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Ashley R.

Home: 156 Pebble Ridge Road Warrington, PA 18976
Present: 2100 Cedar Run Drive #306 Camp Hill, PA 17011
(267) 221-4209,


Bachelor of Science Degree in Education (May 2016)

Dual Elementary Education PreK-4 and Special Education PreK-8 Major
Messiah College, Mechanicsburg, PA
PA Certification in Education with Dual Elementary Education PreK-4 and Special
Education PreK-8 (May 2016)
Cumulative GPA: 3.65/4.0; Major GPA: 3.75/4.0
Susquenita Elementary School in Duncannon, PA (September 2015 - December 2015)
*460 field experience hours
Designed holiday unit for first graders with frequent formative assessment to modify
and evaluate instruction
Differentiated math lessons using Houghton Mifflins Math Expressions text and
incorporating manipulatives and scaffolding strategies
Implemented graphic organizers for instruction on main ideas and cause and effect
in a learning support classroom
Attended faculty meetings to discuss the importance of effective feedback and to
collaborate with educators outside assigned grade level
Expressed observations in IEP meetings and parent-teacher conferences in a
professional manner
Hill Top Academy in Mechanicsburg, PA (February 2016 - March 2016)
*34.5 field experience hours
Implemented positive behavior supports for students in an emotional support
Instructed read-aloud time and related activities for students who often require
Taught a math lesson on telling time to a TBI student
Attended seminars directed by professionals in their field such as occupational
therapists and behavior consultants
East Pennsboro Middle School in Enola, PA (March 2016 May 2016)
*37.5 field experience hours
Instructed whole group lessons on advertising for students with Autism
Demonstrated flexibility with scheduling during PSSA weeks
The Learning Experience in Doylestown, PA (May 2015 - December 2015)
Organized and instructed age-appropriate math and literacy center activities at an
early childhood center
Implemented positive reinforcement strategies
Gained experience developing parent-teacher communication through
documenting daily activities in journals

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Downey Elementary School in Harrisburg, PA (February 2015 - April 2015)
*107 field experience hours
Designed math manipulatives in an urban setting to enhance student learning on
topics such as fractions and elapsed time
Implemented evidence-based practices such as mnemonics
Administered data-driven assessment and Qualitative Reading Inventory (QRI) to
measure students comprehension capabilities
Modeled reading comprehension strategies in small groups
Gained expertise in higher-level questioning skills by using Webbs Depth of
Knowledge model (aligned with standards)
Kindergarten Academy in Mechanicsburg, PA (September 2014 -December 2014)
*107 field experience hours
Provided oral feedback for students during Kid Writing
Practiced using various components included in a Balanced Literacy Program
Designed manipulatives for math centers
Strengthened behavior management skills using the Bucket Filler strategy

Semester Abroad, Australia Studies Centre

Christian Heritage College, Brisbane, Australia (February - June 2014)
Adapted to different academic procedures
Supervised a group of kindergarten students
Developed time management skills by balancing workload and exploration
Experienced another culture through living with an Australian family
Service Trip
Santiago Christian School, Dominican Republic (March 2012)
Taught K-6 students Bible lessons and lead large group singing
Read to children in English and Spanish



Technology enthusiast proficient with teacher related computer programs such as

PowerPoint, Prezi, Canvas, Promethean Board, and Boardmaker to support student

Member of Messiah College Education Association (September 2012 - December 2015)

Attended education related meetings, paneled discussions, and professional lecturers
within the field of teaching
Completed hours of service for the Operation Wildcat organization sorting clothes and
necessities for underprivileged community children
Volunteer at Center for Champions (March 2015- April 2015)
Tutored math and literacy for middle school aged girls in Harrisburg, PA