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Bell Work

Stephanie Bridgland

If you could choose one career to have, what would it be and what would
you have to do to attain it?

I would like to become a nurse that is able to work with kids or babies. I could
do this by going in
Specific areas that have to do with kids and nursing.

Explain the relationship of your personal characteristics and how they can
impact your career choices?

I am very outgoing, caring, and like to help those in need. I think that will help
my career choices because, that is needed for any medical field.

Dont measure yourself by what you have accomplishment but by what
you should have accomplished with your ability

I think this means push harder and accomplish everything that you can, not
just the little things

Match the following using opposites:

c. Dishonest


d. Unreliable


e. Irresponsible
b. Corrupt
a. Disloyal

What are the 3 learning styles?

Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic

Which is worse: Failing or never trying? Explain.


Bell Work

Stephanie Bridgland

I think never trying is worse because if you dont try you can never make
mistakes or you would never know if you could exceed at what youre not

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work so most people dont
recognize them Ann Landers
Explain this quote:

This quote means people dont try when they are given something to work for
or strive for when they think something is to hard.

Define the terms
Interpersonal: Likes working with others & being a part of a team
Intrapersonal: Prefers working alone
Resources: Time, money, materials,& facilities, human resources
Dexterity: Bodily-Kinesthetic
1. If someone has bodily/kinesthetic intelligence, what skill strength
would he/she have?
- They would be great at hands on things.
2. If your learning is better using verbal, you might prefer to learn
- Leaning through videos or instruction from the teacher or music
3. Analyst
Explain Quote:
Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding
Jim Valvano

I think this means keep pushing because the failure and the rejection helps
you learn from the mistakes and helps you know what you should do the next

Fill in the blank
I feel better when you help me when Im confused and I want you to do that
more often.


Bell Work

Stephanie Bridgland

List one problem or conflict you had and describe how you solved it:

A problem or conflict I have faced is juggling sports and school but I overcome
it by making a schedule and planning when and where I should do my hw
before practice or work outs so I dont have to do all my work at once..

Explain the quote:
Throughout my career, I fed off the fuel of people not being able to
understand me.

He used peoples misunderstanding to help him push forward to become his

goal without worrying what others think of him.

Define following terms

Ethical vs. Unethical Behavior: the wrong thing to do; the right thing to do
Optimism vs. Pessimism: Seeing the good; Seeing the bad
Tact: doing or saying something to offend someone

Game Questions:
Did you have money left at the end of your game?


Where they hard decisions or easy?



Which ones were hard?



Explain the meaning of this quote:
Education is not the filling of a pale, but the lighting of a fire -William
Butler Yeats

Education is something big and important it shouldnt be taken for

granted, it isnt something little.



Bell Work

Stephanie Bridgland

What collage did you write on the post-it note?


UNC Wilmington

Explain how this will support your career choice?


It has nursing programs.

Salary for chosen degree? 112,255
Do you think this is enough income to live on per year? Yes
Have you done anything lately worth remembering? What was it? Not really
and nothing
Make an elevator pitch about yourself: My name is Stephanie Bridgland and I
attend Heritage High School as a freshmen. My current GPA is a 3.5 and in my near
future this will increase with hard work and dedication to my school and my classes.
I would like to go to college and get a medical degree to become a neonatal nurse.
This is a hard goal but hopefully will be able to achieve.
Discuss Possible Interview Questions:
1. What work experiences do you have?
2. What do you do when faced with a challenge?
3. How will you influence our company?
List one challenging interview question:
1. What do you do when faced with a challenge?
Which statement would you hire?

Most responsible
The mix of academic and career
The one who communicated clearly the information you wanted
The one that can serve customers best
The one that can work well with others

List 3 questions you ask the interviewer after the interview:


Bell Work

Stephanie Bridgland

1. Do the employers at your company get along?

2. How can I prepare myself for this company?
3. What is the salary I would gain for working here?
1. What is networking? Working with others to find connections and
opportunities for you career.
2. How can it be helpful in your career research? It can help me know the
company better.
3. Name one person from yesterdays circle diagram that you could
network with? Marissa
Turn to peer and discuss answer.