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NOT FOR SALE FREE SAMPLE COPY WORKBOOK Upstream | Es sla od Upstream INTERMEDIATE B2 WORKBOOK Teacher's Book Virginia Evans-Jenny Dooley Babs Express Publishing Published by Express Publishing Liberty House, New Greenham Park, Newbury, Berkshire RG19 GHW Tel: (0044) 1635 817 363 Fax: (0044) 1635 817 463 ‘e-mail: http/ © Virginia Evans ~ Jenny Dooley, 2002 Design and illustration © Express Publishing, 2002 First published 2002 Fourth impression 2007 Made in EU Al rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, photocopying or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publishers This book is not meant to be changed in any way. ISBN 978-1-84325-571-0 Acknowledgements ‘Authors Acknowledgements \We would lke to thank all the staff at Express Publishing who have contributed their skils to producing this book, Thanks for their support and patience are due in particular to: Megan Lawton (Editor in Chief), Stephanie Smith and Sean Todd (senior editors), Michael Sadler and Andrew Wright (editorial assistants), Richard White (senior production controller), the Express design team, and Kevin Harris, David Smith, Timothy Forster, Steven Gibbs, Eric Simmons and Erc Taylor. We would also lke to thank those institutions and teachers who piloted the manuscript, and whose comments and feedback were invaluable in the production of the book. Photograph Acknowledgments Mrs Sparkles of Sparkles Hotel ( for the photographs on p. 7 Colour lustrations: Nathan, Chis © Express Publishing, 2002 While every effort has been made to trace al the copyright holders, if any have been inadvertently overlooked the ‘publishers wil be pleased to make the necessary arrangements atthe fst opportunity. Contents UNIT My Home is my Castle ...... p4 UNIT2 While there's life, there's hope .. p.10 UNIT: Travel Broadens the Mind p16 ‘UNIT 4 Earth is Dearer than Gold .... p.22 UNITS Early to Bed UNIT 6 Better Safe than Sorry UNIT7 Penny Wise, Pound Foolish UNITS You Are What you Eat UNIT: Every Man to his Taste .. p.52 UNIT 10. Spread the News .. a Grammar UNIT 1 Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous, Stative Verbs, Prepositions of Place ... a p64 UNIT 2 Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous, Used to ..... p72 UNIT3 Future Simple, Be going to, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, Time Clauses, Type 0/1 Conditionals p.80 UNIT4 Infinitive, “ing Form, Comparisons, Fairly - Quite - Rather ~ Pretty, Too Enough ..... p. 88 UNITS Modal Verbs, Question Tags UNIT 6 ‘The Passive, Relative Clauses ‘UNIT7: Causative Form, Reported Speech, Say - Tell - Ask .... p. 114 ‘UNITS Reported Commands, Requests, Suggestions, Quantifiers p. 122 UNIT 9 ‘Type 2 and 3 Conditionals, Wishes, Had Better/Would Rather ...... p. 130, UNIT 10 Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, Linking Words, Both/Neither - All/None ~ Either p. 138 Irregular Verbs. p. 145 ‘Suggested Answers Section and Tapescripts . p.147 My Home is my Castle 1 Vocabulary ‘Identify the rooms and then put the objects in the right rooms. Some objects can be used more than once. Finally describe each room. ‘sink + sofa + armchair « bathtub * wardrobe ‘cooker + basin * refrigerator * coffee table ‘+ dressing table * cupboard « bookcase * toilet * dishwasher + television * desk * chair ¢ lamp « picture + rug* kettle ‘cabinet «fireplace * four-poster bed (See Suggested Answers Section) b. Use words from thelist to describe your bedroom, living room and kitchen, Match the character adjectives to their meanings. Use them to make up sentences about people you know, as in the example. (Gee Suggested Answers Section) dynamic adventurous Ia] calm IR creative anxious [71B] aggressive [Te] talkative BU chert is wiling to take risks and try new things gets angry very easily © worries about everything rarely gets stressed or angry kes to chat.a lot is alwayshappy and in a good mood 9. is full of eneray hh_always thinks of new ideas, artistic My aunts very dynamic. Shes clways ull ofeneray. Complete the sentences by filing in the correct ‘word from the list. ‘harsh * moat * appeal * draught + extension airy « sculpture « bern * converted * convince 1 The artist made a beautiful sculpture of an Egyptian queen 2 Living in the countryside doesn't realy appeal 10 3 We needed more space, so we built an extension ‘to our house. 4. The winters in Russia are very harsh. 5. This old factory is being converted into a block of. flats 6 There isa terrible draught coming from under the. door. 7 Most ancient castles had a moat to help keep out enemies 8 Ourflat has large windows, o itis light and airy. 9 The children decided to sleep in the barn when they stayed at their grandparents’ farm. 10. We tried to convince her that she should move to. a smaller fat. Match the iterns with the place where they are stored, then make sentences, as in the example. (See Suggested Answers Section) sheets and towels fridge dirty clothes linen cupboard biscuitsugar sideboard rik wardrobe clean clothes laundry basket crockery larder (Mili stored in the ridge. 5 Replace the adjectives in bold with their opposites. 1) The house that Jane lives in has got a very spacious living room. cramped 2. This lat is very cheap expensive 3. don’t think that this house is impractical practical 4 That sofa is rather comfortable. uncomfortable 5. Welle ina very quiet area noisy 6 That bulding looks ancient. modern 6 ross out the odd word. What aspect of housing does each set of words refer to? reasonable — expensive — economical ~ secure terraced ~ ibietet - semi-detached ~ three-storey spacious - tiny ~ besg— huge Swett airy — secure ~ comfortable vilage ~ city ~ Opespeed ~ suburbs 1 cost~2 style~ 3 size ~ 4 description —§ location Look at the pictures. In paits, think of three positive and three negative things which you could say about each house. Think about: cost, convenience, location special features. Use your ideas to make sentences, as in the example. (Gee Suggested Answers Section) Positive: iow fuels close to shops, air conditioning, security system, fully furnished Negative: expensive rent, noisy, small A. Positive: countryside private spacious, well maintained, comfortable Negative: isolated expensive fuel bil, far from shops, no public ‘transport House islocated inthe countryside 8 Replace the phrases in bold with the correct form of the phrasal verbs from the list. ‘break down * bring up + break up # bring back * break in bring sth out Dear Susie, Thanks s0 much for your letter. Hearing from you always I) makes me remember happy memories of the summers we used to spend together. Well, now that 7m 2) raising two children of my own, summers will never be the same again! The boys’ school 3) fished for the summer holidays last week. | had the ‘great idea of taking them to see their favourite band in concert last weekend, butt ended in disaster. We were halfway to the concert when my car suddenly 4) stopped working. | called for help, but the mechanic ‘couldn't fix the problem, so he had to tow my car to the ‘garage, Well, we missed the concert and when we got home we found that someone had 5) entered by force and stolen my jewellery! The boys were upset thot they didn't see their heroes, but I told them that ! would buy them their new CD when they 6) put it on the market. m really upset about my Jewellery, but | don't suppose 'l ever see it agcin. Wel, | hope youte having « better week than | am! Write again soon. 1 brings back 4 broke down bringing up 5. broken in 3. broke up 6 bring it out Match the words in column A to the words in column B, then use some of the phrases to complete the sentences. A 8 security new short of scratch central the lawn fitted system brand hands. from lie mow? heating bare money white: kitchen 1. After the burglary, we fitted our house with a security system. 2 Tony built his house from scratch, all by himself. 3. Hes very strong. He can tear a phone book in half with his bare hands, 4 Lam alltle short of money this week, so I can't go. shopping 5 It's freezing in here. The central heating isn't working 6 | can't believe this radio is broken. itis brand new. 10 Complete the sentences with two to five words, including the words in bold. Do not change the ‘meaning of the original sentence. 1 James has decided to start his own business up James has decided to set up his own business 2. Sally has a problem with hay fever every summer. from Sally suffers from hay fever every 3A fire started in the local museum late last night: out. A fire broke out in the local museum late lastnight. 4. That song always reminds me of my fist holiday abroad. back That song brings back memories of my fist holiday abroad. 5. | think this house is really attractive and interesting, ‘appeals This house really appeals to me. 6 Mygas and electricity don't cost very much, fuel My fuel bils are very low. 11 Circle the correct responses. 1A. Excuse me Is this seat free? B: a Yes, can help you? © Yes its I'm sorry to hear that. > How much isthe rent? a Nomore than £450. b Just two. © It's £450 a month Hello, Mrs Jenkins. This is Tory Mallet @ Hello, Mr Mallet. what can | do for you? Mis Jenkins speaking, This is Mrs lenkins. eP 4A: Good afternoon. Cen !help you? @ topes, That's fine Notatal. 5A: When can we view the house? @ How about tomorrow at 1 o'clock? _ Illsee you tomorrow, then, € lsend someone to look ati right away. > How much are you wiling to spend? a Notatall bust two. ®© No more than £600 13. a Look at pi 412. Tick the correct preposition, then make sentences using the phrases, asin the example. si (See Suggested Answers Section) for [ from | of suitable 7 ‘appeal suffer fear convince so absent accuse approve: believe Beg, Z This dress ist suitable fora dinner party Speaking jure A and complete the dialogue. Where do you think picture A wes taken? 1) Ina garden Can you describe the picture to me? Yes. | can see 2) trees, grass and a lot of flowers. There are two people in the garden. The man is watering the flowers. it looks like the woman is cutting flowers. Do you like working in the garden? 3) Yes, ido Have you gota bie garden? 4) No, I haven't live in a flat. Do you lke living in a house/fiat? 5) No, I don't. | would much rather ve in a house. e Eee eee Eeee b. Look at picture B and in pairs act out a similar dialogue. (See Suggested Answers Section) Reading 44. a. Look at the pictures. Where do you think they were taken? How are they related to the title of the article? Read the article and check your answers. (Ss' own answers . Choose the most suitable heading from the list ‘AG for each paragraph 1-5. There is an example (0) at the beginning. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. age cildren of 20) 298 8 en ree sformé che transf = spat for chore € Noordinarytot ie ‘Where dreams com hotel's owner ation Where Dreams Begin oO E ‘The Sparkles Hotel in Blackpool, England is a family hotel with a difference, What makes it stand out from all the other hotels in town, is that each room has its own individual theme, There is the Cinderella lounge, where the chairs are giant silver slippers and the Lost City of Atlantis dining room, especially designed to be the perfect place for you to enjoy your fish and chips. Every detail in every room of the hotel, even the bathrooms, has been carefully chosen to give ita fun and unique atmosphere. 7 € In fact so much work fas gone into making each of the sixteen rooms special, itis difficult to believe that just one year before it opened the hotel was a run-down building ‘with a huge hole in the roof, After replacing the roof and planning a whole new interior, the owner, aptly named ‘Mrs Sparkle, began to totally transform the place. She says, “Tt was really hard work redecorating each room, ‘making the curtains, painting the walls and restoring old furniture; but it was fun as well” Now that the work is finished and each room has its own make believe theme, she has no doubts that it was defintely worth the effort. z F ‘Mrs Sparkle always dreamt about living in a doll's house and she is very happy that she has been able to turn this fantasy into a reality. “Now I just want to be able to provide a place where other people’s dreams can come: true too,” she says. 3 D ‘There are certainly some amazing rooms to pick from. Guests can choose to stay in the Teddy Bear’s Picnic room, the Barbie room, the Ruined Castle room, the Dinosaur den, the Chocolate room or even the African den, which is designed to make you feel like you're deep in the jungle complete with toy monkeys and animal prints. All the rooms are stocked with toys and books so your children won't get bored, even if the English ‘weather lets you down, 4 a In addition to the fantastic guest rooms, Sparkles has ‘much more to offer its young visitors. Every time you ‘book a room you ean be sure that entertainment, most of which is organised by Mrs Sparkle herself, is included in the package. To give busy parents a break in the ‘morning, there is the games hour in the Sparkle’s den, a large play area, and in the evening, puppet shows and story-telling mean that there is never a dull moment. 5 5 Sparkles hotel offers a fantasy world for the whole family to enjoy. So if you want to give your children a holiday to ‘temember or even to relive your own childhood dreams, Sparkles is the place for you, > Inpairs, ask and answer questions based on the r text. (Ss! own answers) ‘A: Where isthe Sparkles Hotel? |, BE In Blackpool. What type of hotel ..? ——— —EE——— LOAN APPLICATION Listening bd ni {SONAL DETANES gels 45 (@) You will hear a man applying eRane: 1) Jorn ed fora loan. Listen to the Marital Status? interview and fil in the jpLovneNt application form. Then ask yecupation: and answer, asin the employer: 4) re example. Length of eu 4: Whats yourname? any Or 8: John Michaels. LOAN OETA as: 1) ren b. In pairs, take roles and act eorpose of out a similar dialogue. Jost a type of Ss" own answers Wesuntof Ya Communication: Giving Direction 16 @ eRer ee Complete the dialogue with phrases from the list. * go along/up/down atfon the corner * on the leftright + (ust) past * opposite/across from «tum rig take the fistsecond etc rightleft « between « at the traffic ights/stopsian/{unction/roundabout + in the middle of the block Excuse me, could yau tell me how to get to the Parkside restaurant? urse. 1) Go up Long Street and 2) turn right into Mills Street at the 3) traffic lights, Yes, I've got that Then, 4) go along Mls Streat and turn left at 5) the roundabout, You will see the Parkside restaurant 6) on the right, It 7) across from Gino's Pizza, Thank you. In pairs, ask for and give directions for the following situations. ‘See Suggested Answers Section) * You are at the museum and you want to go to thé Park Hotel ‘+ You are at the chemist’ and you want to go to the hospital ‘+ You are at the cinema and you want to go to the Frontiére café Writing an advertisement A Advertisements can be found in a newspaper/magazine classified ads, on the Internet or on notice boards Advertisments normally star with information such as: For vent For sale, Wanted and end with a name and/or a ‘eleohone number for contact. A classified ad contains dbreviations. Full verb forms are not normally used Sometimes they can indude @ picture. An Internet ad ‘cludes a detailed description, it is usually characterised ‘5 full sentences and extensive use of adjectives to attract the readers attention. it can also include pictures and music. Advertisements for notice boards are rather short {nd include only the main information, 19 2. Read the three advertisements below. Look at the style and decide where you would find them, © Onthe Internet + Inanewspaper * Onanotice board ‘market, This traitional stone house hus bee comme ing white pine 10 create tee ‘public view by fully grown cool imming pool is surrounded bY ‘The property includes: & BS ‘entrance hall, a reception room, di fing room, Kitchen, Dosti, sid vith en site athrooms, itor call an “Inc at 020 7438 5610 ‘on the Interagt ol waster yood condition £15( After 6pm 227-3905, ane eta Pe ona '. Read the advertisements again and answer the following questions. (Gee Suggested Answers Section) 1. What is being advertised in each case? 2 Whois going to read each advertisement? 3 Is the style used formal or informal? 4 What information does the writer include in each advertisement? 20 @ Look at the following abbreviations and fill in the blanks. pf partially furnished ff fully furnished GcH Gas Central Heating sie self-contained dw dishwasher mw microwave wan ‘washing machine prot professional vs non-smoker pon pper calendar month Ioe large b. Rewrite advertisement A using the completed ‘expressions above, (Gee Suggested Answers Section) 21 Your flatmate has just moved out and you need to find someone to share the rent. Use the information below and write three different advertisements for: the internet, the classified section of your local newspaper and the notice board in your university cafeteria. Location: Type Special features: Rent: Special requirements: Availability: Contact: (See Suggested Answers Section) Large — view of the park — close to University and bus to the town centre 2 bedroom flat fully furnished, gas central heating, cooker, washing machine, dishwasher £280 a month non-smoker April 1st Robert Johnson, tel: 01865-515688 9 While there's life, there's Vocabulary Match the descriptions to the people. Write descriptions for the other two people. ‘This person is old with brown eyes and @ wide nose. He has short, grey hair and @ moustache. This person i a young adult with hazel eyes, thick eyebrows and full lips. He has an oval face and very short dark hai [BIB] This person is @ young adult with long straight blonde hair. She has a long face with arched eyebrows, green eyes, a small nose and a square chin. ZTE] This person is a young adult with an oval face, 2 square chin and @ wide mouth. He has brown eyes and mediumlength wavy brown hai. 10 2. _ Use the adjectives to complete the tables, then use them to describe your neighbours. ‘tall + broad-shouldered * square * thick long «snub © wide * double * spiky * bushy * muscular ‘middle-aged arched button almond-shaped | blond » oval # in his eariyfate teens/twenties © rosy + short * grey * curly * dark « freckled © plump «ginger * medium * high * hooked « fer * overweight Age: Height/Build: Har: Face Cheeks: Eyebrows: yes: Eyelashes: Nose: Mouth: Chin: (Mr Jones isin is late thirties. Hes tol and wel-built wit 3. Match the phrases to the people in the pictures, then Use the phrases to talk about their daily routines. get up early i tum on the ovens 1 practise with musicians Bl start work at 4 am perform on stage 5 have breakfast at 1 pm y finish work at 1 pm im s start work at 91pm 3 prepare dough mn have lunch at 8 am finish work at 3 ern Bily 1 . get up late i j write musical arrangements ily | bake bread im Fill in the correct word from the list below, * visible basement + resume * waste + vibrations ‘financially «transmitted * registered » hearing electrical 1. When the children went to nursery, she was able to resume her career 2 The interview was transmitted by satelite around the world 3 Bell used visible speech to teach deaf mutes how: to communicate, 4 He thought that the experiment was a waste of time, 5 The electrical wires carried the current to the socket. 6 The young boy lost his hearing as a result of an accident, 7 He regstered the birth of his son at Somerset House. 8 Sam lives in a basement flat near the centre of town, 9 The vibrations of the train made the windows shake, 10 She has been having problems coping financially since her accident Replace the adjectives in bold with their opposites. * influential « strong * huge * remarkable dose * exciting « similar 1. After the accident | noticed there was @ tiny scratch on the car door. huge 2 Kathy and Henry have different tastes in music similar 3. Alexander Graham Bell was a(n) ordinary man. remarkable 4 There was a faint smell of perfume in the ait. strong) 5 That wes the most tiresome play Ive ever seen, ‘exciting 6 is fetheris a very unimportant person in this town. influential 7 | lke to spend my holidays with distant friends. close How are these people related to you? * your mother’s brother and sister Uncle and aunt ‘* your father’s brother's son and daughter cousins ‘+ your grandmother's brother and sister ‘great-uncle and great-aunt * your husband's mother mother-in-law ‘= your mother’s mother and father ‘grandparents * your brother's son and daughter nephew and niece Underline the correct word. 1 She was so sadMmervous/angry about her interview that she left her purse at home. 2 Mum was depressed/miserable/furious when she saw what @ mess we had made in the kitchen 3 He was delightful/excited/interested when he found out that his favourite band was coming to town, 4. She is such a(n) expressive/easy-going/delighted person that nathing seems to annoy her. 5 Everyone was annoyed/irritated/shocked by the sound of the explasion. Look at the situations below. Explain how you ‘would feel and why, using the adjectives below. (See Suggested Answers Section) ‘upset * angry « worried * excited » iritated * depressed » satisfied * your purse was stolen * your favourite aunt i ill ‘+ your parents bought you a new car ‘someone you know told everyone that yau were a liar * colleague praised your work ‘+ you have been stuck in trafic for an hour ‘+ you didn’t get the job you wanted ‘my purse was stolen feel. because. Match the words/phrases, then use them to ‘complete the sentences below. as different as authority by from dismissed in the clouds have one's head chalk and cheese leading heart 1. You would never know they are twins, They are as different as chalk and cheese. 2 He is Britain's leading authority on eating disorders, 3. | heard that Tom was dismissed from his job yesterday. 4 Jane is a daydreamer. She always has her head in the clouds. 5. When I was at school, we had to learn passages from Shakespeare by heart. 11 12 10 Complete the sentences with two to five words, including the words in bold. Do not change the ‘meaning of the original sentence. 1. Shakespeare is called one of the greatest writers of alltime. known Shakespeare is known as one of the ‘greatest writers ofall time. 2. He had to lose weight because of his health, sake He had to lose weight for the sake of his health 3. It took him a long time to get over his illness. from It took him a long time to recover from his illness. 4 Sam doesn't want to play football any more, Interest Sam has no interest n playing football anymore 5. Computers can get viruses from the Internet. transmitted Many computer viruses re transmitted (onthe internet. 411. What did people use to dovdid not use to do a hundred years ago? Use the prompts and make up sentences, asin the example (see Suggested Answers Section) ‘grow their own vegetables / buy frazen vegetables ‘travel by steam boat / travel by plane © payin cash / pay by credit card ‘© read books / surf the internet = goto the theatre / go to the cinema ‘Ahundred years ago, people used to grow their own vegetables They didn't use to buy razen vegetables. 12. Circle the correct response. 1A: Im afraid | can't make it tonight, | have to study for my test tomorrow. 8@ That's a shamel It won't be the seme without you bb Wow! That's terrific You must beveryexcted! 2A: Guess what! |just passed my crivng test! 8 a Whata shamel ® You must be thiled! ¢ That's too bad! 3. A: Have you heard? Sally broke her leg skiing. 8 @ Oh no, how awful b Thats terifel She must be really pleased! 4. Ay tesbad news m afraid, Jim didn’t get the job. 3: a Wow! That's mazing! ® Oho! That's shame! © Hemust beveryexcted Speaking 413 Inpairs, look at the picture and complete the dialogue. Then, read the dialogue aloud. > \Where do you think the picture wes taken? It was 1) taken at a greduation ceremony \What does it show? Can you describe the pictur tome? 8: 2)It shows a young man receiving his diploma from a teacher How do you think the young man feels? 8: 3)! think the young man feels very happy and proud. AA: Do you think a degree is necessary to a successful career? B: 4) Yes, | think a degree is necessary to get a good job and have a successful career. AA: Ae such ceremonies held in your country? B: 5) Yes, they are No, they aren't 2s b. Look at the picture and act out a similar dialogue, (Gee Suagested Answers Section) Reading 414. @. The people in the pictures have changed their lifestyle What do you think they were doing before? Read and check if your guesses were comrec. Gs’ own answers) b. Read the article again and for questions 1-11, choose from the speakers A-E. The speakers ‘may be chosen more than once. There is an example (0) at the beginning. oT RTT rT a ~ Starti A. Bill I was an accountant ata large accounting firm in the city. I spent all my time glued to the even at home, ‘That meant I rarely spent any ‘time with my family. Then, one day it ‘was missing ‘out on the truly important ‘things in life, My kids were ‘growing up fast and I felt 1 ‘wasn't playing a large enough role in their lives. I knew that it ‘was time to give up the rat race and get | jo, we sold our town house and moved t0 a in the country, where we have a small market garden. Gardening had) hobby of mine when T was younger but when I was working, [just didn’t have the time. Now I have all the time in the world. Financially, life is more dificult, but I think is safe to say thatthe whole family i ‘much happier now that we've escaped from the hectic "pace of city life, B Jean: Ever since I can remember, Tye enjoyed making my own clothes. My friends were aways ‘commenting on my original designs, so I often made clothes for them as well. It “fever occurred to me that I could make a living at i until a friend of a friend asked me to make her ‘wedding dress and offered to pay me. Suddenly more ‘and more people started approaching me and asking ‘me 10 make clothes for them. It soon reached the point where I was spending all ay spare time at the ‘sewing machine and my designs were bringing in ‘more money than my job! I handed in my notice at ‘work and rented a small shop with aflat above which 1 “my workshop. I'm happy to say that 3g now employ ten people and I'm ‘open asecond branch! © Amn: I used to work as a sales manager in a large department store. It was quite a good job, but not very rewarding. Lknew I wanted to change my career: the trouble was, 1 did't know what to do. Thon my ser sete, that 1 come’ a ing all over again! D Sally: When I finished university 1 Which speakeris): moved to a new area? tured a hobby into a business? ‘gave up financial security to work for their cream? had to study in order to change career? [61C] OE prefer a slower pace of life? is planning to expand their business? had to learn a new language? 's starting to become successful? ‘urse, as Tam good with people and I don't «ine _ sight ofblood! The more I thought about the idea, the more it itappealed to me, so I decided to have a po. eae Of course, it meant that 1 oo spent “a Yeu at musing cote, whe as had to Sinton ‘hospital wards as well as atend lectures and complete coursework. It though. Now Ihave job Lenjoy and which makes me fest that Pmreally making difference, decided to take @ year off and work abroad, It was a decision which changed my life, I got a job teaching English in Spain, so 1 packed my clothes, stored everything else and vaded for the Mediterranean, I didn't speak a word of Spanish at frst, so it “took a settle in, The pace of life ‘Was different, too: much lower and more relaxed than in England. Most of all, though, I noticed the difference in climate and the way that personality. B a gave me more energy than I'd ever had before. 1 elt t. After a few months, I Knew that I didnt want to leave so decided wo sete there and sent for the rest of my belongings, I've been here for three years nows I'm fluent in Spanish and Thevea tam all year round! Stewart: The most im rie lesson T've learnt in my life is that you have risks. Ifthere is something you really want to do, you have t evenif ons ane ‘monthly pay cheque. 1 ted to nig be ees Sinply count find the time, Final; 1 decided to ‘follow my dream and that ‘meant the job had to go. I's been realy. hard work, but I'm managing to, sell enough stories and aticles to pay the bil ‘Now, there’s a interested in my pr Lie rou 3) NS sla a “c. Read the arte again and say why each person changed his/her lifestyle. How do you feel towards their decsions? (See Suggested Answers Section) 13 14 15 Communication: Introductions ‘a. Complete the dialogue using the phrases below. Then, in pairs, read the dialogue aloud. ‘Please do. « Thank you. « Please, call me Tony. ‘*1/d like to introduce Tony Barton. ‘A: Good afternoon. Please, sit down. B: 1) Thank you A: Before we get down to business, et me make the introductions. Lisa Edwards, 2) I'd like to introduce ‘Tony Barton, Tony’s the CEO of Barton Enterprises. B: IY’s good to meet you at last, Mr Barton. €: 3) Please, call me Tory. ‘A: And Tony Barton, this is lisa Edwards, senior Consultant at Unitech, It'sa pleasure to,meet you. May | call you Lisa? B: 4) Please do ‘A: Wonderful. So, now that we all know each other, let's talk about why we are here today. Lisa, ppethaps you would like to start the ball rolling B: Yes, thank you . Now use the business cards below to act out similar dalogues:See Suogested Answers Section) ITC International Steven Philips aging Director Tol: (09) 471 281 Fax: (09) 471 3980 16 Listening (You will hear five people talking about their jobs. Choose which of the statements A-F refers to ‘each speaker 1-5. There is one extra letter that you do not need to use. ‘A. This speaker has a business partner B Thisspeaker earns a high salary. (C This speaker works long hours. D_ This speaker wears costumes to work. E This speaker helps people to lose weight. F This speaker is not happy with their job. speaker (210) speaker (ZIFI speaker (SIE) Speaker [3]A] Writing a biography A When we write a short biography of a person, we divide it into four paragraphs. In the introduction, we write the person's name, date of birth (and death) and why he/she is famous or important. In the second paragraph, we write about higher family background, childhood and education, In the third paragraph, we write about his/her career and achievements. In the conclusion we write our ‘comments and feelings about the person and their work We usually use past tenses when we write a biography, ‘except in the conclusion, where we can use present or future forms: 17 Which of the points below should be included in a short biography of a famous person? ‘© important dates ‘+ physical description ‘© people who influenced histher life * how other people felt about him/her + family background + favourite foods achievements ‘= school timetable RRR LESS + Analysing a Model Text | Read the biography of 2 famous musician and put the paragraphs in the correct order. The Quiet one (2) George Harrison died of cancer at the age of 58 He will } always be remembered asa talented ‘musician as well as a caring and generous man who was ‘more interested in making music than being a sar. [5] In the early 1960's, the band changed its name to ‘The Beatles. Their first single, ‘Love Me Do’ was a success and ‘Beatlemania’ was born. In 1970, The Beatles disbanded but Harrison's solo career was only just beginning. George went on to release many songs, sometimes combining his talents with other famous ‘musicians. He also started his own record and movie ‘companies and was deeply involved in charity work. B] He was born in Liverpool, England where his father d a8 a bus driver. When he was 12 years old, he ‘met and became good friends with a boy called Paul who was a member of John Lennon's band, ‘The Quarrymen. In 1958, George, a gifted guitar player, Joined the band too. [1] George Harrison was born in 1943 and died in 2001. He was the youngest member of a famous pop group called The Beatles, He was also well known for his song ‘writing and guitar playing. b. Which paragraphs include the following? Career and achievements Family background and childhood Name, date of birth/death, what he is famous for Commentsfeelings about the person + Brainstorming Ideas 419 Read the biographical information about Tolkien and then use the information to complete the spidergram. (See Suggested Answers Section) John Ronald Reuel Tolkien 1992-1973 famous books, The Hobbitand The Lord ofthe Rings born in South Africa farrily moved to England in 1896 ‘grew up in Birmingham studied English Language and Literature at Oxford University worked on the Oxford English Dictionary became.a professor at Oxford University Dublshed fist book The Hobbitin 1937 published TheLord ofthe Rings between 1954 and 1955 son Christopher published Tolkien's other works after his father died © creator of @ magical world in The Hobbit and The Lord ofthe Rings Family background, childhood and education Date of birth/death, what he is famous for IRR. Tolkien) Career and achievements, Ges Death, comments and feelings about him Ril 20 Read the rubric below. Who could you write about? What information will you include? (See Suggested Answers Section) Popular literary magazine is going to publish a special edition of the magazine called Twentieth Century Writers. You have been asked to write biography of a famous writer for the special edition. + Making Complex Sentences 21 Join the sentences below, using the words in bold. (See Suggested Answers Section) 1. He was born in South Africa. His family moved back to England in 1896. (out) 2 Tolkien went to Oxford University. He studied English Language and Literature. (winere) 3. He served in the British Army. He worked on the ‘Oxford English Dictionary. efter) 4 He wrote many short stories. He is most famous for The Lord ofthe Rings. (although) Use your answers in Ex. 19 to answer the questions in the plan. ame ‘Suggested Answers Section) Introduction (Para 1) Who are you going (write about? When was he/she born? When did he/she die? What is heishe famous for? 22 Main Body (Para 2) Where was helshe born? Whee did ese grow 4p Wher did ese goto school? (Para 3) Whot were hisher erly jobs? Whot wos his rman job? What dd he achieve? Conclusion (Para 4) When did heishe die? How feel about the person? b. Write your biography using the information ‘above. (120-180 words) 15 1 Travel Broadens the Mind Vocabulary Identify the objects below, then complete the sentences. 16 sunscreen fist ai kit luggage binoculars. camera sunglasses 1. If you take some insect repellent with you when you go on holiday, you won't get bitten by insects. 2. You should always keep a fist aid kit in the car in case of an emergency. 3 Don't ever go sunbathing without sunscreen and @ ‘9004 pair of sunglasses. 4 When you travel abroad you must take your passport as identification 5 If they lose your luggage, the airine will pay you compensation, 6 When you go to @ nature reserve, don’t forget your binoculars so you will be able to see the ‘animals more clearly. 7 Unfortunately we forgot our camera, so we couldn’t take any holiday snaps. narrow streets expensive shops a, Match the adjectives to the nouns. snow-capped beaches narrow. shops unspoiled ruins expensive: souvenirs ancient mountains handmade. streets b, Look at the pictures below. Match the items from Ex. 2a to the photographs, then make up sentences, as in the example. (See Suggested Answers Section) snow-capped _ unspoiled beaches ‘mountains ancient ruins” handmade souveni les exciting towalk along Rome’ narow streets ‘Complete the sentences with the correct words from the list below. ‘restored « self-contained * conveniences + award-vinning * moors + aspiring * handmade * wander 1 He is a celebrity because he has written three award-winning novels 2 We bought a handmade rug atthe ats and crafts fait 3 Keep an eye on the children. Don't let them wander off. We lve ina self-contained flat above the shop, 5. Be careful A lot of people get lost on the moors at night 6 We bought an old'run-down Victorin house and _tesored iffots original condition 7 Hie spends 3 his free time practising the piano. He is a(n) aspiring pianist 3 Our caravan has all the conveniences: a cooker, 3 fridge, and even a microwave oven. Underline the correct word(s), then match the sentences to the means of transport in the pictures below. + 2 Please make sure your seat belt is tied/fastened diring take-off an landing, Don't chink and driversteer € Do not pull cord, except in case of a(n) danger! emergency. 4 Do not talk to/look atthe driver while vehicle isin ‘motion © The lifeboatslfeguards are on the upper deck F {t's illegalwrong not to wear a helmat Read the sentences below and replace the ‘words in bold with their opposites from the lst. ‘water * below * sheltered © wet * freezing cold * dull « heavy «clear In the morning, northem areas will experience cloudy skies with temperatures around 10°C. There may be some light showers in the early evening, Further south, it should be much cooler with some clouds later in the day, Temperatures are going to remain above freezing all day. (On Saturday we can expect it to be bolling hot ‘To summarise, i's going to be a cool and dry day {for most of the country. There will be spells of bright sunshine throughout the dey. ‘Temperatures in exposed areas will be about 2°C. clear 5 freezing cold heavy 6 wet warmer 7 dull below 8 sheltered 'b. Use the words from Ex. 5a to talk about the weather in your country. Circle the correct response, 1. A; Would you like to come to the cinema with us tonight? 8: a Imnot sue. lle you know tomorrow. b I'd rather not, 'm not keen on Chinese food. © Thanis, love to 2. A: Have you got time fora coffee? B: a. Icloveto,but|'m jst going fora coffee. >No thanks, | only ink coffe. © Yes, thats a great idea! 3A: That new band is playing at The Palais next Saturday night. | was wondering if you'd lke to 90. B: a That would be great | love the ballet 'b I don’t really feel up to it. 'm a bit tired today. © (a rather not. 'm not keen on pop music 4A There's realy good play on at the theatre, Shall buy tickets? B: a Sony Ican'tbuy the tickets. tm working all day ® Thar would be great! © mnot sure if can make it. Hve got to buy tickets forthe theatre. Complete the sentences with two to five words, including the words in bold. Do not change the ‘meaning of the original sentence. 1. | enjoy eating in expensive restaurants, buying expensive clothes and traveling first class. finer | enjoy the finer things in life 2 We stayed in 2 hotel that was very close to the beach, throw We stayed in a hotel that was a stone's throw from the beach. 3 There were 2 lot of people we wanted to invite to our wedding, extensive We had an extensive list of people for ‘our wedding. 4 Iwanted to try all the local dishes. miss I didn’t want to miss out on any of the local dishes. 5. This clay pot was made in the middle ages, dates This clay pot dates back to the middle ages, (6s! own answers) We 6 When | hear my children laughing, all my troubles ‘are forgotten. washed All my troubles are washed away when | hear my children laughing. 7. The hotel isin the central part of London. heart" The hotel isin the heart of London. 8 Be sure to make full use of the hotel facilities during your stay. advantage Be sure that you take advantage of ‘the hotel facilities during your stay. G _ Read the sentences. Who would say the following ina hotel: a maid (M)? a guest (6)? the hotel manager (HM)? ‘+ Would you lke me to make up your oom now? M * Cauld 1 book @ double room for next Thursday? 6 ‘© fm afraid breakfast isn’t induded in the price HM ‘© Shall | change your towels? M + How do | dial room service? G ‘© What time does the restaurant open? G ‘© | will call someone to help you with your luggage. HM ‘+ Ihope you will have a very pleasant stay with us. HM 9 Tick the correct preposition, then make sentences Using the phrases, as in the example. (See Suggested Answers Section) Tories Ln ae absent 7 sure \ ar | [situated | z | [hope Z | know (eagles z [familiar afl 7 18 ‘She has been absent from work or ive days. Reading 10 @ The pictures show a new type of resort. What. do you think it is? How do the pictures relate to the title of the article? Read the article and check your answers. (5s! own answers) . Read the article again and choose the most suitable heading from the list A+ for each paragraph 1-7. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. There is an example (0) at the beginning. of lose your eyes and imagine the perfect beach. Soft white nd, beautiful blue sea, and the temperature a constant 30 grees Celsius, But wait, there’s mote: no risk of sunburn, insects or bugs, no sharks or jellyfish, and, at regular tervals, the best surfing waves imaginable. Too good to true? Not anymore, Thanks to modern technology and ‘the miracles of science, this beach really does exist and i is ‘on the island of Kyushu in southern Japan, 7 D {na resort complex called Seagaia you will ind the Ocean Dome. The Ocean Dome contains, among other things, the worl’s largest artificial sea beside the biggest indoor beach. It is roughly the size of six football fields and has aan 85-metre shoreline. The soft white sand is actually made of crushed marble chips, which won't stick to your skin, and the water is salt free and chlorinated. The temperature of the water is kept at 28°C and the air is kept at 30°C. z E rege 1s The Dome has everything you would expect to find on a big tropical island: caves, waterfalls, small islands, palm trees and that’s just the beginning. There is a man-made voleano that erupts at regular intervals, waterslides, 2 wave pool and even a virtual reality raft ride where passengers are tossed, shaken and splashed with water. 3 ri ‘There is plenty to do for the whole family in Seagaia and, if you want a break from the beach, you can visit the ‘Lost World’ rainforest. This is a Jurassic Park style jungle full of artificial creatures and holographic pirates. “There is also a beach carnival held every afternoon with dancers and musicians dressed in colourful Caribbean ‘costumes and in the evening there is a spectacular show put on by aquatic dancers. 4 5 {In Seagaia you don’t even have to earty any money with you. Visitors pay an_admission fee at the entrance and fare given colour coded barcode tags,’ which they use instead of cash. This type of holiday is wonderful for anyone who enjoys lying on the ‘beach’ or swimming in the ‘sea’ without having to check the weather forecast ie Sst. In fact, many Japanese businessmen and office sworkers come here just to relax and unwind after a hard speek’s work. 5] pees 7 Naturally, no island holiday is complete without luxury hotels, boutiques and a wide variety of restaurants with Sverything from fine dining o fastfood, and Seagaia has them all. There are even several theatres, golf courses and tennis courts. The Ocean Dome feels so real that Wsitors to the resort still use suntan lotion and wear sunhats even though the ‘sunlight’ is artificial and harmless, fe A ‘The Dome itself actually has a roof that opens but itis only used when the weather outside is at the same femperature as the weather inside the dome. It is also Guite ironic that the Ocean Dome was built only 300 metres away from the real ocean, Strangely enough, the real beach is usually quite empty even on hot and sunny days because holidaymakers seem to prefer the safety, comfort and predictability of the artificial beach, 7 H = eee ‘Nowadays, theme parks are springing up everywhere and. it looks like virtual reality holidays are going to be the way of the future. After all, they are cleaner, safer and far more convenient than real holidays, However, can we really compare the experience of sitting on an artificial beach with man-made sand under a fake sun to a day on. a real beach? Where is the challenge in surfing man- made waves when you know exactly how big they are going to get and exactly when they are going to appear? More importantly, where is the fun in coming back from |, scaside holiday without tan lines? — as 11. You will hear people talking in five different Listening situations. For questions 1-5, choose the best. answer, AB, or C. 1 Usten to Joan teling Pam about her holiday. Why did't she and her husband enjoy themselves? [A Someone hit her husband ® Her husband was i ©The food was teribe 2 You are at the airsort when you hear this conversation between a member of staff and a passenger. Whats the woman's problem? A She cauht the wrong plane. 8 She cnn her hang © She has lost her uggage 3. You overhear a man talking to his fiend. Why did the man miss his train? ® The departure times hed been changed B His watch was wrong, The station was vary busy 4 You are ina hotel when you hear this conversation, between aman and the receptionist. What is the problem? A. His room is not ready yet B The hotels full © The hote! has double-booked his room. 5 You hear a woman describing her holiday to a friend. What does she complain about? A. Her hotel room ® The bad weather C The food in the hotel Communication: Buying Stamps 12. & Match column A to column B, then in pairs act out the dialogue. A 8 CHE] excuse me. Do That'll be four dollars, you sell stamps? please. Oh, well want to —b_You're welcome. send some Have a nice day. postcards to © How many do you England. need? Let me see... Ten, d__No.problem. tve got I think plenty of change. Oh, I've only got a That’ sirteen dollars for twenty-dollar bill youand ten stamps. Thank you very Yes, wedo. Where are much they for? 19 20 413 2 Look atthe picture and complete the dialogue. America /Five / Two pounds / ten pound rote Speaking What's the problem? It seems to me that 1)t ‘Where are they going? They 2) ‘= Australia / ight / Three pounds /A fifty pound note How are they related? think they 3) are mi Where do you th Somewhere 4) ‘What time of the year sit? Its 5) How do you know? 6 nk they are? b. Now use the prompts to act out similar dialogues. What do you think they are going to do? Well, 7) What would you do in similar situation? 8) | wo r b, Look atthe pictures and in pairs act out a similar dialogue. Writing an article describing a festival we attended A * Topic Sentences Read the article and fill in the blanks with the correct topic sentence from the list below. 14 A. The preparations take months. B The festival was fun, entertaining and educational C The Milwaukee Native American Indian Festival is ‘uly an amazing event. D The celebrations began at 4pm and there was plenty to see and do. { xebraw restxvaL E] For three days in September every year, ‘thousands gather in Milwaukee, USA, to selebrate Indian culture. Last year, Lwas lucky -snough to attend the festival and experience ‘for myself, GZ] Dance teams from all over the country ‘precise 10 compete in the tribal Pow Wow sence contest. Indian craftsmen work to produce the many ‘saditional items on display. Then, in the week before the ‘stival, the stalls are put up and the food is prepared, so Sat everything wll be ready forthe big day. I visited a traditional Indian village, watched skilled ‘safismen carve totem poles, and even learned how to do ‘ital Indian dancing. It was also a great opportunity 10 semple some traditional native dishes, ike corn bread and ‘buffalo burgers. 1B] It was a wonderful_way to learn about Native _-Asverican culture and celebrate the end of summer. b. What did the writer think of the festival? How do you know? Underline the words/phrases which show the writer's opinion (Gee Suggested Answers Section) What tenses does the writer use? Why? {See Suggested Answers Section) + Paragraph Planning 15. @ Below is the plan for a festival description. ‘Match the paragraphs to the information. Paragraphs Information Para 1 ‘A. Description of the actual event Para 2 B Impressions and recommendations Para 3 C_ Name of festival, where/when’ Para a. why it takes place D_ Preparations for festival Read the article again and make notes for each paragraph, Then, talk about the Milwaukee Native American Indian Festival. (See Suggested Answers Section) 16 Rewrite the following paragraph, putting the verbs in bold in the passive. Which paragraph from the plan in Ex. 15 is it? Paregraph 1 =rnational Testh A ono this in ‘the city of Lafayette, Louisiana enjoy anit sr oslo x, oye esha arti and of Ap anual sine 1986, Most people ow its French name, Festival Intemational de Louisiane, from ‘Louisiana. The organisers invite musicians trace Cates. Aca and ie Ametias to vaiony cutoor cones al round Lalayets Peonie a atone seling food and arts and crafts all over the ‘weeklong celebrations Use the adjectives in thelist to define the nouns that follow. Some adjectives can be used ‘more than once. * spicy * colourful » spectacular * loud ‘mouth-watering * classical + local traditional ‘lively handmade * cultural « delicious annual spectacular, local, cultural, annual festival spicy, mouth-watering, traditional, delicious food colourful, spectacular, traditional, handmade costumes ‘oud, classical, traditional, lively music '. Complete the paragraphs with adjectives from Ex. 17a, The Venice Carnival is {n) 4) spectacular festival which asts for ten days in winter every year, People wear 5) handmade ‘masks and parade through the streets, ‘There are lots of 6) classical concerts ‘and balls to attend, ‘The people of Rotterdam, Holland, hold ‘a{n) 7) annual summer festival. There is lots of 8) lively music and the people put fon 9) colourful costumes and dance in the streets and squares of the city. 18 @ Read the rubric below and then answer the ‘questions in the plan. ‘A travel magazine is going to publish a special feature ‘on festivals and has asked its readers to send in articles describing a festival they have attended which is important in their country. anime (See Suggested Answers Section) Introduction (Para 1) Whats the festive called? Whererhen*Why does ie take place? Main Body (Para 2) Wha preperations take place? (ara) What actualy happens atthe festival? Conclusion (Para 4) What are your impressions, eclings, recommendations? b. Write your article in 120-180 words. You can use the article in Ex. 14a as a model. (See Suggested Answers Section) Dearer than Earth is Gold Vocabulary Match the words in A and B to form compound rnouns, then use them to complete the sentences below. (Gee Suggested Answers Section) A a 8 1. Global warming is causing arise in ocean levels. 2. Aerosol sprays are helping to destroy the ozone layer. 3 We must find alternative sources of power to avoid a(n) energy criss 4. Acid rain damages our lakes, rivers and forests as, ‘well as our buildings, 5 Energy from the sun can be used to produce solar power 6 il spills pallute our seas and beaches and kill many sea creatures 7. Unfortunately, whales have become a(n) endangered species 8 We are running out of fossil fuels, so we have to start using other sources of power. 5 (A-D) to the pictures (1-4). 22 3 b. Underline the correct word. 1 ‘Which of the problems below do the headlines and pictures refer to? 1 4 3 * airpollution » deforestation * drought ‘+ water pollution 2 Which of the following should we do to fight air pollution? Can you add ideas of your own? (Ss' own answers) + use public transport more often + fine companies polluting the air ¥ «+ reuse and reqcle * stop producing and using CPC's. + develop dean energy cars 2 + use renewable sources of energy * conserve energy at home and at work Solar batteries can capture and renew/store the sun's energy. Nuclear eneray/power stations are considered dangerous by many people. So many people are switching to organic food that itis very dificult for the public/supply to meet the demand/need We willsoon run out of fossil fuels so we must find newerfalternative forms of eneray. Wind twirfings/turbines do not disturb cattle, <2 wind farms provide good grazing/hunting ‘rounds, Hydroelectric power plants/farms must take cat not to flood the neighbourhood/surroundi area IF we don't start using reusable/renewable form: of energy soon, the price of fuel is going to 93 uup/sky high. 4 What can we do to become more environmentally aware? Use the list of Dosand Don'ts to make up sentences, then match them to the pictures. (See Suggested Answers Section) We shouldnt put all the rubbish in the same bin. We should separate and ecyceit (picture B) b. In pairs, suggest other ways to help the environment. (Ss' own answers) 5 itcle the correct response 1 A: Are you busy tonight, Bob? Ba Ifyou really want to ® | don't think so. Why? € Do you think that’s @ good idea? 2A: Can | talk to you fora moment, please? 8: a That'stoo bad b Not ata © Yes, | suppose so 3A: Whats the matter? 8: @ I'm fed up. b tdloveto © That's too bad 4: Do you think you could be more cael in future? 8: @ Ofcourse, Sony about that. tye had enous, € | should think 50, too. 5 A: How about sarting a dear-up campaign? & a Idlove tooo, © That's not a bad ides, Right then, 6 A: Thank you very much Ba Wy not? b Alright © Not atall 6 Match the words in Column A to those in Column B, then use the phrases to complete the sentences below. A 8 the fion’s offto have butterfied inher stomach take the bul heart take my hat share lose by the horns 1. John decided to take the bull by the horns and ask his boss for a pay ris. 2_ I really take my hat off to Cathy, She has made the ‘garden look beautiful 3. The explorers didn’t lose heart, even when their food supplies ran out. ‘4 Sarah was so nervous that she had butterflies in her stomach before her interview. 5 Ann worked very hard on the praject so she should {get the lion's share of the bonus money. 7 Tick the correct preposition, then make sentences Using the phrases, as in the example, (See Suggested Answers Section) [ to from! ‘grateful v fees ‘guilty | hopeless [capabie [ Protect sthib | sists ah Sie was grateful to her teacher for his quidance and patience ' Look at the pictures and use the prompts to compare and contrast them, (See Suggested Answers Section) © busy/quiet + stressfulrelaxing ‘+ healthy/unhealthy + nojsy/peaceful + dleanddirty + safe/dangerous Useful Vocabulary They both in both of them, 1 There are Picture A .. whereas / however, picture B Picture A shows a busy town whereas. Speaking Qa Look at the picture and in pairs, complete the dialogue. (See Suggested Answers Section) What do you think the picture shows? ” Where do you 2) 2 Central America How does the picture make you feel? Well, 3) Why do you think this is happening? It might 4) ‘What do you think needs to be done? I think 5) SRP REPO E aD In pairs, act out similar dialogues about the Pictures below. (See Suggested Answers Section) Reading 410. Look at the pictures. Which of these should you find out about before you visit a foreign country? Give reasons, _(Ss’ own answets ‘Travel Diary. . You are going to read an article about tourism. For questions (1-7), choose the correct answer A.B,CorD. ‘Many of us look forward to our summer holidays all We can't wait to get away everyday lives, 10 ev places, ty new things, orjust to relax and le in the But how many of us think about the effect our holidays ‘on the places we visit? < Although tourism has many benefits, such as extra money into the local economy, there are also negative effects, Tourism can do all sorts of damage to the environment, the culture and the people of a country, especially in places which aren't prepared for large ers of holidaymakers, In recent years there has been “a large increase in the number of independent travellers ‘who want to get off the beaten track, and this has meant that many remote destinations are having 10 adjust to new visitors. {ant all bad news though. The last few years hhave also scen a huge increase in ‘eco-tourism’. This is 1 tourism where holidaymakers try to have a postive effect “on the people and places that they visit. If you are really ‘committed to this idea, then you can spend your holidays ~ helping out on an organic farm in Britain, or taking part in conservation projects in Aftica or the Amazon rainforest. ‘Don't worry, though, if this doesn’t sound like your idea of ‘a holiday. Wherever you go and whatever you want to do, there are still ways to make sure that you have the best ble impact on your holiday destination. you are heading off to a place for the first time, itis an lent iea to find out as much aboat it as you can. A jidebook is a great place to start. As well as I about local places o interest, you can read about the way you will be expected to behave and dress. This can save you ‘from making embarrassing mistakes and means that you are less likely to upset or offend your hosts. Don't stop at the guidebook, though. I you can ste to some musie or History Traditional Dishes ag before — 4 leave can make your holiday much more enjoyable feben you ave It also important to think about how you spend your jney when you are on holiday. Whenever you can, ty t0 it into the local people's hands. You can do this by fing and drinking local products rather than imported staying in locally owned accommodation and sing cal guides. In some parts of the world, you might be “Stively well off compared to the local population Even © places where you are expected to haggle or bargain, you culd always pay a fair price for things. Remember that mit be vey smal amount of money to you can 48 ke a bg difference to some people. Another important thing forthe eco-ouris iso have as effect on the local environment as possible. This is £2510 do if you follow some common-sense advice. Don't ‘eve litter lying around and use biodegradable products enever possible. If resources like water or fuel are in suppl then use as litle of these as you can, and of @ you should never buy products made from rare its or endangered animals. If you are lucky enough to ‘Sit a truly exotic destination such as a coral reef, remote puntain or desert region, or a rainforest then you should Sy leave it exactly as you found it, so that furure vistors ‘En enjoy it just as you did Eco-tourism organisations say that respecting the ‘culture and environment of the places that you visit will, ead to much more rewarding and enjoyable holidays. Ifwe 4 to encourage the local economy, leave the environment _ ssndamaged and are aware of the different laws and tudes in the places we visit, then all of us can enjoy our co-holidays’ much better now and in the future. With ore and more of us planning holidays in new locations -S17 year, we should all do our bt to make sure that we are ys weleome wherever we go. * ee | eal plies 1 ‘Tourism does the most damage in countries ‘A where there has been an increase in eco- tourism ® which aren't ready for a lot of tourists C where there are a lot of people travelling on their own, D_ which havea strong local economy. 2 What ismeant by ‘eco-tourism inne 17? [A Helping out on organic farms B Helping to conse the rainforests © Having» psitve efec on the environment D_ Helping paces to get used tonew vistors 3 What should you do before you take your eco- holidays? A Buya guidebook B Learn how to dress C Find out about the loca attractions. © eam about your destination 4 How can a tourist help the economy of @ country? ‘A. Bargin for everthing they buy Buy the goods and services provided by the local people © Paya far price for eveything D_ Buyexpensive imported brands. 5. What is meant by “can make a big difference to Some people’ in ines 48 and 457 ‘A. You can change ther ves B_You can help t reserve thelr loca enironment © You can help them to have a beter hie D You cen be fir 6 What do eco-tourist organisations say about rourism? @ i we show consideration for the place and eople, we wll have a more satisfying holiday 8 If we visit unusual places, we should leave them just as we found them, Ife have a holiday in a new place, we shoulé make sure we willbe welcome there D If we vist a foreign country, we should try 20 support the local economy. 7 The writers attitude to eco-tourism is A hopeful B disepeointng © interesting © supportive ©. What was the writer's purpose? How much do you agree with his/her points? (Ss’ own answers) 25 26 Listening 11. (You will hear information about five events. For questions 1-5, decide which event A-F is taking place on each day. Use each event only once, There is one event which you do not need to use. ‘A. You can plant trees TE] Monday B_ You can clean up a local lake, Tuesday You can help collect rubbish. [BJF] Wednesday D_ You can cycle everywhere. Thursday E You can visit arecycing plant. [5B] Friday F You can learn how to be eneray efficient. Communication: Reporting a missing animal 412 2 Match the exchanges, then in pairs, read the dialogue aloud. A Can help you, madam? Oh dear. What kind of dogisit? | see. Has she ever gone missing before? [Ta] Now, ler me make a note of your deta (BIBI Was she wearing a colar? [BIC] Can | have your name and telephone please? [Ze] Don't get upset Mrs Brown. Im sure we'll find her. 8 a. No. im very worried Yes, she's gota red one with her name and address onit Yes, Shela Brown. And my telephone number is 2296788 d_ Erm... yes. tm afraid my dog has gone missing. Oh, thank you f Shes @ Labrador. She's got golden fur and big brown eyes @ Thankyou b. Now use the prompts to act out similar dialogues. (See Suggested Answers Section) tabby - brown and black - {green eyes / blue colar - name and phone number poodle - white - brown eyes / brown collar - address and phone number Complaining 43. @ Fillin the gaps with the sentences below, then in pairs, read the dialogue aloud. * Sorry to have been a nuisance. 0h, lam sorry You ate, as a matter of fact. ‘Is anything the matter? Hello, John. Could | have a quick word with you, please? B: Sure, 1) Is anything the matter? ‘A: Well, actually, 've been meaning to speak to you about the noise from your house Noise? Are we being too loud? Well, yes. 2) You are, as a matter of fact. We've been having trouble sleeping. B: 3)Oh, | am sorry, | didn’t realise you could hear anything. A: Its the music you play late at night that’s the: problem (Oh, OK. We'll try to keep it down. 4) Sorry to ha been a nuisance. A: Don't worry about it. Thanks, John. b, Now use the prompts to act out similar dialogues (See Suggested Answers Section) Gary/ noise - motorbike / Susan / noise - kids / can't wakes me up every morning/ hear ourselves think / problem with engine/get shouting and screaming / fred tell be quiet Writing an informal letter of advice A When we write an informal letter of advice, we usually ‘write four paragraphs. In the introduction we express sympathy and say that we understand the problem or that we think we can help. In the main body (Paras 2—3), we make suggestions and aive our reasons. We write each suggestion in a separate paragraph. In the conclusion, we write our closing remarks, and sign off 414 2 Read the letter of advice below and underline 16 Match the suggestions to the correct reasons. the correct verb. Then answer the questions ‘Then, make complete sentences, as in the example. (Gee Suggested Answers Section) Suggestions buy 2 toy bone frit [ZB] take it for along walk every morning and evening [Bla] move into a house witha garden ake it to Dog Obedience School Reasons leave your puppy outside during the day bit won't want to run around so much during the day 2, © you won't have to train it ourself {am so glad to hear that you 1) have decided/have been dit won't chew your furniture or shoes ‘4esiding to move to London, It'll be great to have a friend ‘Som home living here. Well be able to do things together Td ‘flwereyou, "a buy atoy bone forit. That wayit won't ‘Be we 2) would/used to, In your letter you 3) asked/were chen your furniture or shoes. me to give you some advice about finding flat; here Bere gaan kd tact ty Sem ie 17. Read the rubric below and then answer the Pega ues ee ‘questions in the pian. spe, the "Daily Mai’ and the ‘Evening Standard’ have (See Suggested Answers Section) Jee sections with houses and flats for rent. That way, you ‘sil able to see what is available for rent at the moment. Another good idea is to contact an estate agent. “Goldshmidt and Howland 8) have/are having oftices all over ‘London, That way you can get alist of all the places in the (Your friend has just written you a letter asking for ‘advice. Read the extract from the letter below, then ‘write a letter of advice to your friend, =a you want ata price you can afford, § How are you? fm sorry I haven't weitten for s0 hope this 6) helpyis helping. Please let me know how long but since | started my new job Ive been ‘Sings turn out. Ifyou need anything else, please call. very busy. Actually, Im writing because | need Love, , your acMice. We have just got a. puppy and Im Mandy very worrled about leaving 2 Ut alone all day in the fat. | know that you used to have a dog and | was hoping you could give me some. (See Suggested Answers Section) 1. Whats the style of the letter? Why? 2 What are the suggestions (and reasons) given? What advice would you give to Fiona? . Read the letter again and fill in the reasons, (See Suggested Answers Section) Suggestion Reason check classified bam Introduction otvertieroemts | Dear + your friend’ first name contact an estate| | (Para 1) Whats the problem? Gan you help? agent : = - —__ Main Body 415. Use the expressions in the box to give advice in the (Para 2) What is your frst suggestion? Who isthe following situations. (See Suggested Answers Section) regent (Para 3 What i your second suggestion? What is the * Your fiend has lost hismer wallet/purse. reason? * Your friend wants to go abroad for the first time. Your fiend lost hisfner passport. Conclusion (Para 4) How com you encourage your friend? Love!Good tuck, ete Your first name Have you ever thought of ../IF| were you... / Another good ideas. / Why don’t you... The best thing you can do .../This would mean that .../ That way .../ Ifyou do this ../ AS a result. For example Use your answers to write your letter. You can use the letter in Ex. 14a as a model (See Suggested Answers Section) 27 Early to Bed ... Vocabulary 4. @ Lookat the pictures. What is the problem with each person? (See Suagested Answers Section) laure Little Bly is suffering from (an) earache, b, What do you think each person should do? Choose from the prompts. ‘Gee Suggested Answers Section) «taken to the doctor « stay in bed * puta plaster on * take an aspirin lie down and rest * put an ice-pack on it lf ily’ gotan earache, he shouldbe taken to the doctor. 2. What are the following used for? Use the prompts to make up sentences, as in the example. (Gee Suggested Answers Section) take temperature + listen to chest * weigh * give injections stethoscope syringe “thermometer Scales are used to weigh ourseves. 28 Match the verbs in Column A to the words! phrases in Column B. Then use the completed phrases to talk about your daily routine. (See Suggested Answers Section) A 8 90. my hairfmy face take: my teeth wash: the bus brush to bed on breakfastlunctvdinner eat. to workischool do. ny fiends wateh ee Via video meet my homework usualy wake up at... Fist wash my Fill in the correct word. ‘optimistic « ambitious * sociable * sensitive + cheerful » easy-going © reliable « impatient 1. Wendy is always smiling; she's such a cheerful person 2 Sally never complains about anything, She is very easy-going, 3. Tom is a very sociable person, He goes out with friends almost every day. 4. Steve always looks on the bright side. He is very optimistic. 5 You can trust Tony to do anything. He is extremely reliable 6 Catol gets upset very easly | think she isa bit too sensitive, 7 Greg wants to be general manager of the ‘company one day. He's a very ambitious man. 8 Janet is so impatient. She hates waiting in queues. Complete the sentences with the correct words from the list. e hurts * pain « bruise aches « suffers » injury The doctor said that John’s injury was not serious. | hit my hand on the desk. It really hurts, {have got a pain in my chest. I think | should see 2 doctor. 4. Sandra suffers from hay fever every summer. My head aches. Have you got any tablets? ‘Andrew had a big purple bruise on his knee after he fell ff his bike, G _ Read the sentences and match them with the pictures. Then guess the hobbies [HIF] Nove watching things grow. gardening [21D] | feel oreat when 'm out on the water. canoeing [IC] | buy all the latest bestsellers. reading [ETB] Getting out into nature is very relaxing, hiking [BIA | rarely catch anything! fishing BIE} ove tying new recines. cooking Circle the correct response. 7 1A; Thisnew diet is amazing, Ive lost § kilos already. B: @ That's great! b Are you? € That's not fair! > I think 'm coming down with the fu That sounds interesting, ® Really? Have you got a temperature? I don't know what to do! S | would love to lve in Alaska, @® Realy? why? don't understand! € That's good. 4A: You missed 2 great party lastnight. ‘2 What makes you think that? b What happened next? © Really? Tel me all about it 5 A: I've decided to stop drinking coffee B:@ Have you? Why? b Ohno! Did you? That's great. 6 A: Ohno! The photocopier is broken againt B:@ | don't believe it! b itssounteir © What did | do? 7 A: We don't know what to gat Ben for his birthday, 8: a Oh, forgetit! b Really? Is he having a party? © Why don't you ask his wife? 8 A: I've just bought a new car 8: @ | don't believe it! | thought you were broke! b That's a complete waste of time! Really? Would you lke that? 9. A: The boss wants to see you in his office. 2 That sounds interesting, b it’s a complete waste of time. © Ohno! What did do? Complete the sentences below with two to five words, including the word in bold, Do not change the meaning of the original sentence, 1. ate my lunch too fast and now I've got a storsach ache. indigestion {'m suffering from indigestion because | ate my lunch too fast. 2 ‘Accidents just seem to happen to him, so I'm nat surprised he's in hospital prone He's really accident prone, so I'm ‘ot surprised he's in hospital. 3. Watching documentaries about endangered animals always makes me feel sad. depressed | always feel depressed after watch documentaries about endangered animals 4 Simon was late for work because there was @ train strike. ‘account Simon was late for work on account of a train strike, 5 Ann likes chocolate a lat. fond ‘Anm is very fond of chocolate, 6 He did not intend to leave before he finished the report intention He had_no intention of leaving before he finished the report. 7 You should stop smoking, give You should give up smoking 8 Stan didn’t do what he had promised to do, went. ‘Stan went back on his word 29 30 Match the following, then complete the sentences. muscle — sickness nose ~ a pain travel - headache heart _ ig poisoning splitting ® iced sore disease high throat food —> temperature 1. He was very worried about taking the ferry to q France because he always suffers from ness on boats and planes 2 The doctor said my dad was at isk of hear ease, so he should eat a healthier diet and get more exercise 3. You have got a very stay in bed today. 4 Alter overdoing it at the gym, Steve was suffering gh temperature. You should from muscle pain in his lower back 5 Zoe had a really bad case of food pois eating that seafood 6 Martin was hit in the face by tennis ball. Luckily he wasn’t seriously hurt but he had @ slight ning after 7. didn't go to work yesterday because | had a really sore throat and had lost my voice. music down because 8 Fred wants us to tur he's got a splitting headache Speaking 410 @ Look at the picture and complete the dialogue, ar ‘A: Where's the woman? B: She seems 1) to be at work ‘A: What's wrong with her? 8: I'm not sure. She could 2) have a he |A: What advice would you give her? Well, 3) would tel her to take some asp Have you ever experienced a similar situation? aM - What did you do? 5) | took some 2 }ere In pairs, act out similar dialogues for the pictures below. Reading 41 @ Look at the picture. Where do you think the young boy is? What is wrong with him? Read the article to find out. $5! own ani Read the article again. Seven sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-I the one which best fits each gap 1-7. There is one sentence which you do not need to use. There is an example (0) at the beginning. Out Loud ‘Teeothiy Stevens has lived most of his Sa silent world, Until six months “= be had never heard his mother's SS never listened to music and "Seecr heard the sound of birds singing Hsbc laughter of his playmates. His mother, Sandra, knew “See something was wrong with her aby son, because he did not have the ‘ese reactions as other babies. "If 1 "Sz look into Tim’s eyes, he didn’t se=m to know Iwas there,’ she says, When he was eight months old, Ssadira took Timothy to the hospital S=8 explained why she was worried. “Tee doctors cartied out hearing tests sed decided that Timothy must be @ See backward. [1] E Ssodra insisted that the hospital “Pould send Timothy to a specialist ‘Sr more tests. Unfortunately, it was a fag time before a specialist would se him, Finally, when he was almost so years old, Timothy and his other went to a children's hospital © Manchester where the staff had katy of experience in dealing with Seat children, ZTE] attast, someone believed her ‘when she told them that her son was af. "Doctors often think that others worry too much about theit A He has already learnt several words and phrases 6 which allow him to communicate with his mother. B His presents included a variety of musical instruments wihich he loves to play with H € Sandra was relieved to find people who would 1 listen to her. D_A full examination showed that Timothy was completely deaf. E However, Sandra knew that the problem was more ‘ setious than thet. F Timothy is only able to communicate by using sign 1 language. Living ; children and that they always think the worst,” she smiles, "I knew T was tight about Tim, but it took almost two years before the doctors would ‘agree with me." However, even Sandra had not imagined that Timothy's condition could be as serious as it was. 3 |B] Doctors told Sandra that there was no chance that his hearing would ever improve, Sandra was shocked to learn that the only hope for Timothy was to have a bionic implant. 4 [7] The electrodes would send electric signals to. his brain, which would allow him to hear them as sounds. ‘The implant would not allow Timothy 10 hear perfectly, but it would be the only way for him to ever have a chance of overcoming his deafness. After checking that there was no serious risk involved, Sandra put ‘Timothy's name on the waiting lst for the operation, Because he was so young, the doctors decided that Timothy should be given the implant as soon as possible. =[s "Lhave to admit, I was very worried,” says Sandra, "but only hours after he came out of theatre, he was playing with the other children on the ward and 1 knew he was going to be fine! I ‘couldn't wait to find out whether or not the operation had been successful." The moment of truth came on ‘Timothy's third birthday, when the doctors switched on the implant for the very first time. Timothy played with toys in the doctor's surgery while a speech therapist played different sounds and checked his reactions, When Sandra said, "Hello Timothy,’ and he looked into her eyes, she cried tears of happiness. Timothy is now enjoying a lie full of sound. [6 | A] He is also attending the local nursery school where he likes nothing more than to make as ‘much noise as possible as he plays with bis friends Timothy celebrated his birthday last week: 7 [8 | *Heis driving me mad with the noise he makes," laughs Sandra, "and that's something I” never imagined I would complain. about! For me, though, the greatest gift ofall is to hear my som talking and to know that he can hear me when T speak to him." fourth Three months before his third birthday, he went into hospital to have the operation that would change his life Timothy was born deaf This would mean having an operation to put 2 special receiver in Timothy's head, with electrodes connected to the nerves in his ears ‘Answer the questions, (See Suggested Answers Section) Where could you read such an article? 2 What do you think the writer's purpose was? 3. Can you suggest an alternative title for the article? 31 eee 413. 2 Fillin the missing phrases, then in pairs, read 14 Listening Writing memos, e-mails and notes A "You are going to listen to a radio interview bout robot surgeons. For questions 1-7, mark the sentences as T(true) or False). 1. There are robot surgeons in all hospitals. F When we write a note we usually use a very informal style 2 Doctors operate by remote control, T Seaman vai ene and write in very short or incomplete sentences. We do Beli z nat always use definite or indefinite articles. When we: ee See F \write an e-mail we use the form ofa letter. We usually use: 5 Accamera takes photographs of the ‘an informal style in personal e-mails and a formal style for ae f ‘business e-mails. We usually use memos in companies and) ‘offices to pass on information to employees. We use 2) 6 Robots carry out all kinds of operations. T formal, factual style 7 Doctors will have to learn many new things. 7 Communication: Making an appointment + Analysing Model Texts, Look at the pieces of writing 1-3. Which is a) amemo? b) an e-mail? c) a note? the dialogue aloud, ‘+ What's your name and address, please + Please let us know if you decide to cancel + Book me in for Wednesday * Fd lke to make an appointment Thanks for inviting us to your party last weekend, we both had a great time xn including the photos we took in an attachment. There’s @ great one of you and Jim in front of the pool. We're having a party for Frank's birthday next month and we'd love it if you could come, I'll let you know the details later: ‘Take care, sharon Now use the prompts to act out sino ologues. Thee Suspected Answers Seton) © Dr Barret / Tuesday dpm — next Friday Sam Dr Sandford / Thursday 2pm ~next Wednesday 1 1am . BY s ae ee IB INTERNATIONAL " WA... a To: All Employees From: Arthur Jones, asst mgr Date: a Subject: oof mab ie fn the office yay Please be advised that all employees with are required to Keep them turned of rs ed to be contacted whi work, rough the main 15 2 Match the style of writing to the pieces of writing in Ex. 14 A. incomplete sentences, very informal 2 -note B. information given in an office or business setting; formal 3 -memo © informal, chatty 1 -e-mail b, Read the note to the secretary and rewrite it in the style of an office memo. (See Suggested Answers Section) Mise Phipps, © tell Dept mgrs aboot ndgot mectingzon Monday Bam © allonst attend and be on time © coffee and doughnsts served Thanks, Mr Jacobs 16 Rewrite the following in a note form. (See Suggested Answers Section) Dear Patrica, Fm going to the cinema with Shelia. | borrowed your ed scarf I've left the car keys in the fist drawer of your ‘desk in case you need them, James called. He said he might come by. Hel call back later. If you're hungry ‘rete are chicken sandwiches in the fridge. | won't be Sete — around 10 o’dock at the latest. (aura 17 @. Read the rubric and answer the questions below. (See Suggested Answers Section) * Discuss & Write ‘The company where you work is having a retirement party forthe Vice President of the company, The party will be held atthe Royal Hotel. You have been put in = charge of organising the party, ‘+ Write @ memo to all staf members informing them Cf the time, date and location of the party and teling them that food and drinks will be served. Also, inform them that they can make a small contribution to the Vice President's reticement Present and that they should give the money to you ‘or your secretary * Write a note to your secretary, telling himvher that you're in a meeting and reminding him/her to call the catering company and arrange a meeting with them for the next day at 11am, * Write an email to your supervisor, who is on holiday, and let him/her know about the party Who are you writing to? 2 What style wil you use for each piece of writing? Why? 3. What information will you need to include in each piece of writing? . Write the memo, note and e-mail using the information in Ex. 17a, as well as your own ideas (See Suggested Answers Section) 38 Better Safe than Sorry Vocabulary Look atthe pictures. Which of these do you have in your kitchen? What do you use each of the ‘objects for? (See Suggested Answers Section) 34 1-A Ablender is used to blend/mix food. Use the phrasal verbs to complete the exchanges, as in the example. ‘stun on + turn down © turn off © tum up ‘plug in + log on + log off 1. A: I can’t concentrate. The TV is too loud. Allright, Fl turnit down. Did you hear about the hijacking? No. Let's turn on the radio. Why isn’t the toaster working? Oh: sily me! | forgot to plug tin. b Ph Ph we I think I'l stay up and watch the end of this fil B: OK. Don't forget to tun off all the lights before you go to bed 5 A: Hurry up. We're supposed to be there at 7 o'clock! B: OK. Just give me a minute to log off the Internet, {really like that song! So do |. Ill turn up the radio. lve never used a laptop computer before, Oh, it's easy. Just log on the same way you with your regular PC. ee eR Cross out the odd word(s) in each group. Then, the remaining words to make up sentences describing each object, as in the example. (See Suggested Answers See 1 cooker: oven ~rings~ knobs ~ a computer: mouse - screen — rerpbec@ntrol keyboard 3 iron plug — cord — temperature control os camera: lens ~cover ~ shutter - Kettle: lid handle - spout - a¢X@l refrigerator: door shelves ~ Spgs - drawers blender: switch — id — blades ~ ibXft sous ‘Acookerhas gotan oven, ringson top and knobs that are sed ro contol temperature. Read the sentences and identify the type of crime described, asin the example. 1. She copied someone else's signature onto tt cheque. (forgery) 2. The armed men stormed into the bank and tri to steal a large amount of money. (;abbery) 3. The customs officer called the police after found a bag of diamonds in the man’s lugaa (smuggling) 4. They held the pilot at gunpoint and ordered him. fly to the location they wanted. (hijacking) 5 He threw a lit match through the window ar ‘then ran off. (arson) 6 The man was caught trying to steal two CD-ROM (shoplifting) 7 Whenwe got home, we were horrified to find t window broken and all our valuables stole (burglary) 8 They demanded money for the safe return of th ‘two children, (kidnapping) Complete the sentences using the words below. * automatically « fingerprints * preserve « satelite ‘proof «fined» privacy 1 When you get arrested, the police take your fingerprints and keep them on file 2. He was fined £200 for parking illegally. 3 Its. policeman’s job to preserve law and order. 4 Some people think that hidden cameras invade our privacy 5 When you use an ATM, your bank account is ‘automatically updated, ‘They had to let the suspect go because they could find no proof that he had committed the crime, 7 We can now get up-to-the-minute news from around the world via satelite, ‘Complete the headlines using the words below. ‘charged * robbed accused * sentenced “suspects © cheated Supermarket bandit 8052. to 4 years in prison, with shoplifting. Complete each of the sentences with two to five words, including the word in bold. Do not change the meaning of the original sentence. 1. Last night someone hit her over the head and stole her handbag, mugged she was mugged last night. 2 Peter copied the Picasso and sold it as an original. forged Peter forged the Picasso and sold it as an original 3. The police got a description of the thief from someone who saw him escape, witness The police got a description of the thief from a witness who saw him escape, 4 Last summer was so hot that we decided to have air conditioning put in Installed We had air conditioning installed last summer because it was so hot. 5. The escaped prisoners jumped onto a bus and made the driver take them across the border. hijacked The escaped prisoners hijacked the bus to get across the border. 6 Car rental companies can use special technology to find out where their cars are, locate Car rental companies can use special technology to locate their cars. Gircle the correct response. 1A: Where did the accident happen? B: a Kes dificult to say b About fifteen minutes ago. © AtEim and Dixon, 2 A: Can you tell me how to get to the McLaughlin Gallery? 8: a Iimgoing now. ® Sony? Can you repeat that? € I'm sorry the ine is engaged. 3. A: Did you like the outfit | wore yesterday? B: a. That'san interesting question b Let meee © Tobe hones. | can't really remember it. 4 A: Hello, can | speak to Jenny please? Ba Would you lke to leave amessage? © tm sorry, you must have dalled the wrong umber © Thankyou for vsting 5A: What's Sarah’ sister's name? 8:@ Ican'tremembert B. I dont think so © What do you mean? 6 A: How could you lose the tickets! 8: a Whats the problem? © Itvasm't me! gave ther to Sami € ilthinkofit in a minute 7A: What cant do for you? 8: @ | want to report a robbery. b Can takea message? © Okay. ve done that 8 A: Did anyone witness the buraany? 8B: a No, thats not what mean b Hl think of in a minute © Ions think so, 35 36 'Q Match the words/phrases in the two columns. Then, use them to complete the sentences below. ‘once in and sound tomake in mind clean: ‘a blue moon keep: and tidy safe matters worse 1. | didn’t have enough money to pay for lunch, and to make matters worse, | had forgotten my credit card, 2. We hardly ever go to the cinema, We go once in a blue moon, 3. The missing boy was found safe and sound and retumed to his parents. 4 While you are driving, Keep inv mind that you are being watched by CCTV camerason the motorway 5 Carol is very neat. Her home is always clean and tidy. Tick the correct preposition, then make sentences using the phrases, as in the example. (See Suggested Answers Section) 10 of [about | to | at | for aware. ” Tenvous z married Taugh Totovious ay Keep track | 7 worry zi Hewasn'taware ofthe fact thatshe hada deoreein psychology. Speaking 11. @ Look at the picture and complete the dialogue. 12 whee Sr ereres > ‘Where do you think the picture was taken? | think 1) it was taken in a deparment store Can you describe the picture? | can see 2) two wornen. The blonde one isa custome and the darichaired one isa sales assistant ‘What do you think the woman bought? She right 3) have bought a pair of trainers. How is she paying? 4) By credit card How often do you go shopping? 5) Quite often Where? 6)1 go to the supermarket, the baker's, the! chemist’. ete How da you pay? ‘usually pay (in) cash, . Look at the pictures and act out similar a Reading (Gee Suggested Answers Section) Which are the three most important factors we should consider when buying a car? Choose, then compare your ist to your partners. It should: bbe economical to run be environmentally friendly be fast be efficient be cheap to buy have a powerful engine have lots of accessories run on petrol (Ss! own answers) Look at the title of the article. What could the article be about? Read and check your answers. (Ss own answers) Many of the world’s cities lie under @ permanent of smog. People are concemed about global and fuel prices just keep going up and up. I's no therefore, that in recent years, car manufacturers been put under pressure 19 invent a vehicle that is cheaper to run and better for the environment rater much tral and error, it seems as though they bbe making progress, and the future of the car ‘is beginning to look a little ‘greener’ ‘One ofthe frst ideas which car manufactorers tied, to replace engines which run on fossil fuels with ic motors. Unfortunately, these vehicles had several “Geswbacks and they didi’t sell very well. The problems “SS= that the batteries of these electric ears ran out very ‘Sekly and took a long time to recharge, Also, the ‘placement energy packs were very expensive. However, the idea of electric cars has not been “scrapped altogether. Car manufacturers have improved the ‘sencept so that environmentally friendly ears can now be and economical as well. Ths is where the hybrid ‘Ss which has both an electric motor and a traditional engine, comes in. The electric motor never needs to ‘recharged and it is much better for the planet than a ‘aiitional car. Ina hybrid car, the engine is controlled by a computer sch determines’ whether the car runs on petrol, ‘Sccticty, or both. When the ear needs maximum power, ‘Sx cxample, if itis accelerating or climbing a steep hil it Ss all ofits resources, whereas at steady speeds it runs ‘exly on petrol When slowing down or braking, the electri motor recharges its bateres Hybrid cars are better for the environment because ‘te electric motor can help out whenever its needed and ‘hey have a much smaller engine than a traditional car, ‘Abo, hybrid cars on the market are made using materials sch a5 aluminium and carbon fibre, which makes them ‘siremely light, Both of these factors mean that they use fr less petrol than normal cars, so they produce less pollution, (Of course, hybrid cars aren't perfect; they sill run on fossil fuel and 50 pollute the environment to some extent. However, they may be the first step along the road to leaner, ‘greener’ cars. Car manufacturers are already. king on vehicles which run on hydrogen. The only jon from these cars is harmless water vapour, These are stil some way in the future, though, as designers need to think of cheap and safe ways of producing, transporting and storing hydrogen, but at last, it looks like we might be "beading in the right direction, ‘FB Read the article again, For questions 1-7, choose the correct answer, A, 8, Cor D. Car manufacturers are tying to invent a new vehicle because @® today's cars produce too much posonous ges. B itis difcut to drive incites © today’ cars use too much fuel D_ theca indus isin trouble, 2 Vehicles which ran on electric motors A moved very fost 8 were made of pieces of scrap. © were nat very popular D had to have tei engines replaced 3. The electric motor in hybrid cars @® doesn't need to recharge its batteries B hasits own petol engine takes along time tobe recharged. D_ needs replacement energy packs. 4 The computer ina hybrid car A powers the engine B helps the car to go up hls © keeps the car runing at steady speed © decides how the car shouldbe powered at any aiven time 5 Hybrid cars are better for the planet because AA. they use diferent fuel to normal cars B_ they are made of specal materials: the electric motor is smaler than a normal engine © they produce less harmful gases, 6 Hybrid cars are not the ideal solution because A they produce carbon fibre B. they do not make the roads cleaner. © they aso use petrol they are made from aluminium, 7 Cars which run on hydrogen are not available yet because A iis hard to deve them inthe ight rection, it ficult 10 store hycrogen © they produce too much water vepour there iso future for them ‘Answer the questions. (Gee Suggested Answers Section) @ What was: the writers purpose? Was he/she successful? b Can you name any environmentally friendly means of transport? Which do you use? € In pairs, think of a new environmentally friendly ‘means of transport, Draw a picture and prepare an advertisement for it, stating its good points. 3p 38 16 2 Fillin the gaps Listening 15 (;,listen to the conversation between Adam and Lisa, For questions 1-7, choose the best answer, ABorc. 1. Why doesn’t Adam like using computers? A. He cuts himself. He doesn't understand them. © He always drops ther. 2. Inthe future fe wil be easier because @ everthing wil be computerised B people wil survive without computes people won't notice computers 3. Adam thinks he won't get a job in the future because ‘A. he has negative attitude, Bit will take him years to upgrade his skill © he won't be able to use the new technology. 4. People wil be able to earn more money in the future because 1A they wil work fewer hours they willbe able to do more than one job at 2 time © computes wil do their work for them. 5 Televisions will be better inthe future because A they will be more friendly 8. they will ave buttons © they willbe controlled by voice. 6 How does Adam feel when he reads about the future? ® exreively worried 8 very happy Cutty miserable 7 Lisa believes that people Awl change in the future. wal earn new ways of doing things. arescared ofthe future Communication: Handing ina missing item with drivers licence, creditcard, wallet, money. Then, in paits, read the dialogue aloud. ‘A: Good evening, officer. | just found this 41) wallet on the pavement outside the café B: Ah, Let's have a look inside. Oh dear. There's nothing with the person's name and address, not even a 2) driver’ licence. es ‘And there's quite a bit of 3) money in it. I'm sure the owner willbe looking for it B: So, you've searched the contents, have you, sit? A: Er, well, had a quick look, but | didn’t touch anything! B: Ah, here's a name ~on the 4) credit card. ‘A: Great, Do you need me to sign anything? B: Yes, you can sign this for. And you'd better leave your number, n case a reward is offered A: Good idea! b. Now use the prompts to act out similar dialogues. (see Suggested Answers Section briefcase the station /no handbag ~ bus stop / no wallet /palmtop computer/ identification / jewellery name on a business card name on an envelope Atthe garage 417 Put the exchanges in the correct order, then, in pairs, ead the dialogue aloud. A 8 [ETE]6o0d morring madam. a. Oh, that would be What can do fr you? aaa ofcourse. What'sthe Bb Oh, Iwi problem? Goodbye! [Ta] Hmm Yes, you're Wonderful Thanks fight jst pump them ever somuch eae 4. think they may There you ate You're need abit more air ready 10 oo. inthem Don't mention t! Drive © Could you deck sate! the bres please? Now use the prompts to act out a similar dialogue. check the oil/ might need changing / change it for you (See Suggested Answers Section) Writing instructions Rewrite the points in Ex. 19a in a paragraph, using appropriate linking words/phrases. A\0 (See Suagested Answers Section) — ‘When vie write instructions, we use the imperative form | ,Q)._@ Look at the instructions for taking a picture @ the verb and we usually leave out articles. The points with a digital camera and fill in the verbs. Past always be written in the cortect order one after the stber We can use numbers or ballets before each Sstuction. We usually use linking words/phrases (first, er that, then, next, finaly ete) to organise the points or Sow the order of evens, * Download * Hold * Press (X 2) « Line up * Look # Wait FR _ Look at the instructions below. Insert the missing words then try and guess what the objects. allow first * when » then (mobile phone) To charge battery: st, ingert charger plug into base with arrow facing up. 2 Then, plug charging unit into a power socket 3 Allow it to charge for 6-8 hours (you can use it ‘while itis charging) 1. Look through the view finder. 2 Line up your subject. 3 Press the shutter button halfway when the light is green, ae ere nice Uo as 4 Press the shutter all the way when the light is standby o 5 hours talking, orange, 5 Hold the camera still until it beeps. 49 2. The following instructions explain how to 6 Wait unti the light changes back to green. withdraw cash from an ATM (automatic teller 7 “Dawunidad thesimage'front thecameta machine). Put the points into the correct order. b. Look at the instructions for downloading a picture onto a computer. Make the sentences shorter, then put the points into the correct. order. (Gee Suggested Answers Section) [2] you have toslec ‘downoad! [5] Save the picture ina fe You must click the camera icon on the computer screen You mast tun onthe computer El You must connect the camera to the computer, El the screen will ask you if you want transaction ‘Yesto' "ae when the ‘menu’ screen appears, choose the option 211 Read the rubric and answer the questions. idraw cash: en x Gahan eames Salas te are ae: Yu few mich nt aperture earn Bei our Sard se ati teacher has asked you to write instructions on how to Bre machine wil oie you your money and a F take the perfect picture withdrawal sip showing a record of your transaction, BB Press the arcw key on tho skis of te seca ret a 1 What adverbs will you use to put he instructions inorder? the amount you need. - 2 What verb tenses will you use? ‘D1 ype in your personal identification number (PIN). choose no and the screen wil tel ou to take your « . Write the instructions in 40-80 words. 39 Penny Wise, Pound Foolish b. Where can you buy each of these items? What can you do with each of these items? (See Suggested Answers Section) Cross out the odd word. Which group of goods do the rest of the words belong to? 1. hammer, screwdriver, axe, aril hardware 2 table, Doak, chair, cresser furniture Vocabulary 3 ring, earrings, necklace, a jewellery 4 scBrdver bread, mest, pasta food 41a Identify the shops in the pictures. Where would 5 washing powder, beach, Bas, clesning you expect to hear the following? peptae cell pois (See Suggested Answers Section) 6 Dr, deodorant, shampoo, + Isthere 2 bracelet to match? -G toothpaste toiletries ‘+ Two loaves of rye, please. - D See cio ea lett it * Have you got this ina large? - ¢ 8 jumper, biel, coat, shirt thing * Can try on the other one? - A 9 lw, CD player, cooker, fridge electrical ‘* Could you cut it into portions, please? - B + Doyou delver?-F 4, Complete the sentences with the correct word + Are the frames included in the price? - E from the lst. * delighted » conservative * dedicated + bear * woven * budget + imported + ambitious * sentimental * genuinely 1. Unfortunately, | can't afford it because I'm on tight budget. 2 This ring might not be expensive, but it's of great sentimental value to me. 3. He's determined to succeed because he's a very ambitious man, 4. Tonys really dedicated to his career. 5. Please bear in mind that the shops will be closed ‘on Sundey, 6 Sally was delighted with the bouquet of flowers she received 7. Arita was genuinely surprised when she won fist: prize 8 Hebboughta colourful woven rug atthe flea market 9. He's 2 very conservative person who doesn't like new ideas at al 10 She couldn't find what she wanted here, so she b. What can you buy in had to have it specially imported, each shop? (See Suggested Answers Section) 5 Replace the adjectives in bold with their opposites. # modern * expensive * boring * local « fresh a. fll in the missing letters to form 2 2 i * cool «fantastic « tight ‘compound nouns, asin the example. Onde |e feompne 1. That was one of the most interesting fms | have eae machine board Ad ‘ever seen. boring 2 |high-, ted 2 We got a very warm welcome when we finally fat mik — | 7 | BOted! ater Shiro owe L mineral a5 alpen 3. This restaurant is great, if you like international hae computer pale gel laptop me ‘cuisine. local acc | 4 think her new dress looks dreadful fantastic 2 ae le rele 5 She always buys cheap clothes. expensive =i Gaemmaennemea (nner = This dish takes half an hour to cook if you use roller States feather POE frozen vegetables. fresh 40 7 My husband prefers antique funiture, modem 8 My trousers are too loose, tight @. Match the description of the clothes to the pictures below, él short-sleeved, yellow cotton dress with, white colar black suit ‘checked shirt tight white Tshirt striped cotton shorts socks Al trainers (EE) jeans b, Talk about each person's clothes. ‘A- George is wearing a blue Tshirt, striped cotton shorts, (See Suggested Answers Section) ‘Write down five items of clothing you have in your wardrobe and describe them. (Ss’ own answers) Circle the correct response, 1. A: Do you think | should get Mary @ CD for her birthday? 8: a How about that one? ® Yes, but make sure it isn’t one she's already got 2A: Let's have the party tomorrow night. 8:@ Trouble is, most people will have made other plans by now. think you should 3. A: The salesman said | couldn't exchange the shirt you bought for me 8 @ You should go back and speak to the manager. How about waiting until tomorrow? 4 A: | thought you wanted to go to the cinema tonight 8: a Anyway, ft doesn't matter to me ® 1d, but thee isn't anything good on 5 A: Which blouse do you think 1 should get, the red o the pink one? B: @ | think the red one looks better on you. Anyhow, pink doesn’t suit you 6 A: Frank’ really upset with me, | shouldn't have been so rude tori, B: a How about asking Frank about it? ® ‘You should apotosise to him, 7. A: Shall | make reservations at that new Thal restaurant? 8: a You should cal the restaurant fist. ® Touble's,ivs.a lle expensive 8 A; lve decided to take French lessons. 8: @ | think that’s @arest idea! Anyway, you ae good at languages ‘Complete the sentences with two to five words, including the words in bold. Do not change the ‘meaning of the original sentence. 1. Jane will take care of the baby while we're away. after Jane will look after the baby while we're away. 2 Your new trousers look great, they are exactly the right size. glove Your new trousers fit you lke a glove; they look great 3. The police are investigating the case, looking The police are looking into the case. 4 really appreciate all your help. grateful I'm really grateful to you for all your help. 5 | asked Carol and she sald we could wear jeans and trainers to the party, casual Carol said we could wear casual clothes to the party. 6 Jim took his suit to the dry cleaners. had Jim had his suit cleaned at the dry cleaners 7 She can think about nothing else but her career obsessed She is obsessed with her career. 8 | returned the blouse because there was 2 big mark on the back. stain | took the blouse back to the shop because it had @ big stain on the back 9. The manager refused to give me my money back, leven though the mirror was cracked, refund | couldn't get a refund for the cracked 10 Most women wear make-up because they want to look better. enhance Women usually wear make-up to enhance their appearance. 41 42 10 11 12 ‘Match the words/phrases in column A to those in column B. Then, use the phrases to complete the sentences. A B be off. under your hat lose. his shoes neither here uty off his shirt bein nor there keep it the record 1. if he keeps investing all his money in the stock market, he's going to lose his shirt. 2. He agreed to the interview only if everything he said was off the record, 3. I'm afraid Police Constable Harrison is off duty fight now. 4 think Marcia fs going to be promoted, but no one else knows, so keep it under your hat. 5 | wouldn't want to be in his shoes when his father finds out that he crashed the car, 6 She has to spend more time on her homework. ‘Whether she wants to or not, is neither here nor there, Tick the correct preposition, then make sentences using the phrases, as in the example. (See Suggested Answers Section) of [to [with [from | in proud: a dedicated Z object Z part protect take pride: occur delighted v pleased v 'm proud of my daughter She the best her class. Complete the phrasal verbs 1. | have promised to look after my neighbour's cat while she is on holiday. 2. The police let him off with a warning, 3. They looked down on him because he wasn't interested in poetry. 4. Don't rely on Larry, he'll only let you down. 5. Mary hired a private detective to look into her husband's disappearance. 6 She let out a loud scream when the mouse ren cover her foot 7. Mary had to let out her skirt because she'd gained. weight 8 After the earthquake, we had an engineer look cover the building to make sure that there was no serious damage. Speaking a. Look at the picture and complete the dialogue. ‘What can you see in the picture? 1) A woman and a girt/her daughter. What are they doing? 2) They're walking and eating ice cream, ‘What do you think they have been doing? 3) They have probably been shopping, What could they have bought? 4) They could have bought clothes or shoes. How do they feel? Why? 5) Happy and excited because they've spent the day together \What are they going to da next? 6) They're probably going home How often do you go shopping? Who with? 7) Quite often. | usualy go shopping with my friends. Bren ehrerer Per b, Look at the pictures and in pairs act out similar dialogues. (See Suggested Answers Section) Reading 14. a Look at the title ofthe article on p. 43. What do you expect to read in it? (Ss' own answers) b. Look at the star signs and in pairs suggest an appropriate gift for each. Read the article to see if your guesses were correct. (5s! own answers) 15. @ Read the article again. For questions 1-14, choose from the star signs A-F Some of the star signs may be chosen more than once. When more than one answer is required, these may be given in any order. People who were born under this star sign: oD « OD} 2 BIA] IB) SIE) (A f chines [BIA] get bored very qui would appreciate being given a be not lke old things don't really mind what you give them you wondering what to buy to make someone in your Teena ee eit M COP ea) Cee ee eee See eevee ted Serr eaten impressed with the latest piece of technology or an up: Potent sm electronic machines 1s ( an antique Wiemann eae ee eect a orny Se Rome eens ie future. If you still need ideas, don't forget that all Aquarians like original, one-of-a-kind items. Why not SU Se ee eer rac ae Sr ene Tier Nec acer meted Deets Tie NPD) CS eer ene a ny Sec rT em ese Semen eae nee iets SU Ua coe cea escent Recess tes personality, you can be sure that they will be overjoyed to See ee eRe Ue RCs nee lm. Every Piscean has an interest in the arts, and most emer here er eet ht eet SSRN ea Omer em ence ett Coes Un econ ea CS see Meee tut me Soren one Te) Seen ne Cea ore ees fs, but they are Perera and they ots of Tee eet Sem Ts Deen euro nse em neice int their gifts to reflect that. They eer eee enna Se eek on ears es Recreate ieee Serco ae ma OT eee Coc ae Conan ee Tes 7 (iE en) oD) mE] (| 'b. Where could you read such an article? Do you agree with the writer? m: do not lke receiv home are usually artistic Would lke to be given ti them eternal fame. How about havin PoE Nene Tea ceca Desire eae ey Pee their name put Cea Gemini (May 21 - June 21) a Ra ae ee ae rest in things extremely quickly. They hate nothing more than boredom. You would be wise to rememiber this when choosing a gift for your Gemini friends! A same or a eraft kit is an excellent idea for a CSU AMCs eee ene ets them at the same time, coe DoD SONS thea en ene rena up and put down whenever they feel like it! Geminis, CR See nNOS co ee ear Cs ca eee es erm et eee on ear eeecy Reena er ats Pex eL eres) There is nothing a Leo likes move than receiving gifts. It CeCe Ete tn error sae Pee ee eees er ia tees ER oem ce Sear trinkets unless they are the real thing! Leos believe that Coen ine ee Tae Per Ret be an insult to them, The king-like Leo loves to be spoil So Why not treat them like royalty and hire a limousine COSC ee Uae ene eee enor sana Desa en Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) Sea eee eee ge of lindir Pent rs senta pr Un ere er nt et tate fener trac) SSC emu op cron enemas are an excellent idea for all ages. Chemistry sets will also please young Scorpios. People born under this sign Ere ee eee nen ee ene Sen yee eer ree are Sec a Rakes cnet ert an SO oman RS Tae Peete ann cata? rein 44 Listening 16 ())You will hear a radio interview about credit ‘ards. For questions 1-8, complete the notes which summarise what the speakers say. You will need to ‘write a word or a short phrase in each box. Communication: Applying fora credit card 17 @ Fillin the gaps with: passport information, pay slip, application licence. Then, in pais, read the dialogue aloud. Customer like to apply fora credit card, please Bank Clerk: Right. I'll need some details before | can process your 1) application. Customer: Oh, | see. What do you need, then? Bonk Clerk: need to see two different forms of photo IO. Customer: OK. I've got my diving 2)licence and my 3) passport. Bank Clerk: That's fine lust make a copy of them. Customer:Do you need any other 4) information? Bank Clerk-Yes. \need your most recent 5) pay sip. Customer:On, ve got that here Bank Clerk: Great. Well, your card should be with us in about ‘ten days, We'll call you as soon asit arrives. Customer: Thank you b. Now use the prompts below to act out similar dialogues. (see Suggested Answers Section) ‘+ apply fora loan /2 form of ID and a bank statement / three most recent pay slips /loan should be granted in about two weeks + apply fora second mortgage /a form of 1D and tax statement / document showing proof of ‘ownership of house / mortgage should be ‘approved in about fifteen days At the Bank 18 * Fill in the missing phrases, then in pair, read the dialogue aloud. ‘That's fine, # Thats right. © Certainly sit. + Thank you, si A: I'd ike to deposit ths cheque into my savings account, please 8: 1) Certainly sic Do you have your bank book with you? ‘A: Oh, no. | didn’t think | would need It. 8: Wel, do you have something with your account number on it? ‘A: Erm... Let me s2e...h yes, ve got a bank statement here 8 2)That’s fine Now, ifyou could just fil out this depost sip. AA: OK. Do sign here? B: 3) That's right. And here's a receipt. A Oh, thanks: 8: 4) Thank you, sic . Now use the prompts below to act out a simil dialogue, (See Suggested Answers Secti ‘© withdraw twenty pounds / forgotten bank book / form of photo ID / passport / fil out withdrawal si Writing a first person narrative 40 ‘When we write a first person narrative, we begin with an! introduction to set the scene with information about whotwherewhen and why. The main body has two or more paragraphs describing the events in chronological ‘order. The conclusion tells what happened at the end of the story and includes feelings and comments. We normally write the story using the past tenses and a variety Of adjectives and adverbs to make it more interesting. + Analysing A Model Text 419 a. Read the story on p. 45 and underline the correct tense, + Beginnings / Endings b. Read the story again and decide which techniques have been used by the writer to startfinish the story. using the senses using direct speech / asking a thetorical question ¥ addressing the reader directly 7 {efering to one's feelings or moods ¥ describing people's reactions/eeings 7 Have you ever been really embarrassed? Well, I have. It was last week. I was at an expensive restaurant and 1 1) finished/had _just finished a delicious meal with a niew cient. While my guest was in the foyer making an important pe cl decided co pay the 12) reachedlvas reaching into a iy pocieor my eet aed bat it wasn’ there. Panicked, 3) had been -=y purse but it wasn't in there either. I emptied my ‘onto the table, but I couldnt find my credit card | 4) didn’t know/hadn’t known what to do. ‘my guest returned, I was checking my purse to see ‘enough money to pay the bill in cash. Unfortunately, -even have enough for the taxi home, So, [ went to the to call my. nea pe my Jaughing/laughed and told me to sae the company creditcard ‘ile while later a driver 6) + Adjectives Fillin the missing adjectives from the list below. * dalicious + urgent + embarrassing best + expensive 1 My most embarrassing experience was when | forgot to wear my shoes and went to work with my slippers on! 2 Ihhad to leave in the middle of the film to meke an turgent phone call 3 That was the most delicious meal | have ever had. | wish I could cook as well as you do, 4 My husband bought me an expensive pair of earrings for my birthday. 5 | think that a one year membership at that new gym isthe best present for Angela + Linkers 211 Join the sentences below using the words in bold (See Suggested Answers Section) 1. My guest was making @ phone call. | decided to pay the bil while 2 He heard my problem. He laughed and told me to wait for him, when 3. Luckiy, the shops were stil open. | took the bus into tow and went back to the shop, so Embarrassing Experience 4. Mr Lewis was very relieved that | had found his briefcase. His credit cards and personal identification were inside because 5 | gave it to my daughter. She said it was what she'd always wanted and + Discuss & Write 22. Read the newspaper article below, then put the sentences that follow in the correct order. a SUITH TURNS. ss ite ne Saat INTO GOLD eee hc Saturday afternoon Smith bought a £10 ‘silver bracelet for her aicce’s birthday and manager of the jewelry shop, was so grateful wien she retuned them that he gave her a £500 old bracelet. Her nivce, away with £5000 Jemy Poe, ud it wes rir of gold and diamond the best present she had ings. "The sales girl ever had! The sales git made a mistake [5] The manager gave her a gold bracelet worth £500 Mrs Smith’ riece had wonderful birthday present [2 nas Smith let te toe witha £5,000 pai of earings. [El mis smith went tothe jewellery shop [5] ms Smith returned the earings, [Zl Mrs smith bought a bracelet werth £10 a. Read the rubric and answer the questions in the plan. (See Suggested Answers Section) § Your local newspaper's holding a short story competition and you have decided to enter. Your story ‘ust start with the words "Have you ever had a really F wonderful surprise?® i Introduction (Para 1) 23 WhortWhat is the story about? Where/When did it take place? Main Body (Paras 2-3) What happened firstnext ete? What wos the climax? Conclusion (Para 4) What happened in the end? How did you ‘feel? What are your comments or reactions? '. Write your story in 120-180 words. Use the story in Ex. 19 as a model. (See Suggested Answers Section) You Are What Vocabulary ‘a, What can you see in the picture? Identify the foods and complete the table. (See Suggested Answers Section) meat & poultry: dairy products: fish: shellfish: fruit: vegetables: cauliflower other: b. Add three more foods to each category. (ee Suggested Answers Section) c. How often do you eat these foods? (Ss! own answers) 46 2 a. Fillin the table below to show how these food ‘can be cooked, Then, ask and answer, as in the example, (See Suggested Answers Section ‘scrambled | fish oi {| boiled [scrambled | roa: chicken {=¥ [exe ‘A: How do you lke your chicken cooked? B: Ipreferitgriled. ‘A: Doyou?ldont: prefer roasted chicken b. What do you like to put on your food? Ask and: answer as in the example. (5s' ov ans «salt * pepper * mustard « ketchup «oil vinegs ‘> Vike to put ketchup on my chs. 8: -Metoo, but sometimes like salt and vinegar instead. Replace the words in bold with words from below, asin the example. Some words can be used more. than once, ‘slice jar * piece * cup * loaf « packet ‘tube «bottle Can | have some bread? a slice/loafof Would you like some cake? a slce/piece of Do you have any toothpaste? a tube of Can | get you some coffee? a cup of Could you get some spaghetti from the supermark a packet of | thought we had some coke in the fridge. a bottle of 7. Dowe need any jam? a jar of 8 Would you like some cheese in your sandwich? alice of wauns Complete the sentences using the words below. ‘accompanied * alert * guarantee * peak * flexibl * boost + absorb « unprocessed vital « stock up 1. Itisvital to eat a balanced diet and exercise reghlary if you want to stay fit and healthy. 2. Ben likes to eat something sweet to boost hi ‘energy levels inthe late afternoon. 3. A good review will quarantee that the restauranl willbe a success. 4 She likes to have a cup of milk accompanied by piece of cake when she cores home from school 5 Make sure that you stock up with enough food fd the trip before you set sail 6 It's best to exercise when your energy level is at it peak. The body can absorb certain sugars very quickly Unprocessed carbohydrates contained in fruit and grains are essential toa healthy diet. 9. Some people drink coffee to help them stay alert. 10 if you warm up before you exercise, your muscles wil be more flexible. 5 2. Match the pictures (1-9) to the Starters, Main Courses and Desserts (A-\) in the menu below. ‘Then act out dialogues, as in the example. (See Suggested Answers Section) EID] spachetti bo ’ Bolognese and garic bread ELE Seimon steak wth rice and green teens Steak ith baked potato and broceoy, i BEI chocolate cake ‘A: Good afternoon, May take your order? ‘: Yesplease. like the tortla chips and dip, followed by the spaghetti AA: And what would you ike for dessert? 2: think the ce cream sunde. 'b, Which of these foods are: sweet? salty? sour? bitter? spicy? creamy? juicy? (See Suggested Ansivers Section) Circle the correct response. 1. A: We are going camping in the South of France Would you ike to jon us? B:@ Thanks for asking, but 'm not very keen on camping b Its.a great way to get closer to nature, 2A: Hey, welcome back. How was your trip to Singapore? B:@ It was ternibly disappointing ® | wouldn't waste my time 3. A: My sister is coming over for dinner tonight Why don't you join us? B: a. | suppose so ® Fa love to, but 'm afraid I can't 4. A: What did you think ofthe new Brad Pits fin? 8:@ You've got 1 see it! ® Its well worth a vist 5. A: Weare ll going out after wotk. Do you fancy coming? 8: a No, | don't want to do that. ® why not? 6 A We're thinking of getting a microwave oven Do you think i's worth it? 8: a You must try it ss easy @ Wes arst for cooking meas quick 7 A: Are you going to Tony's New Year's Eve party? 8: @ | suppose so B Sorry | can't remember. 8 A: Why don't you come over on Sunday? You cen help me clean out the atic 8:@ Thanks, but Id rather not. ® I'd love to, thank you very much for inviting Tick the correct preposition, then make sentences using the phrases, as in the example. on [to | from] in | for rey i recover Z reply rich ready refrain Z You can rely on me for the help you need, 47 48 Complete the sentences with two to five words, including the words in bold. Do not change the ‘meaning of the original sentence. 1. [fell asieep halfway through the film because it ‘was so boring. nodded The film wasso boring that | nodded off halfway through. 2 | thought Tina was married. under wes under the impression that Tina was married. 3 It is very important to make sure that you are getting the necessary vitamins and minerals when you are on a diet, vital ‘Making sure you are getting the necessary vitamins and minerals ‘sof vital importance on a diet. 4 A healthy diet and regular exercise will Help you. stay fit and lose weight. accompanied A healthy diet accompanied by regular exercise will help you stay fit and lose weight. 5 Watch out for pickpockets when you use public transport alert You should always be on the alert for pickpockets when you use public ‘transport. 6 The phone rang just as | was about to leave the house. point Iwas on the point of leaving the house when the phone rang. 7 Your neighbours are so noisy! | don’t know how you can live here put {don’t know how you can put up with your noisy neighbours. & To be a good driver you should concentrate on what you are doing and be able to react quickly if something unexpected happens. reflexes You need fast reflexes, as well as great concentration to be a good driver: ‘Match the words/phrases in the two columns. Then, use the phrases to complete the sentences. the good. potato of cake under all odds a drop. beans a piece. control fullof in the ocean ‘old days against’ off 10 e's a professional chef, 50 preparing everything) for the dinner party wil be a piece of cake for him: 2. Don't put off teling your parents that you broke the window; they are going to find out sooner of later 3. | don't know why my grandparents keep going on ‘about the good old days. I think life isa lot easier now than it was 60 years ago. 4 The police arrived and soon had the situation under control 5 The children were full of beans after their long sleep. 6 His donation is a drop in the ocean compared to} the amount that is needed to feed the poor. 77 When the lawyer saw that her client was not to bel ‘rusted, she dropped him like a hot potato & Against all adds, he managed to finish his ne novel Speaking a. Look at the picture and complete the dialogue. ‘A: Where do you think the picture was taken? B: 1)Ata birthday party/n a house. A: Can you describe it? B: 2) Two girls and a boy are eagerly waiting to 8 served a piece of cake ‘A: What do you think they are celebrating? B: 3) Someone's birthday A: What are they eating? B: 4) Birthday cake |A: How do you celebrate your birthday? B: 5)! invite my friends over and we have fun. ‘A: What food do you usually serve? 8: 6) Sandwiches, pizza, crisps, sweets and of cour cake Look at the pictures and in paits, act out simi dialogues. (See Suggested Answers Sectia Reading ® Read the title of the artide. What do you expect to read in the article? What illnesses isan overweight person likely to ‘suffer from? (Ss' own answers) ‘You ate going to read an article about a woman named Kathy. Five paragraphs have been removed from the article. Choose from the paragraphs A~G the one which best fits ‘each gap 1-5. There is one paragraph which you do not need to use. Theres an example (0) at the beginning. > > ‘is on a special diet. She Weighs 45kg and weight is SOkg, Very few people try ‘on weight, but Kathy has a very good for eating more. She is recovering from disease known as anorexia, bok those words to heartand began a diet which would las Tor ext twenty years of her life. She quickly lost a lot of weight and fo look too thin. Her mother was very worried and took her 10 doctor. "In those days, anorexia was not taken seriously,” says “The doctor just told me to go home and eat plenty of big Sling dida’t work out for Kathy, s0, atthe age of eighteen, he the police force. She continued to lose even more weight Sse0n her friends began to ask her if she was il. "I thought they alous of me for being so thin,” she smiles sadly, "but actually ed awful.” she was twenty-three, Kathy married an engineer named a. They had two children, David, who is now twelve, and sine, who is ten. "Tate normally while I was pregnant,” Kathy “but as soon as the babies were born, I started starving myself = Soon she was down to pitt one day, Kathy read a magazine arte It was about a young woman who had died of cancer, "I aly realised that I had everything I could ask for and I was ng it all away. While other people were fighting for their 1. was Killing myself with my eating disorder." as had a very good response from her talks, although Wr upsets shat many teenagers seem to believe that itis attractive to be erously thin. The fascination with celebrities and their weight issue that she feels very strongly about. "Thelieve that there is between media images and eating disorders. It makes me ‘that the media only shows the positive side of thinness." 5 C cathy and her family are relieved and happy that she has managed to overcome her problem and now her main ambition is to prevent others from going through the same nightmare. " am very lucky," she says. "A Tot of people never recover from anorexia. Now, if I can save just ‘one person from the horrors of ating disorders, it will make my ‘experience seem worthwhile.” ‘When Kathy left schoo! later that year, she began @ modelling course. Unfortunately, this only made her problem worse. "Modelling was possibly the worst career | ‘could have chosen," she admits, “1 was surrounded by girls who were even thinner than me, and it made me fee! terrible. Kathy was stil living at home with her family, s0 she found it difficult to go without food. Instead, she would eat and then make herself sick straight afterwards. "I realised that it was wrong,” she says. "I didn't know what ‘anorexia or bulimia were, but knew that | had @ problem. The trouble was | couldn't stop." She feels that magazines not only fail to inform their readers about how celebrities stay 0 fashionably slim but also about the risks of excessive dieting. “I want children to understand that their health is more important than trying to conform to a certain image,” said Kathy. ‘All ever ate was salad and apples," Kathy ‘admits. “I drank water and black coffee and! Used to run up and down the stair burn off the few calories | gained." though her bones showed through her skin ‘and she was dangerously underweight, Kathy stl believed that she was fat, Kathy/s problens began when she was sixteen years old. She had always been conscious of her figure, but had never thought of lating Until one summers day at school. As she sat cna low wallin the playground enjoying an ice cream from the school canteen, a teacher jokingly told her that she would get fet if she ate too many sweets. Thanks to the good advice her doctor gave her, Kathy was able to recover from her illness. She began eating heelthy meals and stopped weighing herself. Soon she had put ‘on ten kilos and was beginning to look lke 2 healthy human being again. ‘At that vey moment, Kathy made up her mind t0-get over her illness. She gave up exercising, stopped making herself sick and started writing a book about her experiences. She aso gave a talk on eating disorders at her chiens school teas such a success that she was invited to vist other schools around the country, Read the article again. What role did advertising and career play in Kathy's obsession with her weight? What advice would you give to those suffering from anorexia? (Gee Suggested Answers Section) 49 Listening 42. (You will hear a radio interview with a scientist ‘who is talking about genetically engineered food. For questions 1=6, mark the sentences as T(true) or F(false) 1. Dr Stevens thinks that genetically engineered foods have several advantages. T 2 Inthe US, 50% ofall corn crops are genetically engineered F 3. Corn can be altered to produce a poison which kilscaterpilars T 4 Killing caterpillars could put other animals in danger. T 5. The only advantage of genetic engineering is that it makes farmers richer. F 6 Genetic engineering could stop people from going hungry T Communication: Shopping 43. @ Match the exchanges. Then in pairs, read the dialogue aloud. Good afternoon What can | get cought in fresh ist this morning, . Now use the prompts to act out a similar dialogue, _(See Suggested Answers Section) © mince/ half a kilo/ £2.10 a kilo ‘© lamb chops /a kilo / £3.50 kilo © steak / two kilos / £4.70 a kilo Booking a catering company 414 @. Fill n the gaps with: snacks, services, menu, bookings. Then in pairs, read the dialogue aloud. Caterer: Hello, Cathy's Caterers. How can | help you? Woman: Oh, hello. Id like to book your 1) services for daughter's party. Caterer: When will you be holding the party? Woman: On 25th June Caterer: That's fine. We don't have any other 2) bookings for ‘that day, Now, how many guests will be attending? Woman: Around 50, | think. Most of them will be quit young. We've hited a magician to keep the children amused. Caterer: Sounds ike they won't want to sit down to eat. Woman: t's small party; 3) snacks on trays is what | had i mind Caterer: OK, I'm sure we can come up with somethis special. send you a 4) menu taday and then you can por in next week to discuss the details Woman: That's great. Thanks. Now use the prompts to act out a similar dialogue. (See Suggested Answers Secti ‘© golden anniversary party /30th May / around 100 Quests / all ages / hired a band /ots of dancing / stand-up buffet meal Whiting letters of complaint = \\ (When we write a letter of complaint, we use a formal style We begin the letter with Dear Sir/Madam. in the first paragraph, we state our reason for writing. In the second, third and fourth paragraphs, we state our complaints and ‘ive justifications, We start a new paragraph for each point we want to complain about. In the last paragraph, we ‘suggest the action which we think should be taken. We end the letter with Yours faithfully, and our full name. * Analysing a Model Text b. Rewrite the following mild complaints as strong complaints. (see Suggested Answers Section) 2, Read the letter and underline the correct linking ‘words. Then, state the topic of each paragraph. 1. feel 1 must complain about bee igigestad Answers Section) 2 | suggest that you improve your standards. 3 All in all, the whole experience was somewhat a unsetifocon, es 4m afraid t say that the sevice was not as good 25 might be exoectea — ve . 5 If things do not improve in the future, I'm afraid | may be forced to take my business elsewhere, : | one « + Analysing the Rubric 117 @ Read the rubric below and underline the key words. owhas.ameal ina restaurant. However you didnot nla yourmeal de toa number of problems Write 2 letter of complaint tothe manaaer ofthe resturant . Read and match the complaints to the as justifications. you can imagine, Fecewed and Iwill certainly NOt ceeiln [1ICIsalad was not fresh. Vegetables had not been ‘washed [ZTE Apple pie was stale and dry. [BIA)steak was tough and chewy. Justifications ‘A When | complained, the waiter brought me another . Read the letter again and replace the highlighted steak which was as bad asthe fist one. phrases with alternative ones. 8 Waiter claimed that it had been freshly made that (See Suggested Answers Section) morning, + style ‘C Found pieces of dirt on the lettuce leaves. 46 2. Study the complaints below and match the mild + Discuss & Write complaints to the strong ones with the same meaning. 8 Use the information in Ex. 17, as well asthe plan below, to write your letter of complaint (120-180 Eta words). You can use the leter in Ex. 15a as a | am writing in connection with model [ZIe]| believe | maybe entitled toa (See Suggested Answers Section) [Ele] he treatment we received was a ite dsappointing ZTE hope that you wil try to [515] in addition to this, Dear Sir/Mat 1am afraid that | probably will not Introduction (Para) Why are you writing the letter? Strong complaints Main Body ‘2. | was extremely upset by the service we received (Paras 2-4) What are your complaints and justifications? b Tomake matters worse, ¢ | am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction Conclusion with: (Para 5) What action do you suggest should be taken? I can assure you that | will not Yours faithfully demand a Your full name | strongly recommend that you 51 1 52 Every Man to his Taste Vocabulary ‘a, Look at the pictures and label the sports! activities, as in the example. 'b. How do you feel about the activities above? Use the expressions: lam keen on, /don'tfancy | hate etc, a5 in the example. You can add your own ideas. (Gs' own answers) [dont fancy collecting stamps. 2. Complete the sentences using the words in the list. ‘lunacy * nerve-racking * instinct * elation + altitude © interpretation * steadied » torrents * paddles « high-risk 1. He always paddles his canoe carefully along the dangerous river 2. Some people think that doing extreme sports is sheer lunacy, 3. His survival instinct keeps him safe even in the ‘most dangerous situations. 4 Torrents of water gushed into the river. 5 It was the most nerve-racking experience I've ever had! She has never been at such a high altitude before) I think she's going to faint. 7. feel a sense of elation whenever | do somethin well 8 His interpretation of the problem is quite affere 9 He steadied himself at the top of the ski slo before pushing himself off 10. Extreme kayaking is 2 high-risk sport Label the pictures, then use the prompts to make up sentences as in the example. (See Suggested Answers Section «bow © arrow * racquet ® shuttlecock + clubs « bal ‘skateboard » bat * ball Cathey) Chadminton) 07 (Cseeboaring >) Youneedabowand ‘arrow to do archer. 4 Circle the correct response. 1 > Excuse me, waiter, Could you bing us the bill please? 8: @ Certainky sie b Let me see 2. Ay Would itbe OK ifSharon stayed for dinner? Ba That would be right @® ofcourse 3. A: Would you mind if came in late tomorow? | have to go to the bank. 8: a Udratheryouwent ® Actual | need you tocomein eal 4. A; Would you mind if opened the window? B: @ Id rather you didn’t Actually | di. 5A: Would it be OK if | borrowed your new CD player? 8: @) Sorry be using it I'm afraid fm not. 4. Identify the sports in the pictures. Then match them to the speech bubbles. Sometimes it can be a little frustrating, wher your ball lands in a bunker, a bush or a pond. Generally though, its @ very relaxing way to spend an afternoon. golf ‘When things get difficult you have to focus on the ‘Summit and picture yourself standing there. Then -zeything is possible. mountain climbing [STA] t's all about team work. There's no point in having a] the best goalscorer in the league if the defence isn't playing wel. f we're going to win a big match, then every player needs to do their bit. football {'m tall and I'm a good jumper and shooter but that isn’t enough for me. | don't want to be good player, | want to be the best, the: next Michael Jordan, nothing else will do. basketball 'b. Use the adjectives below to make up sentences, as in the example. (Gee Suggested Answers Section) ambitious « determined co-operative © patient You need to be co-operative to play football Tick the correct preposition, then make sentences using the phrases, asin the example. (See Suggested Answers Section) ‘He was sentenced to two months in prison. Match column A to column B, then use the completed phrases to complete the sentences. A 8 run rain of shine come: the wind out of one's sails second shave close off one’s feet hit: the road take tonone 1. We'd better hit the road soon if we want to get there on time. 2. There were so many customers in the shop that. ‘the sales assistants were run off ther feet, 3 When Jane lost her job, it really took the wind out oF her sails 4° Every Sunday we go to the beach, come rain or shine. 5 Your mum makes the best desserts, her lemon tart is second to none. 6 had a really close shave on the way over here; a car nearly ran me over as | was crossing the road, Complete the sentences with two to five words, including the words in bold. Do not change the meaning of the original sentence, 1. | find that | get moie tired looking after the children than | do working in an office. exhausting | find looking after the children a lot more exhausting than working in an office 2. You mustn't give up, things will get better soon. towel Don't throw in the towel, things will get better soon. 3 Linda didn’t take long to get used to her new job, ropes It didn’t take Linda long to learn the ropes at her new job. 4. Visiting the Eifel Tower was the mast exciting part of my trip to Paris, highlight The highlight of my trip to Paris was Visiting the Eifel Tower. 5 Most of my relatives were in the entertainment business, so acting came naturally to me. blood Acting was in my blood because most of my relatives were in the entertainment business 6 Joe always cheers me up whenever | get depressed as he's got such a postive attitude, ‘ ‘optimistic _Jce is so optimistic that he manages to ‘cheer me up whenever I get depressed. 33: 10 11 54 Read the following review and fill in the missing words. * soundtrack « classic « stars © perforrnances * novel ® screen * Office « character nity to catch High Fly, ased on the best-selling nove in advance by calling our box 8) office on 350 467. There will be showings at 8.30pm and (00pm on both Saturday and Fill in the missing verbs to complete the sentences. 1. Weall went to the airport so that we could see Joe off, 2. The police caught the bank robbers running away from the scene of the crime, 3. John set up his own business when he was 30. 4 Many birds fly south before winter sets in 5 They've decided to set aside some money so that they can buy anew car. 6 We_an into Gordon at the shopping mall Filn the correct word, then make sentences using the phrases. (See Suggested Answers Section) * sporting « smash-hit « national * phone ® present magic 1. phone message 4 smash-hit tunes 2 topresent a 5 magic trick prize 6 sporting event 3 national anthem in: win, gan or earn ‘Lwin a prize; 2 gain experience; an election, 4 gain weight; 5 win a war; 6 gain control; 7 eam praise; 8 eam a living Speaking 413. @ Look at the picture and complete the dialogue. 414, 2 Look at the title of the article and the picture. 11) What's the person in the cea e him, I'd feel 3) very 14) ever been bun Look at the pictures and in pairs act out similar dialogues. (See Suggested Answers Sectio Reading What does Tony do? What kind of treasure do you think he seeks? Read the article and check your guesses, (S3' own answers) b. Read the article again. Seven sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-H the one which best fits each ‘gap 1-6. There is one sentence which you do not need to use. There is an example (0) at the beginning. ] TONY THE TREASURE SEEKER ‘Tony McKenzie has a rather unusual hobby. Every ‘Ssturday and Sunday, he gets up at six o'clock in the “semning, packs some sandwiches and a flask of tea into a ‘and heads out to the fields behind his house with favourite toy —a metal detector. ought hhim the metal detector for his fortieth ay," says his wife Carol. "He had always wanted one, sve never realised he would use it as much as he does!” eo of us find it difficult to understand how wandering, ‘n a muddy field for hours on end can possibly be sable, but Tony says that there is nothing he would do, He doesn't like football or fishing, but when he sand about with his metal detector, he feels as though else matters TTC] "He usually finds sly litle things, like tin cans Pieces of machinery," laughs Carol. "Whatever he he brings home, cleans, and keeps in a special box he has in the garage, The children think he is crazy.” , Tony's family may now have to admit that his is not quite so silly after all. After years of ring worthless items, Tony has finally achieved treasure seekers dream and found something rather buried in the ground. His great discovery was a figure of a horse which may be worth thousands of never forget the day I found my first piece of real smiles Tony. "T was in a field ['d never been to 2 [F | Then, just as Twas about to give up and ome, Tpieed up a signal” immediately felt very excited and began digging in damp earth, Suddenly, he saw a tiny metal shape, ‘mud. "When I scraped off the dirt, I could see it was a tiny horse,’ says Tony. "It was beautifully ‘sade and looked very old. I didn’t want to get my hopes A lended up with about £30,000, which is tila big windfall for me B Even Tony's wildest dreams could not have prepared him for the truth, though, So, what kind of ‘treasure’ does Tony find on his expeditions to the local countryside? D He spends every weekend searching for buried ‘veasure, whatever the weather, E Tonys children used to wish that their dad would Give up his strange hobby. F I'd been searching all day, but the only things I'd managed to dig up were a few bits of rubbish up, but I felt sure it must be valuable.” 3 [8] "When took it to the museum to have it valued, T got a huge surprise,” he laughs. ‘I would have been ‘overjoyed if the figure had been worth a hundred pounds, ‘0r 50, [never imagined for a minute that it would be valued ‘at over £60,000. That’ like a lottery win! It's unbelievable! 4 [H] Nothing as old or as well-preserved has been Toundiin Britain before, because most statues ftom around that time were destroyed back in the 16th century. ‘Tony took the statue to the British Museum in London, where historians were amazed to see such a rare artefact in such good condition. The British Museum decided to purchase the statue from Tony and display it to the public. ‘What does Tony plan to do with his new-found wealth? "Well, actually, Tm not as rich as you might think,” he chuckles. "When a piece of treasure is dug up on someone else’ land, half of the value goes to the person who found it, and the other half goes to the landowner. [5 | A] I'm planning to buy Carol a new car and take the family on a ‘wonderful holiday.” ‘Will Tony be taking the metal detector away with him? "No "way!" says Carol, "We won't be teasing him as much about his hobby anymore, but I will insist that we have a holiday from it for a while and spend some time together as a family, Mind you, I think the children will be more keen to keep Tony company on his weekend treasure hunts now that they've seen that they ean be fruitful!" ‘Tony doesn't think that he will ever find: anything as amazing as the litte horse — gain, but this hasn't stopped hhim from enjoying Saturdays and Sundays with his metal detector. "It’s not about ‘money for me,’ he says." [6 |G TU never give up my hobby because it gives me hours of pleasure. You can't puta price on that! 1 just love finding things, no matter what their value might be. H_ The experts wino valued Tony find, told him that, it was a very precious 12th century statue which had great historical importance. Answer the questions. (See Suggested Answers Section) 1. How does Tony feel about his hobby? Why? 2. What do you think about his hobby? How much does it match your personality? 3. Name some other unusual hobbies. 55. Listening 15 (You will hear five people talking about extreme sports. For speakers 1-5, choose from the list A~F ‘which statement applies to which speaker. There is ‘one extra letter which you do not need to use. Which speaker A. prefers not to be part of 2 Speaker [TIC] team? Speaker (21E] B has been injured? Speaker ro longer participates? speaker [215] has been filmed doing an Speaker extreme sport? likes to enter competitions? only asks close fiends to be on Communication: At the Doctor's 416 2 Match column A to column B, then in pairs act ‘out the dialogue. A 8 Now, then, What a Is ita bad break? seers to be the b OK. Thank you problem? doctor. (la) Hmm... let's have ¢ Myarm hurts terribly. a look at you. Yes, { think I've broken it. Ithink you're right. dh, alright. And what (Bid) We can’t be sure will happen after until we get it X: that? rayed. I'll ask the nurse to take you down to the Xray room now. ‘Well, then you'll come back here and I'l put your arm in plaster for you b. Now use the prompts to act out similar dialogues. (See Suggested Answers Section) ‘© ankle /sprained it © wrist / fractured it Joining a Club 17. Fill nthe missing sentences, then in pairs, read the dialogue aloud, + By the way, do you have a professional available for lessons? + And how much does membership cost? ‘And what does that include? 56 ‘Man: Hello. We're interested in joining the golf club. C: you tell us what we have to do, please? Receptionist: Well, you pay a joining fee and then there an additional annual charge. ‘Man: 1) And what does that include? Receptionist: Dally access to the club, your own locker, pi ‘the use of the other facilities such a5 spa, sauna and café ‘Man:2) And how much does membership cost? Receptionist: Is all in this brochure. Why don’t you ha look and think about it? Man: Thank you, that’s a good idea. 3) By the way, you have a professional available for lessons? Neither Us have ever played golf before. Receptionist: We do have tutors, but there is an ext charge for lessons. You can read about that in t brochure, too, ‘Man: Great. Thank you for your help. b. Use the prompts to act out a similar dialogue. (See Suggested Answers Section join gym / pay joining fee / additional monthly fee / access toll the equipment, including pool and Jacuzzi trainers? extra charge for training sessions Writing anews report A When we write 2 news report, we always give ita short, eye-catching headline, In the introduction, which summarises the event, we give information about the: time, place and people involved. In the main body, consisting of two or more paragraphs, we describe the event in more detail, including information about the incidents and people involved. In the conclusion, we write people's comments on the event andlor action(s) to be taken, The language we use in news reports is descriptive with frequent use of the passive voice. + Analysing a Model Text Read the news report below and put the paragraphs in the correct order. injured in a collision at the ‘ef Main Street and Green Road in Riverton late ‘Mortis was on his way to meet friends in a Jhon the accident happened. Hes sid tobe the minibus exaped unharmed, but has been dangerous driving, read the news report again and choose the st suitable headline. “A Dangerous Driver Injured © Accident at Main and Green "© Poor Street Lighting * Direct/Reported Speech + Underline the reported speech in the news ‘report in Ex. 18, then rewrite the sentences as direct speech. (See Suggested Answers Section) 1. Change the direct speech below into reported speech. (See Suggested Answers Section) J “The boys are lucky to be alive. They behaved very, bravely" said the policeman, 2 "The fire could have been prevented. People should bbe much more careful,” said the fire fighter. 3 “lam very grateful to the police for all their help. They have been wonderful,” said Mrs Willi 4 “| would like to give the children a reward, | ‘thought | would never see my cat again," said Miss Carter 5 “That necklace is worth a fortune. | am sa glad it ‘was found in one piece,” said Lady Hamilton. 6 "These men belong behind bars, They have caused ‘an unbelievable amount of damage," said the policeman, ee + Headlines 211. Read the extracts from the news reports and match them to the headlines. There is one extra headline which you do not need to use, Factory Goes Up in Flames Missing Jewels Found Local Shopkeeper Wins Lottery Clever Burglars Arrested at Last ie ve 7 al eng ak sin a) winning ‘over £60,000 in the National Lottery draw. Me va who runs Werner's Hardware in Field Road, Barton, was stunned when pie ei come “uP on the screen } fie ak ié broke out last right at a factory in Tes ae several thousand pounds worth of damage. The fire was believed to have started when an overheated piece of machinery set light to a pile of rubbish Oe ™ [ED] A diamond necklace belonging to Lady Hamilton of ‘Wrexham Manor was recovered yesterday morning by ‘wo young children. Jamie Harper, 6, and Lucy Newton, 7, were playing in a field near their home when they uncovered the £5,000 piece of jewellery... NN + Discuss & Write 22 @ Read the rubric and answer the questions in the plan. (See Suggested Answers Section) {J You are a reporter at your local newspaper. You have bbeen asked to write a news report for the missing headline in Ex 21 ane Headline Introduction (Para) What happened? When and where did it happen? Main Body {Paras 2-3) What other information should you tll the reader about the incident/people involved? Conclusion (Para 4) What comments were made about the Incident? What future ation will be taken? b. Write a news report for the missing headline in 120-180 words using the plan and the text in Ex, 18 as a model. (See Suggested Answers Section) 57 Spread the News Vocabulary 42 Complete the headlines with the correct word. 20 people feared missing or dead after massive earthquake in LA Hurricane causes severe damage to coastal areas in Hawaii. Roads tum i Southern Tat tivers in | Local residents forced to eons. mor | abandon thelr homes as volcano erupts on ‘Montserrat. b. npairs, use the headlines to ask and answer, a in the example. (See Suggested Answers Section) ‘Av Did youheor about the hurricane in Hawai? No, what happened? ‘As The paper says it caused severe damage to coastal areas 2. ross out the odd word. 1. flood: bank -Be¢=rher- rain volcano: eruption - evacuation wx - mountain car accident: colide - vs pileup - motorway 44 arson: flames - fire— w3x@s — smoke 58 a. The people below are reading the newspaper. international news The World Health Organisation will hold a rmeating to discuss the effects of tobacco (on public health, “The recent increase in oll prices has had a negative effect on the Manchester United won the FA Cup. What section are they reading: entertainment? business? sports? local news? horoscopes? international news? entertainment This is defintely ‘one of the best films to come out of Hollywood ths year “Anew sports ‘and entertainment ‘complex is to be built next ‘to Brentwood shopping stock market ‘Gemini: Not 2 ‘good day to make a financial investment. You will hear from an old friend, but do not mistake friendship for romance: b. Name three more newspaper sections. Classifieds, Travel, Food Replace the words in bold with the words below. + ending * script + plot + enjoyable » cast 1. The written version of the film wes excellent 2. The film had a poor finish. ending 3. The people who acted in the film gave of performances. cast 4. The story was rather complicated and hard to fli plot 5 The flm was certainly something we all li enjoyable Tick the correct preposition, then make sentences using the phrases, asin the example. (See Suggested Answers [about | to | of (vere [wory | capabie Z get used 7. vais = exchange | Wilyou vote for mein the meeting? Fill n the correct word vouch * after * download * ears * bring « cut showed » compromise + valid Knew who to vote for in the next election. ‘bring out the best in her. after his father. They are both talented was forced to take a cut in pay. ‘eated for over an hour but Janet never wp. icket is valid for six matinee performances [to download these files onto my lastop. ‘eace talks went on for three days before a could be reached known Bill for many years, so | can vouch for honesty When | told him about my idea to start a busines, evs al ars the correct word. Fe was offered a job at the local fast food ‘sSstaurant, but he turned his nose up/down at it. “She had only been working at the hotel for two '22)5 50 she was still wet behind the eyes/ears. ‘She insisted on buying a designer wedding dress, so ‘Per father had to pay throughvin the nose for it ‘She was walking past the jewellers shop when a Stunning diamond bracelet cauaht/glimpsed her Se. My passport is only valid/correct for ten years, ‘hen | have to get it renewed would like a job which involves travel but, on the ‘other hand/side, | wouldn't want to be away from ‘ny children ‘That was espedally/undoubtedly the best film we've over seen, Just because he graduated from university, he thinks he can look/see down his nose at the rest of us. ‘Gircle the correct response. 1A Ive got the most amazing news. Ive ust been accepted into medical school! B: a Are you sure? ® Realy? that's wonderful! 2 A: You'linever believe who came round yesterday! 8: @) Tell me. BI won't tell a soul 3 A: Did you hear that Frenk is moving to Canada? 8:@ Are you sure? b That's fine. 10 4. Guess what! ts a holiday tomar so we dont have schoo. 8: a Thats fine © No, realy? 5A: Don't tll anyone tod you, but im s going to ask Liz to marry him. 8: @ | won't tella soul b Noproblem, 6 A; I'msorytimso tte 8: a Tellme ® Noprobiem. 7 As We'll meet outside the cinema B: @ Okay. See you there, Thats fine. Where? 8 A: I'mcalling about the party on Saturday. B: a Great! Where shall we go? @® ‘msonry can't make it. ‘Match the words in column A to the words in column B, then use the expressions to complete ‘the sentences. A B special used to latest than meets the eye get the market there's more to it news on effects 1. The new computer game will be on the market in June, 2. The special effects in Star Wars were amazing. 3 I'm afraid you'll just have to get used to the new layout 4 | always read the morning paper to keep up with the latest news 5. The whole story is very strange. | think there's ‘more to it than meets the eye. Complete the sentences with two to five words, including the word in bold. Do not change the meaning of the original sentence. 1 Many experts say that electronic books will be Used much more in the future. Predicting Experts are predicting that more and more people will use electronic books in the future 2 In the future, the Internet will provide for the needs of more users than ever before cater In the future, the Intemet will cater for more users than ever before. 5B They will have to think of a way to solve the problem soon. come They will have to come Up with 3 ‘way to solve the problem soon. The number of people working at the company has been cut in half since February halved The number of people working at ‘the company has been halved since February To many people, this means that a new type of computer game is coming arrival To many people, this means the artival of a new type of computer game. Electronic publishing is an industry that is growing very fast at the moment. booming Electronic publishing is a booming industry at the present time, Would you like to replace your newspaper with a computer screen? exchange Would you like to exchange your newspaper for a computer screen? Speaking ee 60 BP ereEee Look at the picture and complete the dialogue, Where 1) was the picture taken? Ie might be in 2) a village or in the suburbs. What 3) can you see in the picture? ‘can see trees. One tree 4) has fallen over How di it §) fal? 6) It might have been lightning or 2 tornado. Have you ever experienced 7) a tornado? 8) Yes, | have No, | haven't b. Look at the picture and in pairs act out a simil dialogue (See Suggested Answers Secta Reading 12. @ Inpaits, think of words related to the circus ‘Compare your list to that of another pair. (Gee Suggested Answers Sect b, Look at the subheadings and think of two questions you would like to ask about each circus. Read the article and see if you can answer them. (See Suggested Ansivers Sectia 43 2 Read the article again. For questions 1-13, choose from the circuses A-D. Each circus may bbe chosen more than once. When more than. ‘one answer is required, these may be given in any order, According to the article which circus(es) includes cultural elements from its home country in its shows? has been run by the same family for many years? has performers which can be hired for special occasions? are run for a good cause? ‘organises many different circus shows at once? doesn't have professional performers? include comedy in their shows? has toured three different continents? includes trained animals in its shows? has encouraged other groups to copy its success? has music specially written for its shows? doesn't charge for entrance to the-circus? [13D] Bros. and Baum and Bailey Reeging Bros. and Barum and Bally circus is you would expect a cious to be, with all the crobals, and performing animals that you could This is hardly surprising since the circus is a ‘business that dates back more than 130 years. The light andi sound show might be right up to ‘4 other aspects of the show have hardly changed for more than 2 century. Audiences today are ust as @8 ever by Sara and her traned tigers, the fof ight perforring elephants, and the gravity ticks of the high wite artists. And if all this isnt then there are the clowns who atvays have the toaring wth laughter at their comedy routines. A 1% the Ringing Bros. and Barun and Bally circus makes for 2 night to remember. After al itis, as ‘sramrisers describe it, The Greatest Show On Eart® du Soleil du Solel was founded by a group of friends in in 1984, and since then it has gone from strength -Szength, This is not a traditional circus as there are Spirals involved in the show, just 2 unique mix of Pestitaking acrobatics, tumbling gymnastic displays, “= Ssterful juggling and impressive contortionists. Cirque | Solel started as a small show which toured Quebec "© Canada, but due to its huge popularity it hes grown ‘Perendously. Today the company organises up to eight Sous at ary one time all around the world, and = eloys 2400 people. They have three permanent in specialy designed buildings, two in Las ‘Wes8s and one in Disney World in Florida, and their Set shows tour the US, Asia and Europe. The ‘Szarsation employs the best composers and costume ‘Ssgners, so that each of the shows has its own “aratic musical score and fantastic costumes which “fra people back to seo the shows again and again. Sece that humble beginning in 1964, almost 30 milion Beople have enjoyed one of Cirque du Solei’s original 2d entertaining shows. ‘The Big Apple Creus ‘The Big Apple Circus is 2 non-profit organisation based '» New York and dedicated to raising money and working wea sick chidren. The circus organises a traditional ‘show under a big top in New York. They have also put ‘on shows in US cities such as Boston and Washington. 'b. Are there any circuses in your country? Choose one and talk about it. whats you can even hire performers from the Big Apple Circus to perfor at your school, business or party. The organisation also puts on a special show each year for deaf and blind chitdren called ‘Circus of the Senses®” However, the founders Paul Binder and Michael Christensen are most Proud of their ‘Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit®? In this programme, specially traned clowns entertain ciiticaly il chidren in twenty-one hospitals around the United States, As Christensen says, "A child's natural need to laugh can get lost in the tangle of hospital procedures." With their shows, which include red nose transplonts and chocolate milk transfusions, the Big ‘Apple clowns try to bring laughter back to these children. Cheus Ethiopie ‘The fist show that Circus Ethiopia put on in Addis ‘Ababa in 1981 was a very simple affaix. A few ropes were tied together to form the ting and a car stereo provided the sound. However, the free show which was ut on by 2 group of school children, who performed Some acrobatics, juggling and tight rope waking, was 2 huge success. Now, the free Sunday show has become 2 tradition in Ethiopia's capital and can attract up to $000 spectators. Marc La Chance, a Canadian teaching in ‘Addis Ababa, wanted to give the children that he worked with a brighter future. He came up with the idea of Circus Ethiopia after teaching some children in his neighbourhood basic circus skis. Since then, the idea has spread and spread and now nine other cities in Ethiopia have their own version of the circus, which are ‘supported by international charities. Thousands of school chitdren are involved with the circus, where they are provided with food and tutors to make sure they dont ‘miss out on theit education. They are also encouraged to teach at a orcus school, which allows them to eam an income. The shows that they put on have developed fover the years, and now many traditional Ethiopian dances and songs ate included in their routine ving Circus Ethiopia its ov unique circus style. Gs" own answers) 61 Listening 414. (listen toa man making a statement about en accident he has just witnessed. For questions 1-9 complete the notes Name of Witness Adres of Wines [1] 37 I vin Sveet Occupation of Witness: Athe time ofthe accident he was [3 [posting some tatters) Saw tour bus puling out of Sav red car speeding Red car crashed into Driver of red car at the bus criver Witness is prepared to [B] goto the police station] ‘to make a statement. Police can call witness [S] at 555 793 belore 9p Communication: At the newsagent’s 45 2 Match the exchanges, then, in pairs, read the dialogue aloud. Excuse me. Do you have any TV magazines? [ZID] oh dear. knew !should have bought one yesterday ga ‘Oh, really? I'll take a newspaper, then. Oh, the Dai Mall willbe fine Certainly, sic Which one would you like? No, I'm sorry. We've sold out Here you are, then. That's 50 pence, please. Well, there's a TV guide in most of the newspapers, if that’s any use one» b. Now use the prompts to act out a similar dialogue (See Suggested Answers Section) + Crossword puzzle books / Crosswords in some of the magazines / Take a Break / 60 pence 62 Atthe library 16 2 fillin the gaps with: du, fine, owe, overdue, then, in pairs, read the dialogue aloud. A: Hello. im returning these books. B: Right. Oh dear. They're a bit 1) overdue. ‘A: | know. | was on holiday and I forgot about thes B: Well, you'll have to pay a small 2) fine, AA: Alright. How much do | 3) owe? B: Let me see. Four books ... that'll be £2 A: OK Here you are. And I'd like to take this ‘out, please. B: Right. This one is 4) due back on the 27th of month, ‘A: Thank you. b. Now use the prompts below to act out « sim dialogue. (See Suggested Answers ‘+ videos / was ill ~ forgot about them / two videos £6 / take this video out / due back in a week Writing a review A When we write a review of a book, film or play, we u write four paragraphs. In the first paragraph, summarise background information such as the ti name of the authordirector, type, setting, etc. in tl second paragraph, we summarise the main points of t plot in chronological order. In the third paragraph, usually include general comments on the plot, mi characters, the acting/directinglwriting, etc. Finally, in last paragraph, we write our recommendation, post ‘or negative, giving reasons to support it We usually use present tenses. We also use a variety adjectives to make our review more inviting to the read + Analysing a Model Text 4177 Read the book review and match the paragraphs ‘the topics. {HTD Recommendation [A] Background information Use the adjectives below to complete the table. ‘brillant © fantastic « pleasant + fine » dull ‘nice « wonderful * superb * marvellous ‘unexciting + uninteresting =F excelent | bllant fantastic, wonderful Super, marvellous cae Britain. This “* good pleasant, fine, nice i enage lar oe is *s i oe ae Boring | dul unexcing, unintesing as ae eee, ° 3 nace bane . Use the adjectives from Ex. 19a and phrases Ee sat yo pee from Ex. 18a to write a positive or negative year, interest fort students. 3 is Dit ache recommendation for the following films. “Trivizatl TOURER sone (See Suggested Ansivers Section | wizards to: lete ~ will take 1 Dr Doolittle (Comedy) *** sens Drool io fants comedy Dont mist . 2 host Tain rile) =» is well-written, with realistic 3 Chain of Fools (Comedy) ** isang of characters, fom the 4 Star Wars cence Fiction) **# oe eo dthasae item Sree ae y 6 Fear City (Horo) * See r piigheniech ; 2. Look at the list below. Which phrases refer to books? films? both? Background * The filmvbook is set in. Both "+ The filrvbook tells the story of... Both ** The book/navel was written by ... Books + Itisa.comedy/norror flmfove story. Films * The film is directed by .. Films Main Points ofthe Plot ‘+ The story concernsfis about/begins... Both * The plotis (rather) boringithriling. Both + The plot has an dnexpedted twist. Both General Comments * tis beautifully/poorty/ badly written, Books + The script is dulVexcting, Films + The casts excellent. Films * The hero of the story is played by .. Films ‘+ The film i full of breathtaking scenes. Films Recommendation Don’t miss it. It is well worth seeing. Films ‘+ I wouldn't recommend it beceuse .. Both * I highiy/thoroughiy recommend it. Both * ts bound to be a boxoffice hit. Films * tis a highly entertaining read. Books ‘+ It bore to read, Books hh bb. Read the review in Ex. 17 again and replace the phrases in bold with appropriate phrases from thelist. (Gee Suggested Answers Section) + Discuss & Write a. Read the rubric below and answer the questions inthe plan. (See Suggested Answers Section) ‘Your teacher has asked you to write review about 2 § fim you have recently seen fer your school magezne. ‘Write your review, giving a brief summary of the plot and saying why you think others might enjoy it. ari Introduction (Para D Background information What is the tite of the film? Who plays the hero of the story? What type of film i ie? Where i it set? Main Body (Para2)) Math points ofthe lox Hows does the story begin? Who oe the leading charactors? What ere che most importon: points of the story? (Para General Comments ‘What can you say about the cast/special effects/scenes? Conclusion (Para4) Recommendation Why did you like the film? Would you recommend it to other people? b. Write your review in 120-180 words. You can use the plan and the review in Ex. 17 as a model. (Gee Suggested Answers Section) 63 1 |Grammar In use Present Simple We use the present simple: ‘+ for permanent states, Tom works for a construction company. + for daily routines, repeated and habitual actions. He plays tennis twice a week, + for general truths and laves of nature. The sun sets in thewest = for timetables and programmes. The frst fight to London leaves at 9am. ‘+ for sporting commentaries, reviews and narrations. Gerrard intercepts and passes itto Heskey. Time expressions used with the present simple: usually, often, always, every dayfweekimonthiyear etc, in the momningleftemoonfevening, at nightthe weekend, on Fridays ete Present Continuous ‘We use the present continuous: ‘+ for actions taking place at or around the moment of speaking, Tina/s doing her homework atthe moment. + for fixed arrangements in the near future. m going tothe dentist tomorrow. (ive already bookedan appointment) + for currently changing and developing situations. The number of urgfariesis increasing. «© With adverbs such as always to express anger oF iritation ata repeated action. You're always forgetting to clase the door Time expressions used with the present continuous: how, at the moment, at present, these days, nowadays, stil, today, tonight etc Note: ‘© Always + present simple “every time J always have breakfast before! go to work ‘+ Always + present continuous — “all the time” ~ "tooNery often" You're always complaining! + We cannot use never ... again with the present simple, ‘Ym never going camping with you again. (NOT-Hnevergoeompingwithyotragain,) Present Perfect ‘We use the present perfect: + foran action which started in the past and continues up to the present, especially with stative verbs such as be, have, ike know, etc, have known Dave for years + fora recently completed action whose result i visible in the present. Anew French restaurant has just openedin Bdge Street. Were going therefor dinner fomorow. ‘© for an action that happened at an unstated time in the past. The emphasis ison the action. The time that it ‘occutfed is unimportant or unknown. /have ony visited Portugal once. When? Unstated time) ‘Time expressions used with the present perfect: for, since, already, always, just, ever, nevet, so far, today, this week/month etc, how long, lately, recently, stil in negations), etc. 64 . Grammar | 1 In use it Perfect Continuous the present perfect continuous: | %2 put emphasis on the duration of an action which started in the past and continues up to the present, “=pecially with words and expressions such as for, since, all morning/day/year etc. The boys have been playing “eotballforhours *%5¢ 2n action which started in the past and which lasted for some time. The action may still be continuing or ‘Pete finished already with the result vsible in the present, Ken iseally ted, He has been working hard all week, ‘SS express anger, initation, or annoyance. They have been listening to that loud musical night. ‘for repeated actions in the past continuing to the present. (have been taking Spanish essons at night school with the verbs live, work, teach and feel we can use the present perfect or the present perfect uous with no difference in meaning. He has taught/has been teaching at the school for more than years, “Time expressions used with the present perfect continuous: «since, how long, lately, recently Mote: + already is used in statements after the ular verb and in questions after the main verb. Ihave already inished, Have you fished already? * yeti used in negative sentences after a negative contracted auxliay verb or atthe end of the sentence She hasntyet frished the report She hasn't rished the report yet is Used in statements and questions after the auxiliary verb or before the main vero. amstillpainting the ‘house. Hestill lives in Hong Kong. Hovreve, still comes before the auxiliary verb in negations. She still hasn't fished her homework Stative Verbs Stative verbs are verbs which describe a state rather than an action, and so they de not have a continuous tense. ‘These verbs are: + vetbs ofthe senses (see, hear, taste, feel, look, sound etc); /can hear the rain approaching. + verbs of perception (know, believe, understand, realise, eemember, forget etc; | understand what you ore sing. * verbs which express likes and cslikes (ike, love, hate, enjoy, prefer etc); The chilren enjoy reading and some other verbs (be, contain, include, belong, fit,need, matter, cost, own, want, Weigh, wish, have, keep etc). That car belongs toloe 65 1 | Grammar In use ‘Some of these verbs are used in continuous tenses when they describe actions rather than states. Present Simple Present Continuous Shes very patient. = character — permanent state) [think it. a wonderful fm. (= | believe) They have (got) a swimming pool. (= they possess) Your mother looks very ted. = she appears to be) {can see your house rom her. (= | use my eyes) see what you mean. (=| understand) This blouse feels ike sik. = it has the texture of) This chicken tastes delicious. (= it has a delicious flavour) These lowers smell nice (= they have a nice smell) ‘She appeors tobe very angi. (= she seems to be) These shoes fit me perfectly (= they are the right size) Hels being very good. (= he is behaving) Im thinking of buying anew house. = tn considering) They'rehaving wonderful hakday. (= they are enjoying themselves) ‘The architects ooking atthe plans. (= he's checking! examining) ‘Are you seeing the dentist tomorrow? (= are you meeting?) You're seeing things Thereisnoone there. (= you are imagining) ‘Mum is feeling Tis forehecd. (= she is touching) The chefs tasting the soup to see itis aight (= he is ‘testing the flavour) ‘he'ssmeling the roses. (= she is sriffing) Weare appearing at Central Parknext weekend, (= we are performing) Peter isfiting new locks on all the doors. (= he is attaching) Note: +The vetb enjoy can be used in continuous tenses to express a specific preference, {1m enjoying this flm alot. speci preference) BUT lenjoy going sailing, (general preference) + The verbs look (when we refer to sb’s appearance), feel (= experience a particular emotion), hurt and ache can be used in the continuous or the simple tenses with no difference in meaning. You look wonderful today. ar You are looking wonderful today. She feels sick. or Shes feeling sick Prepositions of Place Prepositions of Place are prepositions which describe where something or someone is. These prepositions are: pare] invinside outside below e I e] feat on under over ee" in front of aa See as e| a mS oO ee = Underline the correct tense. Vicky looks/is looking for a new flat at the moment: She wants/s wanting to decorate the kitchen tis week. How long have you been waiting/you waited for him? \1am going/go to the gym this afternoon, He has been lving/s living in London all his ie. Steve thinksis thinking about buying a new car. Sarah has worked/is working there for a couple of years now. Kelly goes/is going to Rome every year. ‘The ply stertshas started at nine o'clock ‘The Webbers have bought/have been buying a new house in the county. ‘Complete the dialogues using the verbs below in either the present simple or the present continuous tense. come * decorate + like * work + do * study * play + read « wait * think ‘A We 1) re playing football later, would you like tocome? B: Sorry, | can't. | 2) work at the petrol station on Saturday afternoons. ‘A: What 3) are you doing tomorrow? B: 1.4) am decorating the living room, | 5) think it wil take all day. > Hurry up! We 6) are waiting for you. OK, OK 17) am coming. ‘What 8) are you reading? Macbeth. | 9)like Macbeth and we 10) are studying it in my English class ey Match the columns and then use for/since to write ‘complete sentences by putting the verb in brackets into the correct tense. (See Suggested Answers Section) James (work) here a Paul's partylast He (go) Comwall month. every summer b she got her new jo. [1B] | (notsee) you © afew minutes, 2 kiran) the last three months [Sie] We (onlynwai) he was a young boy. [EIB] Diane (notvisit) us f hours 1d James has been working here for the last three ‘months. . Grammar | 1 in use Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present tense. ‘+A: Phil 1)is thinking (think) about moving house. B: | 2) know (know) he 3) doesn’t like (not like) the place he's living in at the moment, does he? ‘A: So, how 4) does the story end (the story/ end)? B: In the end, Roger 5)joins (join) his family and they 6) move (move) to Arica * A: We 7)are having (have) dinner at Gianni’s tonight would you like to come? B: Sorry, but | 8) am visiting (visit Sally. * A: | 9)don't understand (not/understand) this ‘course at al. t 10) is (be) really dificult. 8: Why 11) don’t you ask (you/not/ask) for help? Look at the picture then ask and answer using the prompts, as in the example. + buyfnew home + put downkcarpets + moveffuniture + unpacklcrockery ‘A: Have they bought anew home? B: Yes theyhave. Hove they ..etc (See Suggested Answers Section) Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense, 1 > Where have you been? | have been standing (stand) here for an hour. 1'm sorry. 'm not usually this late. Why are you in such a hurry? Because my train leaves (leave) in ten minutes ‘You are always borrowing (always/borrow) my clothes! B: Yes, but | always give (always/give) them back! 4. A Is Jane til looking (stilllook) for a job? B: Yes, unfortunately, she hasn't found (not/find) ‘one yet. 5A: What's the matter? B: Ihave lost (lose) my keys bebe 67 1 |Grammar in use 6 A: WhysTim wet? G _ Lookat the weekend activities and make true B:_He has been washing (wash) the car sentences about yourself, as in the example. 7. A: What's that terrible noise? (See Suggested Answers Section B: It’s Jane, she has been rehearsing (rehearse) on her song for the school play all afternoon! 8 A: Did you see how much Jim ate at lunch? B: | know, | have never seen (never/see) anyone eat @ whole chicken before! 9. A: What time shall | pick you up? ark often B: Around 7, because the play starts (start) at bee es ai aseee always 10 A: \s Mr Saunders stil here? B: Yes. He has been waiting (wait) to see you for over an hour! * never + rarely ++ sometimes 7 Look at the pictures. in pairs, use the adjectives to lay baseball ask and answer questions, asin the example. wth fiends * happy * bored * stressed « tired * relaxed (See Suggested answers Section) ‘Simone sometimes goto the beach atthe weekend. Q Look at the changes in Paul's diary for Monday. In palrs ask and answer, as in the example. (See Suggested Answers Section 1 A Is Paul having a breakfast meeting with the department managers at 200? ‘As Howrdoes Simone feel? Bt No, he isnt. He is having a meeting with the B: She feels stressed think she shaving problem at work pasonnel mariage 68 10 Read the postcard and put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. Dear Ann, How are you? | 1) am writing (write) to you from Jamaica.The hotel 2) is (be) magoificent. Its very hot here. We 3) are getting (get) a great tan! The kids 4) are having (have) «great time, They 5) spend (spend) most ofthe day by the sea. Fight now they 6) are building (build) a sandcastle, Join, 7) has gone (go) fishing wit Tim They 8) go (g0) fshing almost every day. We 9) haven't done {notldo) much sightseeing yet, but tomorrow we 10) are going (go) on a trip round the island. We 11) ore looking forward to (look forward to) t. We 12) ore coming (come) back on 15th August. Hope you are OK. See you soon, Lore, Susan 71 Fillin gone to, been to or been in. 1. Tony has gone to the post office to buy some stamps. He'll be back soon, 2 Louise has never been to Spain before. 3 | haven't seen Mike all week. He's been in New York on business. 4 It's the first time that I've been to this restaurant but Il definitely be coming back again. 5 | thought Miss Stephens was in her office. Do you know where she's gone to? 6 Have you been to the new cinema yet? 7 Sorry i couldn't call you back earlier. I've been in a meeting all afternoon, We've been to sim’s fat twice since he moved in. . Grammar| 1 In use 12 Look at the pictures, then in pairs make up as many sentences as possible for each one using prepositions of place, as in the example (See Suggested Answers Section) A Thetableisin frontof the sofa Thelampison the wall nexttotheflowers. etc Use of English * Error Correction 13 Cross out the incorrect word in each sentence. 1 James has BeeG worked here for more than a year. 2 The bookshop is over there near Secthe bakery 3. I believe what she doatsays. 4. She has been teclving in London for the la years. 5 We haven't been to that restaurant for Set time. 6 Laura is beef visiting her grandparents at the weekend. 7. Sally has found a beautiful new fat pee” 8 What are you be doing tomar 2 69 1_|Grommar In use + Word Formation -al: (nation -» national) ic: (artist -» artistic) ous: fame + famous) ys (thirst thirsty) sly: (day» daily) -ful: (peace~» peaceful) -less: fhope—+ hopeless) -ive: (effect effective) ‘The suffixes ful, less and -ive can be added to both nouns and verbs to form adjectives. 414, Form the correct adjective from the word in bold. 1. It’s large industrial city inthe north INDUSTRY of the country 2 Ididn’tlike the food, | thought it was abit too salty. SALT 3 Sam always buys the local weekly WEEK newspaper 4 Jane is such an energetic person, ENERGY she's always running around doing something, 5 Following a healthy diet and getting HEALTH plenty of exercise is the best way to lose weight. 6 He eally wanted to buy the car but it ‘was too expensive, EXPENSE 7 Jumping into the river to save the young girl was such aheroic thing to HERO do. 8 Whitewater rafting may be dangerous, but it is also very DANGER exciting © She was a beautiful young woman. BEAUTY 10. The dentist promised that the whole procedure would be completely painless PAIN 11 He's a successful lawyer. Everyone in SUCCESS ‘town knows him, 12. Its pointless to argue with him. He POINT always does what he wants anyway. 70 + Key Word Transformations Study the examples. n each case the second sentence has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Eve hasn't found a new flat yet. looking Eve is still looking for a new fat. 2 Paul started working here two years ago. been Paul has been working here for two years. 3 Ihave never visited Germany before. \ first This is the first time | have ever visited Germany, 4 ts more than a month since | saw her seen {haven't seen her for more than a month 5 When did you redecorate your ving room? 290 How long ago did you redecorate your ving room? 6 | haven't been shopping for three weeks. last Hast went shopping three weeks ago 15 Complete the sentences with two to five words, including the word in bold. Do not change the meaning of the original sentence. 1. Jason is stil writing that report. finished Jason still hasn't finished writing ‘that report yet. 2. She moved to New York four years ago. living ‘She has been living in New York for four years. 3 {last phoned Joe a couple of weeks ago. for | haven't phoned Joe for a couple of weeks, 4 When did you move house? ago How long ago did you move house? 5 Cathy started learning Italian five years ago. been Cathy has been learning Italian for five years. 6 Tom always gets to work on time. late “Tom is never late for work. 7 haven't talked to him for a week. since It'sa week since | talked to him. 8 She hasnt tidied her room since Monday last She last tidied her room on Monday. * Open Cloze Bead the text below and think of the ‘word which best fits each space. Use ‘only one word in each space. There is an ‘sample (0) at the beginning. et Frank Uoyd Wright 0) has designed ‘snusual and eye-catching buildings, but jin Pennsyhania, USA, is probably 4) the most amazing designs. When you "pie consideration that this building -2))p 1936 when the architect was nea yeers old, it is even more amazing. At lance, the structure may look 2 litle bit 2 pile of concrete blocks, which is about fal into the stream below. However, the 5 alot safer 6) than it looks. The large -sabs are securely anchored to the hillside, heaviest section is actually built on s 7) Even though the front section of the thangs 8) over the water itis in no danger psing, 25 each floor of the building has ‘2Wn support system The front door of the 5 set back 10) fiom the outer wall. As 23 visitors walk through this door, they 2 balcony in the far corer 12) that offers nt view of the waterfall. The ground 73) also contains a dining area and as comfortable places to sit admine spectacular scenery ding the house. Falingwater i the envy exyone 15) who vist. . Grammar} 1 In use * Multiple Choice Claze 417 Read the text below, then circle the answer A,B,C or D which best fits each space. There is an example (0) at the beginning. Renovating your house House prices, 0) like taxes, very rarely go down, so if you find ue Naa postion where you og tre er) sees 2) renovating. Many families nowadays are finding that their homes are £00 3) san» Whether they 4)... a second bathroom, more storage space or an extra bedroom, alot of people Fe 5) nin 10 renovate their homes instead of buying something bigger. The 6)... for this trend are, forthe most par, nancial, The cost cf buying a new home and the problems of moving house are enough ‘to make anybody think twice before deciding to relocate, Renovating allows you to stay in your own neighbourhood and in your 7) home while making it more practical and comfortable to lve in Although it is tempting to 8)........ and do. the renovations yourself it is always a good idea t0 9) ...n.w @ professional. There wil be things you haven't thought about or just might not be aware of, such a8 supporting structures, government zoning regulations, or how ‘these renovations might affect any 10)... changes you might want to™make. A professional will aso be able to help you work within your budget and advise you 11)... insurance requirements ‘Another advantage of renovating is that while the work is going on you can upgrade your plumbing and electrical connections as 12) sas. 8 adding insulation. It's also @ good time to 13)... ai conditioning, central heating or a home security system. So, whether you want a ‘home office’, a ‘granny flat” or just more storage space, 1).......2 good look around your house, the solution might be 15)... you nthe face oA sch © lke as Ds 1A oneself —B themselves © yourself —D_ your 2 @ consider B think © remember D_ do 3 A coy ——B spacious expensive @) cramped 4A hae 8 by C use © need 5 A thinking @) choosing C wanting —_—D_ needing 6 @ reasons. B meanings purposes. findings 7 A real B new © own D only 8 A make ty © find D. attempt 9D hire B rent © by D borrow 10 A past future Cold D added 11 @ on B to © over D for 12 A long = B much € soon = © well 13-A input — ® install C build =D fix 14 A make B ty © do © uke 15 A seeing —@ staring punching. faling 71 2 |Grammar In use Past Simple ‘We use the past simple: + foran action that occurred ata definite time stated or imlied) in the past Tina arvedinVenno last wee. ‘+ for actions that happened immediately after one another in the past. Heleft the house, walked othe station and caught the 505 train to Wrexham, + for habits or states which are now finished. /worked for Morton’ wien | was younger Note: In this ast case we can aso use the expression used to. Shelived/tsed to ie Johannesburg The time expressions used with the past simpl yesterday, then, when, How long ago ...2, last nightweekimonthiyear/Friday/October etc, three days/weeks etc go, in 1999 ete Past Continuous We use the past continuous: + for an action which was in progress at a stated time in the past. We don't mention when the action started or finshed. At8otclack this morning | was getting ready for work + for an action which was in progress when another action interrupted it, We use the past continuous forthe action in progress (longer action) and the past simple forthe action which interrupted it (shorter action). They were walking tothe station when they saw the accident. + fortwo or more simultaneous actions in the past. The children were playing in he garden while their mother was trimming the hedges. * to describe the atmosphere, setting etc and to give background information to a story. When woke up found thesun was shining and the temperature was sing fot Lic was making breafastintheWichen while ohn end Sarah wer drinking coffe onthe bacon The time expressions used with the past continuous: while, when, as, all motning/evening/day/week etc Past Perfect We use the past perfect: ‘+ for an action which happened before another past action or before a stated time in the past. Wehad finished dinner bythe time they arrived. ‘+ for an action which finished in the past and whose result was visible ata later point in the past. He had ust arrived home from workso he was stil wearing a shirt and te. ‘+ fora general situation in the past. Everything had seemed normalat fis, The time expressions used with the past perfect: before, after, already, just, for, since, tiVunti, when, by the time, never etc 72 . Grammar | 2 in use Past Perfect Continuous We use the past perfect continuous: ‘+ to put emphasis on the duration of an action which started and finished in the past, before another action or stated time in the past, usually with for or since. had been waiting for halfan hour before the bus came. + foran action which lasted for some time in the past and whose result was visible in the past. Shehad been swimming and her hair wes still wet. ‘Note: with the verbs live, work, teach and feel we can use the past perfect or the past perfect continuous with no ifference in meaning, He had taught/had been teaching atthe schoo! for more than twenty years. The time expressions used with the past perfect continuous; for, since, how long, before, until etc Used to We use used to + infinitive to refer to past habits or states. In such cases used to can be replaced by the past simple with no change in meaning, When wos younger | used to goto Wales on holiday every year When twos younger | went 10 Wales on holiday every year. Note: * Foran action that happened at a definite time in the past, we use the past simple, not used to, | went to Wales last month. (MOT Husedte- gore Hioleiostmonth) For each person, Tony, Lyn, Steve and Sally, complete each of the sentences using the time expressions given. Use es Steen oh (See Suggested Answers Section) 1 [eat the time « since he was a young boy ‘by the time he was 30 + about six months ago 3 [= untlt was too late » yesterday ] at about 8 o'clock « all day a. first met Tony b He was working in an italian restaurant ¢ He had dreamed of being a chef d_ He planned to open his own restaurant 2 [> by the time she arrived « for ages +8 couple of days ago * until 9 o'clock a. lyn and | arranged to go to the cinema b We had been talking about seeing the latest a ‘Steve crashed his car into a wall b He was driving home ¢ The roads were very dangerous because it had been snowing... d_ He said he didn’t realise how slippery it was hen she was younger couple of times a week an I saw Sally at the gym Ethan Hawke film © Unfortunately, her bus didn’t arrive... The film had already started b_ She said she had been going ¢ She used to be very active twas good to see her and we talked 73 2 |Grammar In use Fillin the correct past tense of the verbs in brackets. 1 A: What did you do (you/do) yesterday? w B: | played (play) squash with Pete 2A Didyou speck (you/speak) to Kate? 8: No, she was sleeping (sleep) when | called ‘A: Sue looked realy tired yesterday, dint she? B: Yes, she had been studying (study) al night For the eam. When did you meet (you/meet) Phil? A couple of years ago, we hadn't lived (noty live) here very long at the time. => 5 A: Were you (youlbe ill last week? 8: Yes, had (have) a really bad cold all week 6 A: [im really happy Tom got that job, 8: know, he had been looking (ook) forages. 7 As Why were you late? B: Oh, Jenny was still getting (stillet) ready at S o'dock 8 A: Were you stil watching (yourstilwatch) the film at 11 o'clock? B: No, it had finished (finish) by then. Complete the sentences about yourself. (See Suggested Answers Section) “Two months ago, while | Wher | was a young child During my ast holiday, | ‘On my frst day at school, | Last Seturdey, after wawne The intercity Ferry crashed into the pier lastnight. Look at the picture and put the verbs in the list into the past continuous to describe what each person was doing at the time, as in the example. ‘look #dimb read * hold « work * search (See Suggested Answers Section) When the Intercity Ferry crashed into the pier Mr Johnson was looking at the water 5 6 Underline the correct word. 1. We had justfately finished eating when 1 arrved 2 Were you watching the French flim on earlier/before? 3 He had been working there since/for two and half years 4. She had already/yet written the letter when called het 5. The company was previously/beforehand run & the government. ‘The team hadn't lost @ game untilyet ist week She lately/recently moved to London, We had neverfever been there before. He was alwaysistl ving at home with his paren this time last year. 10 He made dinner afterfollowing he got ho from work Use the prompts below to ask and answer ‘questions, as in the example. You may use your own ideas as wel (See Suggested Answers Se the rain start ~ drive to Munich ~ pull over ~ we tostop ‘A; What were you doing when the ain started? B: Iwas civing to Munich, ‘A: Whatdidyou do? B: {pulled overand waited forito stop. the storm hit ~ watch TVflving room ~ cl shutters 3 the accident happened ~ rink a cup of coffeein café — run outside to help the President arrived - wait outside tha Presidential Palace — wavermy flag 5 the fire broke out - work/in my office ~ run 1a emergency exit the earthquake happened ~ read @ book - under.the table Look at the pictures and the prompts, then make up sentences using past tenses, asin the example. (See Suggested Answers Se Eve wos delivering newspapers when her dad lft for work While Eve was delivering newspapers, her dad lef for work. As Eve was delivering newspapers, her dad left for work = Emmafplantia tree/her dadsouildthe fence Grammar | 2 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct past tense. 4) While | was pu pphone rang (ing). 2. She was nervous because she had been waiting (wait) a week to hear if she had got (get) the job. 3. Yesterday, | was (be) at the bus stop when a friend drove (drive) by and offered (offer) me a it. 4 We saw (see) the film last weekend, but | did soy (not/enjoy) tat al 5 | hadn't seen (notisee) her since she moved (move) to her new flat 6 Where were you (ou/be) last night? 1 was standing (Stand) outside the theatre for two hours! 7 knew (know) she had been crying (ry) because her eyes were red 8 After he had worked (work) a5 a waiter in an Italian restaurant for ten years he quit his job and opened (open) a coffee shop. ng (put) the children to bed, the Compare the pictures. What did people use to have in the past? What do we have nowadays? Use the prompts and the pictures to make sentences, as in the example * electricity * clothes * furniture + computers * decorations People didnt use to haveelectiiy, inthepast They used tohaveoil lamps, Nowadays we have electric. What did you use to do/didn't use to do during your summer holiday last year? Choose from the list and make up sentences. You can use your own ideas. * get up late + spend time with your fiends * go swimming * sunbathe * read books «eat out at restaurants used to get upate. 75 2 \Grommar In use 11 Circle the correct tense, as in the example (0). v “It 0) wasa beautiful sunny day. E and there we ace in the sky. Even better, it was jm ake t the summer holidays and | 0 it for weeks. Every year, holidays | 3) t 0 Awasbeing @was C used to be 4 @was shining B shone C had shone 2 Alooked — @nad been looking C was looking 3 Ahadgone Bwasgong ©went 4 Ahadenjoyed ®erjoyed Chadbeen enjoying 5 was making B hed been making C had made 6 Avwashearing 8 heard ‘©hed heard 7 @ididn’ believe. B weren't believing C hedn't believed 8 Awas appearing B had appeared C)appeared 9 Ahad poured @wes pouring — Cused to pour 10 @had been — B was was being 76 412. Match the two halves of the sentences in colum ‘and 8. Then, make sentences by joining them sing the words when/ whileso/as or because/ sinceffor. (Gee Suggested Answers Sect Jane was working on the computer [ZTE thaven't been skiing He has been living in Cuba [HIB] she wes trying to bake a cake | took my umbrella [EIB] We were too tired to go out a the oven caught fire. b_ westayed in and ordered pizza ¢ Tim was making dinner _tlooked ike it was going to rain, e Smonths. F was 18 years ol. Use of English + Key Word Transformations Study the examples. In each case the second sentence has a similar meaning to the first sentence. 1 John joined the company six months ago, has John has been working for the company for six months, 2. When we were children, Dad would take us to the: ppark on Sunday afternoons. used Dad used to take us to the park on Sunday afternoons, when we were children. 3 When | went to France last summer, it was the first ‘time | had ever been abroad never | had never been abroad until | went to France last sumimer. 4 How long ist since we went to the cinema? last When did we last go to the cinema? 5. Iidn't call her until had spoken to Steve. before | spoke to Steve before | called her. 6 had never been to that restaurant before first It was the first time | had been to that restaurant. . Grammar | 2 In Us ‘Complete the sentences with two to five words, 8 John was working very hard (Beefy at that time. including the words in bold. Do not change the 9 | deg left the building after everybody else had ‘meaning of the original sentence. gone 10. The kitchen was being redecorated fat yesterday 1. David started studying here two years ago. Bie been David has been studying here for two years, 2 We didn’t leave the house until everybody was ready. before We waited until everyone was ready before we left the house * Word Formation 2 When Jason was younger he worked in New York anti: against, preventing (antibacterial) Used Jason used to workin New York when bi: two dilingual he was younger co with, together, mutual (co-educational) 4. We had never been to that cinema before inter: between, among (ntercntinental) time It was the fist time we had been to mis; wrongly, badly, not (misinformed) that cinema, mono-: one (monolingual 5 Rose hasn't paid her rent yet. aldo ear still Rose stil hast paid her rent. ie renecht voulesva scoot 15 Form the correct adjective from the word in bold since How long is it since you left school? 16 never seen such a clos | ees 1 After the earthquake, the ever twas the closet race | had ever Bt ws the elagestiaen fea rei ‘government asked for help from 8 It's three years since | went away on holiday. ‘the international community. NATIONAL have | haven't been away on holiday for 2 Itisa(o) biannual event, held in “ANNUAL thre years, May and November ech year © Iwas the frst time she had given a speech in 3 They built a new monorail RAIL publi through the centre of town never She hadi never given a speech in public 4 Natasha was wearing a bright nee multicoloured jumper. coLouRED 5 Make yourself clear so that you ‘an avod any misunderstanding, UNDERSTANDING 6 The runmets sprinted around the + Error Correction track in a{n) anticlockwise CLOCKWISE rection Cross out the incorrect word in each sentence. 7 He thanked everybody and said that they hed all been very 1. He had always Beef wanted to bea singer. co-operative OPERATIVE 2 Laura had been working there fora couple of years 8 The government has decided 6: to start an) anti-smoking SMOKING 3 We were trying to be quiet because Sarah was campaign to make people Brig asleep, aware of the danger of 4 | haven't Qmegt bought any new CDs recently. smoking. 5. Bee! used to go there when | was younger, 9 Most college newsletters are 6 We were hungry so we Bad decided to phone for a Published biweekly WeEKLY fea 10 The Mayor has been accused 7. They moved to the countryside Sax three years ‘of misuse of public funds Use 290. 77 2 |Grammar In use Open Cloze Multiple Choice Cloze 116 Read the text below and think of the 47 Read the text below, then circle the answer A,B,C or D whi ‘word which best fits each space. Use best fits each space. There is an example (0) at the beginni only one word in each space.Thereis an example (0) at the beginning. . - Coco Chanel ea Making the right move Sociales Chanel 0) 12s born in Saumur, Southem ae France and was 1) up in a French orphanage. She Mui Sous ert OPSe is eae ines became an innovative dress designer 2)........ ruled over When you move you are 1)not eny leaving isan high fashion for almost six decades. At ago 80 she gto Teepe Bu You sre ab eae 3) a tiny hat shop uickly added sweaters, shits neighbourhood, friends, familar surroundings ae Ipve.je0F har viper cornfortall and, 2)in some cases, your fami, You designs att 16 4) sone Of influential wealthy women. 3) seal be ell ci mgn ine pee ney to Her style was a refreshing change 5)... the confining and ots) Ba ena oe Sua tight-iting corsets and long dresses with peticoats of the time. a ey pew on OW 2) Ua She 6) . jersey dresses, bell-botiom trousers, trench isigijos vou Tee to coy sich ea Fama coats, turtleneck and the classic “litle black dress” your utilities cut off. Costume jewell jell as bobbed hair are also credited ‘As dificult 7).s moving is for you, itis just ” Chanel. Traditional Chane! accessories include as bad, 8)if not worse, for your children and ‘multiple strands 8) pearls and gold chains, quilted pets. It is a 9)lot harder for them to handbags and sling-back pumps in ivory with black toes. At the understand why they have to move and they 9) snsnuse Of her career, Chanel 10) 8,500 people. The 10) do not know what to expect. 1) Ibis a ape 11) = eae eR er iteiees «Saletan good idea to take them to thelr new costume jewellery workshop, and perfume laboratories where neighbourhood before you move and show the famous perfume Chanel No. 5 was 12)... Chanel Tashan nea ted in 1988 but 13)........ in 1954 to introduce another When you first move into your riew home, R , the cardigan sul. Today, Chane! 14)....... 10 be one. make an flor 1 13) to know sou Gf mos restos 19) nn he werd of ete neighbours and encourage your children to enseanes bring their new classmates home. Once you os have started 14) to make friends, you will feel more 15)at home and, before you know it, TG) was Bis cohae Duke you'll have found another place that you wil Sica -crowive Bi asca M-eted @ trouchtl bbe sad to leave behind! 2A which B whom © who D whose 3A stared —B began —C-replaced © © opened 4@ attention 8 affection C aid D asistance 5 A into ® from Cc with D for 6 A formed —-B shaped © introduced D announy 7A for 8 by Ov D of BA about @ of © for D acess A top @® height C head D point @ employed B worked C used D_bossed @ included B embraced C grouped D_ surrounde A forged — & imagined © created —D_revised @ returned B reviewed © C restored replaced A pesssts @ continues C maintains _D_proceeds A types B kinds «= © names —D_ forms Revision (Units 1-2) Circle the correct item, VTi. what you mean but there must be an ‘easier way to deal with the situation. A amseeing have seen ® see D_ have been seeing 2 Sandra for a new flat for ages, but she stil hhasn’t found anything. A. looks, © has looked B is looking (has been looking 3 At this time last year, they in Liverpool, A had studied study ® were studying Dare studying 4 In those days he usually... that occasion he took the bus. to college, but on A is walking © was waking B walks @ walked 5 A small stream runs the middle of the vilage. A across © through B over D among & My house is on West Road, the football ground. ® opposite © over B along D against 7 Where ....n on holiday lst year? A were yougsing © did you go B haveyoubeen Did you used to go B Recently, We nnn to the gym every night after work A went © have been going 8 were going D had gone 91 WaS sans eating breakfast when the postman delivered a parcel. A already C before B yet @ stil 40. Chatie and Stan... €ach other since they were children A know © have known B_ were knowing D used to know 11 Nobody has .. .. told me the truth about the accident. A never © ever B stil D yet 12 He has been studying French nu 1998. A from cin ® since D just guna 13. He's the mast boring person we've... met A never sometimes B yet © ever 14 She had never been to Poland A yet © aleady B stil ® before 45. She was having dinner... her husband called A since © when B while D after 16 How long .... ou been waiting forthe bus? A are © were ® have D will 19 fillin the missing word. 1. This moming, just as | was leaving the house, the telephone rang 2 When Paul was younger, he used to play rugby for the county team, 3. How long have you been working in the café? 4 Last month they travelled to Prague for the weekend. 5. She had been jogging in the park so she was exhausted, 6 | didn’t see Sam at the gym, he must have left before we arrived 71 haven't heard from her since she left the company. 8 She wasn’t hungry because she had already eaten, 9 They waited until everyone had arrived before they announced their engagement. 10 He was driving to work when he ran out of petrol 11. Ate you coming with us tonight? 12. Have you ever been to France? 13 Their production increases every day. 14 The journey had been very pleasant until a woman sitting behind me started to shout. 15. It'sa month since she left for Italy. 16 What have you been doing all morning? 17 was baking a pie while Tom was setting the table 18 He has only travelled by boat once, 19° They have just repaired the roof. 20. is Mary still working for BTX Motors? a {Grammar In use Future Tenses Future Simple (will + bare infinitive) We use the future simple: + forpredictions about the future, based on what we think, believe or imagine, using the verbs think, believe, ‘expect etc, the expressions be sure, be afraid, etc, and the adverbs probably, certainly, perhaps, ete. I"m sure Bi will get the job, + for decisions made at the moment of speaking. We've run out of mil llgo to the supermarket and get some. ‘+ for promises, threats, warnings, requests, hopes and offers. Willyou help me with my history essay? ‘© for actions, events, situations which wil definitely happen in the future and which we can’t control. Ben will be five yearsold in August. Be going to ‘We use be going to: + for plans, intentions or ambitions for the future. m going to goto india one day. + actions we have already decided to do in the near future. Nicky is going to vst her rends in London next weekend. ‘+ predictions based on what we can see or what we know, especially when there is evidence that something will happen. Thereisn'ta cloud the sk. It's going to bea beautiful day. ‘Time expressions used with the future simple and be going to: tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, tonight, soon, next week/monthiyearfsummer etc, in @ week/month ete Future Continuous (will be + present participle) We use the future continuous: for actions which will be in progress at a stated future time. 'm going on holiday ta Spain. This time next week Fl be lying in the sun. + for actions which will definitely happen in the future as the result ofa routine or arrangement. willbe playing tennis th Andy tomorrow morning. ‘© when we ask politely about someone's plans for the near future, Willyou be driving tothe party tonight? Would ‘you be able to give me lif? Future Perfect (will have + past participle) We use the future perfect: + foran action which wil be fished before a stated future time. They willhavearived in London by ocock ie expressions used with the future perfect: before, by, by then, by the time, untill Note: untill are only used in negative sentences: She llnot have inished the report untilfill 6 olock, She willhave finshed the report by 630, (NOT-umtitt€=) 80 . Grammar | 3 In use Future Perfect Continuous (will have been + present participle) ‘We use the future perfect continuous: ‘+ to-emphasise the duration of an action up to a certain time in the future. By June, he ill have been teaching in this school for ten years. Note: © The future perfect continuous is used with by... for Time clauses ‘+ With time clauses we use the present simple or present perfect but NOT future forms, We use words and ‘expressions such as while, before, after, untill, as, when, whenever, once, as soon as, as long as, by the time, etc to introduce time clauses, By the time he arrives, willbe dark. (NOT-Bpthetimehewiltanive..) * We also use the present simple and present perfect but NOT future forms after words and expressions such as Unless, if, suppose/supposing, in case, etc. ifshe wants more information, tellher to callme. (NOT-shewitwrant + We use future forms with: — when - when itis used as a question word. When willyou be seeing Mike next? ~_ iffwhether —after expressions which show uncertainty, ignorance, etc, such as | don’t know, | doubt, | wonder, I'm not sure, etc. {doubt whether she wll come tonight. Type 0/1 Conditionals + Type O conditionals ae used to express a general truth ora scientific fact They are formed by an if-clause (hypothesis) [d/When + Present simple] anc a main clause [Present simple}. {When you heat water 0 10°C it boils + ype t concltionals are used to express a real or vty probable situation inthe present or future. They are formed by an if-ciause lf + present simple/presentcontinuous/presentperfect/present perfect continuous] 2nd a main clause [future/imperative/can/may/ might/must/should/could + present bare infinitive, ifwe have ‘enough money we willcan/may/might/should/could go on holiday ext month ‘+ When the hypothesis comes before the main clause, we separate them with @ comme, When the main clause comes before the ifdause, then we da not use a comma to separate them. youre there, may in you. may jinyouityou are there a. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense . Which tense form was used in part ato talk to describe the future, about: }rrow night my friend Sophie is coming to visit me. Her 2 timetables/programmes Present Simple (1) ‘Narrves (arrive) at six o'clock and since | 2) wil stil be ing (stil/work) at that time, we 3) are going to meet t) in the city centre at seven. I'm sure that we 4) will (have) dinner at Giann’s because we alweys seem to up there. By the time we have finished eating | guess Sophie 5) wil have persuaded (persuade) me to take to the cinema because there's a film that she wants to actions which will have finished before a stated future time Future Perfect (5) 2 fixed arrangement in the near future be going to @ an action which will be in progress at a stated future time Future Continuous (2) Prediction based on what we know Future Simple 4 82 3 | Grammar In use ‘Complete each exchange by filling in will or be going to. 1. A: What are you doing this afternoon? B: | am going to meet Jess for a coffee. Would you like to come? Did you remember my book? ‘Oh no, sorry. Iwill give it to you tomorrow. ‘We haven't got any bread OK, | will go and get a loa. Mel is studying medicine, isn't she? Yes, she is going to be a doctor when she finishes college By Pr ee What are (you) going to wear to the party? | don’t know, probably my black dress. Its wery cold today, isn’t it? Yes, I'm sure itis going to snow. It-tumns out that | can come afterall Oh excellent, | will see you on Friday then. | don’t want to miss the start of the play. Its OK. If we leave now, we will be there on time. Pr er PE Se Watch out! You will burn yourself. Oh, I didn't realise the oven was stil on. 10 A: Is Sue driving into town? Yes, 'm sure she will give you a lift if you ask her. Pr ee ‘a. Dr Saunders is the head of the politics department at a small college. Look at the calendar which shows his arrangements for the next few months, then make up sentences, as inthe example. (See Suggested Answers Section) June 17th | havea meeting with other lecturers in the department July sth fly to New York for a conference 27th * finish writing article for Politics magazine ‘August 20th | + leave for climbing holiday in the Lake District September 12th] * host dinner party to welcome ew students Hes having a meeting with the other lecturersin the department on June 17th, b. Now make your own calendar for the next few ‘months, and tell the class. (6s! own answers) Underline the correct tense form. 1 We wil start the meeting a5 soon as everya artives/will arrive 2 Lewpect we are being/will be there in an: hour orso. 3. Ifyou need/will need any more help, just sk B 4 Joyce won't be able to come unless she finished/will have finished her essay 5. | doubt whether you arefwill be able to find it you don't ask her to draw you a map. 6 Doyou think you'l see Keith when you arehwil at work? Put the verbs in brackets into the future simple, future continuous or future perfect, asin the examples. 1 a By Monday moming, Kely will have wri (write) her History essay. b Kelly can't come with us on Sunday beca she willbe writing (write) her History essay 2 a {'m sure we will win (win) the match t afternoon. bb If we do, then we will have won (win) our five games 3 a He willbe working (work) all day on Saturday. by January he will have worked (work) ti for three years. ‘4 a She will have cleaned (clean) the house bef Jack and Sally arrive She will be cleaning (clean) for ages beca it's really untidy. 5 If Angela can get some time off work, we fiy (fly) to Paris forthe weekend b_ If Angela gets time off work, at this time Friday we willbe fying (fy) to Paris. 6 @ Do you think we will fnsh (finish) the re today? b Definitely, if we work hard we will finished (finish it by three o” clock, Choose the correct item A, B, C or D. 1. don't know when he A comes © iscoming B willcome D will have come 2 By AUgUSt, Nina nn English Fr six years. A isstudying C is going to study B willstudy © wilhave been study . Grammar| 3 In use 3 Ive got pans forthisweekend......toDubn, Put the verbs in brackets into the correc tense. A willbe going © willgo B 90 Daren 4 Youcan't go out inthis weather You... cod ® will catch © are catching B catch D_ are going to catch 5 By this time next month, he... n this anea for ten years, ® wil have been ving C wil ive B willbe living D ives Dear Say, 2 6 Can you help me tidy the living room? Jil By in oot is eter, 4) wl b (a on my. vayto ee tee ‘aes conference inte Bahamas! stil ent belive that my boss Speci re Sold |eould o. Te company imo 2) picking (pie) me up rom B comes D_isgoing to come iy hose at 30 on Fay amg end by 70m 13) i be THe sn. his project by Monday sitting (at) onthe beach, watching my fist Bahamian sunset. The A finishes will be finishing ‘conference 4) finishes (finish) on Friday but my fight doesn't B is finishing © wil have nishes ‘eave unt Sunday 5918) am going to spend (spend) the whole i aeatia es weokend swimming, sunbathing and lhtsesing. a party next weekend. Who shall Wana eae aoe Mersin ene tonm in aan hou. She 7)'sheoing (help) me shop fr 2 new B amto have © wilthave MeO OF h2 {promise 8) buy (buy) you a really tacky sowvenc and, of You'd better take your raincoat. t A willin © willhave rained Ray goin ran Doren 10 We must fnish packing. We... ealy tomorrow morning A leave © willleave = = aeleaing Dare going to leave 9 Use an appropriate future tense to complete the sentences that Anna might actually say, asin the 2. Imagine itis New Year's Eve. Write down five examples. resolutions for the coming year 1 She hears a weather report predicting sunshine. “1s going to bea beautiful day.” 2. Her friend says he feels hot *tilopen a window." 3. Her boss asks her when she will finish the report. will have it finished by 5 o'clock. 4 She is catching the 8 o'clock train to Manchester. “My train leaves at 8 o'clock.” 5 She has arrenged to have lunch with her friend ‘Amy tomorrow afternoon. “Amy and lar having lunch tomorrow afternoon.” & Someone asks her about her plan forthe weekend “At this time on Saturday, Ibe visting my fiends at their cottage 7 She is going to the cinema but she is late and she is worried that she'll miss the start of the film. (Gee Suggested Answers Section) ‘Tm going to save money. “By the time | get there, the fin wil have started ssh alr tofatiees each hers rccalutions: 8 Someone asks her how long she has been living in (Ss! own answers) es a Ace eu gobig mi Gin doko oe “By next August, | will have been living in London iter for three years.” 83 84 3 | Grammar In use in the correct tense. 1mm writing to tell you all ‘about my plans for the summer. I'm very excited! | think it 1) will be (be) the hest summer ever! This July, 1 2) em travelling (travel) to Mexico. As soon 5 1 3) receive (receive) thi ‘month's pay check, | 4) am going te book (book) my tickets and | 5) am also going to buy (also/buy) some new summer clothes. Hopefully, 1 6) will have (have) enough money left over to buy a new camera as well, because | am sure | 7) will see (see) lots of interesting things turing my trip (on 4th August, | 8) am having (have) a bi party at my house, because it is my 30th birthday. it 9) will be (be) great, with lots of brilliant music and tasty food. 1 hope you 10) wil come (come)! Well, 've got a lot to do, so 1 11) 'lisay (say) ‘goodbye for now. 1 12)" vmite(write) again when 1 13) get back (get back) from Mexico to tell you all about itt ] with love, 41. Fillinif or unis. 1 You will catch 2 cold unless you wear a warm coat today. 2. If it's nice and warm, we will go for a picnic. 3. Unless she works harder, she won't pass the 4 will invite John to the party if! see him, 5 lImnot going to speak to her unless she says she is sorry. 12. Form complete sentences by matching the items below, asin the example. if you answer a question correctly, [21g] ifit rains tomorrow, [BTA] rl go to the market before work [TB] itshe passes her exams, BIBT You get a 10% ciscount [Ic] Joan will get you a ticket [ZI] He can’t sleep if you throw something in the at, a. if get up early enough, she will go to college in September, If you give her the money. gravity brings it back down to Earth, you get two points. if you pay in cash. 4g. the game will be cancelled. fh ihe drinks coffee in the afternoon, Fyouanswera question corecty you get two points. 43. a. Rick is ambitious and is making plans for the future. Look at the things that he says he will be doing or will have done by the time he is 35 Make sentences, asin the example. (See Suggested Answers Section “© work asa senior manager for large company * become a mult-milionare ‘© marry hs ginfend, Saran Ive ina lage house Inthe suburbs of London buy a yacht «© jin an exclusive go club oa non a y {Ml be working as a senior manager fora large ompeny. bb. Write five sentences describing what you will have done or willbe doing in ten years’ time. (Ss! own answe 414 Match the items in Column A with the items in ‘Column B in order to make correct Type 0 conditional sentences, as in the example. (See Suggested Answers Section Column A Column B [11 boil water (ZI add four and two b itevaporates [BT] mixbiue and yellow paint ¢ it melts (4]a) put water i freezer di it sinks e ‘ a it becomes ice leave ice cream in the sun @ you get green ‘drop a brick in water you get six 1-b tfyoubot water it evaporates 45 Complete the sentences using Type 0 or Type 1 conditionas. ‘Guggested Answers) 1 Ifyou haven't got enough money, you won't be able to go on holiday Ifyou see Carla tell her to phone me. ‘Weill mis the plane if you don’t hurt Ice melts if you leave it in the sun, ifthe weather is good, well goon a picnic They will be having a party if they get good srades. Use of English + Key Word Transformations “Study the examples. In each case, the second sentence “Fes similar meaning to the frst sentence. My parents said | could go to the party but | had to be home by midnight. long My parents said | could go to the party as long as | was home by midnight. ‘Take your mobile phone with you. I might need to cal, you later. se Take your mobile phone with you in case | need to call you later. ‘Mum will be home soon, so we'd better dean up tis mess. is We'd better clean up this mess because ‘mum is going to be home soon. "4 You can borrow my dictionary tonight but | will need it back tomorrow morning. Provided You can borow my dictionary tonight provided you give it back to me tomorrow morning. 5 if you don't study harder, you won't pass the exem unless You won't pass the exam unless you study harder. 46 Complete the sentences with two to five words, including the words in bold. Do not change the meaning of the original sentence. 1. IF you don’t tell us what the problem is, then we can’t help you. unless We can’t help you unless you tell us what the problem is. 2 I can lend you the money but you must give it back to me by the weekend. Jong _Ican lend you the money as long as you ‘ive it back to me by the weekend, . Grammar | 3 In use 3. Fwe leave right away, can give you a lift provided | can give you @ lift provided we leave right away, 4 He has arranged to leave work at four o'clock tomorrow afternoon, 's He is leaving work at four o'clock tomorrow afternoon 5 Take a coat with you, it might be cold later. case Take 2 coat with you in case it is cold later + Error Correction 17 ross out the incorrect word in each sentence. 1. 'm going to move into my new fat he next week. 2 Take some extra money in Bue case you need it 3. Unless you do your homework, you will Bet be in trouble She's going to stayin, n case her parents bw call. Ifyou drop coin in water, it bt sinks Before we Sw leave, Iwant to change my shirt By the end of the week, | will have Bae started my new job. A long as you Sebring it back tonight, you can borrow the car. 9 This time next month, | will hdwbe relaxing on the beach 10. | wonder whether Helen will Hage come to the picnic tomorrow: * Word Formation ed: interest— interested ing: fascinate fascinating cable: accept -acceptable sible: sense~sensible 18 Form the correct adjective from the word in bold. 1. He's not a good teacher. His lessons are very boring, BORE 2 Art experts argue about how valuable VALUE. the painting is 3. I could hear the excited voices of the EXCITE children playing in the park. 4 Bill will take care of it; he's very dependable. DEPEND 5. The island is accessible by boat. ACCESS 6 That was a really frightening FRIGHTEN experience! 7 Did you know that Mr Jackson is a retired police officer? RETIRE 85