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What is the Accounting
Many students have never even heard of
the Accounting Association, let alone
what we represent. Below is a brief
summary of who we are and what we do.
The Accounting Association is an on
campus group here at Salem State
University run by the students, for the
students. The executive board is
comprised of 5 key people: Kaite Noll
(president), Boris Lyubarskiy (vice
President), Srinidhi Yerramaneni
(marketing), Isaac Ardon (treasurer), and
Norbert Tschakert (faculty advisor)
It is designed to encourage professional
interest for those students who desire a
career in the business field by offering
lectures and programs geared towards

Highlights for Next Year:

Meet the Firms
This event usually happens on a friday
evening in the end of september in the Gasset
Fittness Center gym. Meet the Firms gives
Accounting and Finance students the opportunity
to meet with firm from the surrounding area and
give them a short elevator speech to hopefully
gain an interview or job offer. Over the last two
year, student participation has doubled from 50 to
100, and the number of firms that participate has
increased from 13 to 19. This year we are hoping
to have around 25 firms attend.

Alumni Dinner
The Aulmni Dinner takes place in November
and serves as a casual dinner to allow students to
network with alumni who now work in the field
in local accounting firms. Networking is a great
way to introduce students to the professionals
without being in an interview scenario.

Questions and
Q. What does being a member
consist of?

Upcoming Events:
CPA Review Info Session With Wiley Plus:
- April 4th @ 3 p.m

- considering the CPA exam after graduation and

want a jump start?
- the review session will contain information
regarding what is required to pass the test, along
with helpful tips for studying.


-April 11th @ 3 p.m

- students will be able to attend the accounting
association meeting and run for a spot on the
executive board.
- do you want to contribute to the association? Do
you have new ideas for events? Join the
accounting association!

Bowling at Metrobowl:

- Date to be Declared
- Come out for a fun night out, we will be going
to Metrobowl for free bowling, chips and

A. Being a member of the

Accounting Association means
showing support at events and
giving feedback that we can use to
help make the department better.
We hold weekly meetings that
anyone can attend and participate
Q. What are some benefits of
joining the Accounting
A. Lots of networking and having
first contact with potential
employers. It's also a great thing to
have on your resume.
Q. What do you want to achieve
through the accounting
A. Change in our department
because a lot of our students are
unhappy with the way the
scheduling is done. We also aren't
prepared for the real world of
given help about internships until
it is almost too late. Our students
should be aware of all
opportunities right from the
beginning to start planning their
Interview conducted with the
President of the Accounting
Association: Kaite Noll