have many spas because of
their wealth of minerals, foods, wines, and fruits