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A Dog named Duke

Can you imagine a life without friends and relatives?

Certainly not, because no man can live as an island. Human beings are social beings
and our life is related to so many others around us. We belong to a family and to the
society. Our life is part of a web of relationships.
Some of our friends are more intimate than others. They help us in all our troubles;
encourage us when we face trials and tribulations. They dont put us down during
the time of misfortune.
We need someone to help us rise from the ashes of failures and to achieve what
seem to be impossible. These are our real friends.
Do you think you are fortunate to have such a faithful and motivated friend?
The following is the story of such a friend. A friend named Duke.
About the Author
William D Ellis was an American writer whose favourite theme was the triumph of
survival. He was born in Concord, Massachusetts. He wrote a trilogy of novels Bounty Lands, Jonathan Blair: Bounty Lands Lawyer and The Brooks Legend. Each of
his novels appeared on best-seller lists, and the trilogy itself eventually earned its
author a Pulitzer Prize nomination.

Duke was a Doberman pinscher, four years old, weighing 23 kilos. Chuck Hooper
bought him because he liked his rambunctiousness even though his wife Marcy
didn't like him initially.
The Doberman was very sensitive. When Chuck met with an accident and brought
home partially paralyzed, Duke was overjoyed to see him again. He jumped over
him with joy but Chuck struggled to balance himself. Duke immediately understood
his master's difficulty and never jumped on him again and never left his master's
side. His extraordinary intelligence is revealed when he sensed his master's delicate
condition and started poking Chuck's left arm, trying to lift it up and thus prompting
him to get up. Once Chuck's good hand idly hooked the leash onto Duke's collar to
hold him still. It was like lighting a fuse and that day onwards Chuck began walking
few steps a day with the help of Duke. Finally he was able to attend his office with
the support of Duke and got promoted as well. Duke is also an epitome of
faithfulness as he never left Chuck's bedside and steadfastly served him, bringing
him back to a normal life.

Chuck Hooper

Chuck Hooper was a young man, tall with a strong athletic body. He was working as
a zonal sales manager for a chemical company. He was fond of dogs and bought a
Doberman named Duke although his wife suggested buying a Pomeranian. Once he
met with an accident while driving home and was partially paralyzed. He was
brought home after getting treated in the hospital for few weeks. He felt lonely at
home and did not make much improvement until his dog, Duke who never left his
bedside prompted him to get and start walking again. With the help of Duke he not
only started walking again but resumed his job and returned to a normal life.
Chuck is described in the story as a happy man, well built and a pet lover. He had a
promising career. After the crippling accident he lost his self confidence but
regained his hope and determination when Duke encouraged him to get up and
walk again. Chuck exhibits extraordinary determination and hope. With the help of
Duke he set his goal, few steps initially and within few months he was able to return
to normalcy. Chuck stands out as model inspiring us to achieve what seems to be
Marcy is the wife of Chuck Hooper. She was described in the story as a tiny blond
woman who is not a dog lover in contrast to her husband who is well built, tall and a
dog lover. Her idea was to buy a Pomeranian, a right sized dog for a colonial house
on a small plot. She didnt like Duke, a big Doberman that Chuck bought.
When Chuck was admitted in the hospital after the fatal accident that paralyzed
him, Marcy put Duke in a kennel. But sensing Chuck's loneliness she brought it back
home. She began liking the dog once she understood the bond between her
husband and the dog. When Marcy saw what Duke could do for her husband, she
informed the doctor who prescribed a course of physiotherapy. She supported her
husband, stood with him throughout his struggles and helped him to return to a
normal life.
Nothing is impossible
Nothing is impossible if we set a goal and work hard to achieve the same. Chuck
Hooper in the story, 'A Dog Named Duke' met with an accident and left with a
paritally paralyzed body. Initially he was deperated and bereft of hope. But with the
help of his best friend, an extraordinarily intellegent doberman named Duke, he
achieved what was considered impossible - returning to normal life. Chuck Hooper's
hope was ignited with a little move initiated by Duke and that filled him with the
energy and mental strenght to return to a normal life. In the end he not only

resumed his normal duties at the chemichal company but got promoted as the
Assistant National Sales Manager of the company.
Dog as mans best friend
A dog is considered as mans best friend from times immemorial. This notion is
proved in the story A Dog named Duke. He proved to be the best friend of his
master Chuck who was left partially paralyzed after a fatal road accident. Duke is
described as a missile of joy, who quickly understood his masters disability, never
left his bedside after the accident. He prompted his master to get up and walk by
poking under his arm. Encouraged by his dog Chuck achieved what was thought to
be impossible He regained his health, started to walk step by step as Duke pulled
him and finally rejoined his work and got promoted as the Assistant National Sales
Officer. The story has a sad end as Duke breaths his last having met with an
A friend in need is a friend indeed
If there is a will there is a way. Nothing is impossible to those who strive to
achieve their sublime goals. People at times meet with unfortunate incidents in life
and fall into despair. Encouragement from their beloved ones and constant efforts
can work miracles in their lives. Man can win over crippling physical or mental
traumas like accidents, deaths of dear ones, natural calamities, physical or mental
limitations, etc.
With the help of Ann Sullivan, Helen Keller was able to read, write and speak. She
became a legend. In this story, the encouragement to win over odds and help to
achieve what seems to be impossible comes from Chucks best friend, a Doberman
named Duke. He never left his masters bedside but prompted him to get up and
walk by gently poking his arm and helped him to walk again step by step.
The story is that of a faithful dog that helped a paralyzed man to walk in to
normalcy of course a few steps at a time. It gives a message that is loud and clear.
A real friend will never desert a person in time of need but will remain with him
through the darkest times of his life, help him overcome his difficulties, encourage
him to fight all the odds and assist him to achieve what seems to be impossible.
Duke never left his masters bedside. He understood his master difficulty, gently
coaxed him to get up and walk. With the help of Duke, his master practiced walking
again, step by step and finally was able to rejoin his company. All the while Duke
assisted him patiently. Thus the story gives us lessons in steadfast, faithful love that
helps a person to fight odds in his\her life.