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Haunted House There was a haunted house sitting on a hill. ‘Two green eyes stared right at me from a window sill. Squeaking, howling, sounds in the night. Up the steps I moved my feet, first my left, then right, T knocked upon the door. Nothing did I hear. ‘Then the door began to creak. as I ventured near, Shaking, quaking, weak in my knees. Ass I entered in the dark T could hear it breathe. I tiptoed through the room whispering my prayers. Hoping | could sce the light from the room upstairs. Drip, drop, drip, drop, rain in the street. Thunder I could faintly hear, What's that at my fect? Tt rubbed against my leg moving side to side. T could see its hairy coat, its mouth was open wide. Meow, meow, Where is it at? Waving ‘round its furry tail, Oh, my, it’s a cat! ©2004 Heritage Music Press, a division of The Leveuz Corporation. Al tighten ined In USA, sferable Ticense. [This page may he reproduced for classroom use. This is a non-t