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Richard Frederick

Instructor Keane
HDEV 200

Interview Q & A "TOOLS to get a JOB" Assignment

1. Why do you want to work at this organization?
Microchip Technology Inc. is the industry standard for microcontroller, memory and analog
semiconductors. Since the birth of Microchip Technology Inc. in the late nineteen-eighties,
Microchip has constantly reinvented, reimagined, and redefined a diverse and thriving industry.
The nanoWatt XLP Microcontroller offers the worlds lowest sleep current with an affordable
price tag. Additionally, as of 2009 Microchip has sold more than 6 billion microcontrollers, and
appears to have no sign of slowing down. Essentially, Microchips superb reputation, partnered
with impeccable credentials speak volumes about your orginazation as a whole. Microchip
Technology Inc. is the company I've been looking for. A place where my background,
experience, and skills can be put to use to make things happen.

2. Give me an example of a time when you set a goal and were able to meet or achieve it.
A few years ago, I decided that I was going to make a career out of something I loved. I realized
it was time to get my college degree. I knew from the beginning, absolutely nothing was going to
stand in my way. And you know what? Nothing did.Throughout my college career, I gave fourth
my best effort, and then some. I even even made deans list several times. I excelled and overall
exceeded expectations. I achieved that goal, and now my dreams and aspirations are even
bigger! Nothing will ever stops me from achieving my goals.
3. What makes you different from other candidates?
I cannot comment on other candidates, however being a newcomer to this industry by having
just graduated college, I have built up an enviable network of contacts that likely rivals anyone
else in the race for this position. I have over a decade of exceptional customer service
experience, and a lifelong devotion to the IT industry as a whole. My previous track record is
clear evidence of what I would be able to achieve for you, if you decide to appoint me to the
role. Im ambitious, highly driven, and relish a challenge. Most of all Im loyal, and I will serve
your organization well. We can do great things together!
4. Provide an example that demonstrates your ability to work independently.
At a previous job, I was responsible for ordering everything in my department. I had to replenish,
maintain, and guarantee product for the consumer. This involved looking at sales for the
previous year, month, and even the week before, while maintaining a focus on the tasks at
hand. As you can see, extensive record keeping followed by extensive organizational skills is a

must for anyone in that position. All in all, micromanaging while maintaining a focus on some of
the smaller details was crucial. I held this position for a year and a half at my previous job, and I
will be bringing this spirit to Microchip Technology Inc. Success is all that matters!
5. What is your typical way of dealing with conflict? Give me an example.
First, I try to figure out what is causing the conflict. Most of the time conflict arises from
misunderstandings in communication, so it is always helpful to ask questions directed at finding
out the issue. There are individuals who go completely out of their way to avoid conflict, but I
dont operate that way. Conflicts should be seen as an opportunity to grow with an individual,
not run away from them, or even scream at them. Conflicts can definitely be productive if
handled in a professional way. If assumptions, stereotypes, and biases stay under control, you
can rest assured that conflict can add a powerful dynamic to workplace productivity.
At my previous employer, a conflict arose between a coworker a myself. This was an exception
because we always worked well together. One day he came to work with a poor attitude, and
directed some anger my way. For a few minutes I analyzed the situation. I wanted to know what
the problem was, because the way he was acting wasnt good for workplace moral. So I
approached him and said, is everything alright today Bill? Bill did not respond. So I asked him
a few more questions: did you get enough sleep last night? And, is your issue something
related to work? In which he replied with, I am going through some marital problems, and I am
sorry for bringing it to work. Once we were able to get to the root of the problem (which was
related to his personal life), we were able to adapt and be more productive.

6. Give me a specific example of a time when you used good judgment and logic in
solving a problem.
I worked security at a previous job. My job duties included apprehending, detaining, and
removing potential threats from the company. Essentially I was there to spot and prevent theft
within the company; this applied not only to customers, but also to coworkers. Our company
policy stated that employees could go outside on lunches, but not on breaks. One day I noticed
an employee going in and out the front door several times within a short time span. The next
day the same thing, so I told my manager. In which case he told me to keep watching him. So
the following day, I followed the coworker out to his car where he appeared to be taking a nap.
Stunned I kept my distance, and observed. He actually slept in his car for the first several hours
of his shift. Strange how no one noticed he had left. Well, I determined he was clocking in for his
shift, and then going back out to his car. Then he would go back in and clock out for lunch, and
continued the process. The following day he left the premises, and returned to clock out for
lunch. After the investigation was complete, I gave management all the information they needed.
Sure enough, the employee was committing time clock theft, and was promptly let go. The CEO
of the company later sent me a card with a check for my accomplishment.