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How To Make Sandwich

1. two slice of bread,
2. cheddar cheese,
3. chilli sauce,
4. beef sausage that has been be cut,
5.fried egg,
7. celery, and
8. cucumbar.

2. Plate

First,place a slice of bread on the plate.
Second,put the chilli sauce.
Third,adds tomato, cheddar cheese, beef sausage, fried egg.
After that,add chilli sauce.
Then,put a slice of bread on the top, and cut into triangle shape.
Garnish with cucumbar and celery ,Finally, serve it!

Steps to make a strawberry milkshake

A. Ingredients :
1. Ice cubes
2. Ice cream
3. Vanilla sweetened condesed milk
4. Strawberries
5. Strawberry syrup
6. Whipped cream
B. Tools
1. Blender
2. Knife
3. Cutting board
4. Ice cream scoop
5. Glass
C. Steps
1. Wash the strawberries
2. Cut the strawberries into many pieces
3. Put the strawberries pieces into blender
4. Add 1/2 cup vanilla sweet condensed milk into the blender
5. Add the strawberry syrup into the blender
6. Put the ice cream into the blender
7. Put the ice cubes into the blender
8. Blend the ingredients until smooth
9. Pour the milkshake into the glass
10. Add the whipped cream into the top of your milkshake
11. Decorate your glass with a strawberry
12. Finally, your delicious strawberry milkshake is ready to be served