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%5DLPdZ&sc=pokemon> Fire red
1 Must Be On 9820F6AE 8203
23705BFC 2025
CC391336 E64B
2 No Random Battles A83F9AD9 A2F7
3 Always Your Turn E74BE30D 537F
8D09EBCF 83F7
E27F0220 7209
4A7B1AD6 62BD
4 Easy Win Against Trainer 0824929F B3D3
FEFB8201 D259
5 Escape Any Battle [Press Sel+B] A67B8428 9866
D6DB2282 5699
6 Weak Opponents D79FE387 42DB
4506FDD3 47FF
7 Single Pokemon Battles C72F4BC2 53BF
2F46FDD1 877D
8 Ride Bike Over Water 38863294 23BF
4772D3BB 4241
9 Gain 5000 Exp FEBB0A6A 8203
087B9AD7 20EE
10 Infinite Safari Time 663F08E4 4889
11 Infinite Safari Balls 4B294D4A E337
12 Safari Pokemon Easy Catch 0C729683 9CC3
F7846138 5B19
13 Wild Pokemon Easy Catch 0D52778A 9A8B
F7846138 5B19
14 Infinite PP 6E249471 5369
17D4F397 12D9
15 1st Pokemon-Maximum Stats 38A01438 2724
3FF45394 9219
16 2nd Pokemon-Maximum Stats A019AC6D B640
3FF45394 9219
17 3rd Pokemon-Maximum Stats 25345D54 9618
3FF45394 9219
18 4th Pokemon-Maximum Stats AD6DCD41 177E
3FF45394 9219
19 5th Pokemon-Maximum Stats BCDD240C 0612
3FF45394 9219

20 6th Pokemon-Maximum Stats 3CE49419 0776

3FF45394 9219
21 Access Your PC [Press L+Up] F4992E69 CC26
F7B64D76 1632
F4992E69 CC26
4E2D12B8 85AF
67325F52 9604
5F86F3B1 83EF
17D4F397 12D9
22 Access Poke PC [Press R+Up] F4992E69 4C24
E222025A AD34
F4992E69 4C24
F4992E69 4C24
662F123A 0327
Catch Articuno
Type: Ice/Flying
Location: Kanto, Sea Foam Island
How to catch: Use a Master Ball, Ultra balls or Great balls
Lv. you find it on: Lv. 50
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Catch Moltres
Type: Fire/Flying
Location: One Island, Mt. Ember
How To Catch: Use Ultra balls or Great balls
Lv. you find him on: Lv. 50
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Catch Pokemon Easier
Throw a ball at the wild Pokemon you want to catch. (Any ball will work, but use more powerful
ones to improve your chances.) When the ball explodes, press and hold the B Button, then let B
go when the ball wobbles for the second time.
This won't work every time but it helps to catch pokemon much easier and although you don't
need to weaken a Pokemon first, some Pokemon, such as Mewtwo, need to be put to sleep to
catch them.
(Thanks to
Catch Zapdos
Type: Electr/Flying
Location: Kanto, Power Plant
How to catch: Great balls or Ultra balls
Lv. you find it on: Lv. 50
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Gameshark Codes
Mastercode: 9820F6AE 8203 23705BFC 2025 CC391336 E64B
1st Pokemon-Maximum Stats: 38A01438 2724 3FF45394 9219

2nd Pokemon-Maximum Stats: A019AC6D B640 3FF45394 9219

3rd Pokemon-Maximum Stats: 25345D54 9618 3FF45394 9219
4th Pokemon-Maximum Stats: AD6DCD41 177E 3FF45394 9219
5th Pokemon-Maximum Stats: BCDD240C 0612 3FF45394 9219
6th Pokemon-Maximum Stats: 3CE49419 0776 3FF45394 9219
Gain 1000 Exp: FEBB0A6A 8203 18EB9493 31DA
Gain 5000 Exp: FEBB0A6A 8203 087B9AD7 20EE
Infinite PP: 6E249471 5369 17D4F397 12D9
Infinite Safari Time: 663F08E4 4889
Infinite Safari Balls: 4B294D4A E337
Ride Bike over Water: 38863294 23BF 4772D3BB 4241
Safari Pokemon Easy Catch: 0C729683 9CC3 F7846138 5B19
Single Pokemon Battles: C72F4BC2 53BF 2F46FDD1 877D
Wild Pokemon Easy Catch: 0D52778A 9A8B F7846138 5B19
Weak Opponents: D79FE387 42DB 4506FDD3 47FF
(Thanks to
Gameshark Codes
Mastercode must be on: 930403081078 91AC25D148D2 04B97176CAD5
Only Use One Of The Following:
Antidote: FDEA7CF5AEDE
Awakening: 9343B8375019
Bead Mail: C5C4E9110E99
Berry Juice: 9DE84C95E686
Big Mushroom: 91CB67B7E0B5
Big Pearl: 99CD6B31888C
Black Belt: 0F8049618B91
Black Flute: EBEF4FB1ADCB
Black Glasses: 6D8065E3ABD0
Blue Flute: 143645590E3F
Blue Shard: 2239E77DC052
Burn Heal: 9FEA50778E9F
Calcium: 12117E1F082C
Carbos: 7011529D286D
Charcoal: CE50ED2B8E31
Coin Case: 97B419FB4626
Deep Sea Scale: F85F4F0F405C
Deep Sea Tooth: 9A5F638D601D
Dire Hit: F1C957D7A8ED
Dragon: 5B8FC7C765BD
Dragon Scale: 79874A45C0DC
Dream Mail: E07B4B8B2D63
Elixir: 1C3049DF6606
Energy Powder: 9F38B59CC2BE
Energy Root: 9739B53CC29F
Escape Rope: 9757A822DA15
Ether: 6A374AFB2D4B
Ever Stone: 92596F0B0824

Fab Mail: 827B67090D22

Fire Stone: 973DA528CA97
Fluffy Tail: 9347A8235811
Focus Band: 865E40AD6328
Fresh Water: 9B28B59D40BA
Full Heal: 971BB93EC29D
Full Restore: 930BB93F4099
Glitter Mail: D9C5CA310DAC
Gold Rod: 9FB2157D2E1F
Green Scarf: E9B516596552
Green Shard: 483FC779882A
Guard Spec: F9CF5B51C0D4
Harbor Mail: BBC5E6B32DED
Hard Stone: 078645E7E3A8
Heal Powder: 00316AFF6533
Heart Scale: 85CC48118BB9
HP Up: D5E6E1130B9F
Hyper Potion: 9753B836D21D
Ice Heal: 9B42B8975038
Iron: 78175E1B4054
Item Finder: F5B435796667
Lava Cookie: 763669DB2E7E
Lax Incense: 258EC86546C9
Leaf Stone: 7A1542F9284D
Leftovers: 1B8766C7E09D
Lemonade: 9F70B494D23E
Light Ball: 718146C3A8E5
Lucky Egg: E45E6C2F4369
Lucky Punch: 2D88C4E32EF0
Mach Bike: 83B3365D2D2A
Magnet: DA57C28DE53D
Max Elixir: 7E30655D4647
Max Ether: 083766790D0A
Max Potion: 9F52B896D23C
Max Repel: 9F56A882DA34
Max Revive: 9361B435501B
Mech Mail: CDC2E59766A0
Metal Coat: 8E584C2B0B11
Metal Powder: 4F88E8610EB1
Miracle Seed: 65866965C3E9
Moomoo Milk: 9771B434D21F
Moon Stone: 9F3CA588CAB6
Mystic Water: B857EE0FC57C
Never Melt Ice: C656E1ADE608
Nugget: E7CC6493ABF8
Old Rod: FDB239FF0E5E
Orange Mail : B3C3EA3545D4
Parlyz Heal: 9B0AB99F40B8

Pearl: FBCD47B3A8CD
Pink Scarf: 8BB53ADB4513
Poison Barb: D251CE0B8D04
Poke Doll: 9B46A8835830
Potion: F5EC7073C6E7
PP Max: 0E105D3F0B19
PP Up: 64167D3B4361
Protein: 1A1772996015
Rare Candy: 061651B96320
Red Flute: E3E94337C5F2
Red Shard: 4039CBFFE013
Repel: 9F1EA98ACAB4
Retro Mail: 967C48AF662E
Revival Herb: 6231467D4572
Revive: 9B60B495503A
Sacred Ash: FFE86017C6C7
Scope Lens: EC5860A92B50
Sea Incense: 478EE4E76688
Shadow Mail: 8A7D6B8F651B
Sharp Beak: B051E289AD45
Shell Bell: 5389CB410D84
Shoal Salt: F7EE6C91AEFE
Shoal Shell: 95EE40138EBF
Silk Scarf: 398FEB4545FC
Smoke Ball: F05943892865
Soft Sand: 13816A4188A4
Soda Pop: 9329B53D409B
Spell Tag: A456CD2FC649
Star Dust: 8DCA4497E380
Star Piece: EFCA6815C3C1
Stick: F25B5F6B407C
Sun Stone: 9775A420DA17
Super Potion: 9F1AB99EC2BC
Super Repel: 930FA92B4891
Thick Club: 905B73E9603D
Thunder Stone: 101362FD6035
Tiny Mushroom: 04144D5B0B39
Tropic Mail: E87D470D455A
Twisted Spoon: AC50C1A9AE70
Up-grade: 3189E7C32DC5
Water Stone: 72134E7F4074
Wave Mail: A7C4C5932ED8
White Flute: 89EF63338D8A
Woo Mail: AFC2C91546E1
X Accuracy: EDC874F7ABD8
X Attack: 93C97B5588AC
X Defend: 87CE54F3E3A0
X Special: 8FC858758B99

X Speed: E5CE7871C3E1
Yellow Flute: 81E96FB5E5B3
Yellow Scarf: E1B31ADF0D6B
Yellow Shard: 2A3FEBFBA86B
Zinc: 6C1071BD2B58
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HMs and Locations
01Cut: From the Captain of the S.S. Anne.
02 Fly: Found on Route 16.
03 Surf: Found in the Safari Zone.
04 Strength: Found in the Safari Zone. Give the Warden Gold Teeth.
05 Flash: Found on Route 2, as long as you have 10 or more Pokemons.
06 Rock Smash: Found on Island 1.
07 Waterfall: Found on Island 4.
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How To Enter The Unknown Dungeon
In Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green, the Unknown Dungeon has undergone a major graphics change.
In R/B/Y, all you had to do to get in was defeat the Elite Four. Now in FR/LG, in order to enter
the Unknown Dungeon you not only have to beat the Elite Four, but you also have to fix the
Trading Machine on Island 1. In addition, you also have to have caught at least 100 Pokemon. As
you can see, it's a lot tougher to get in the Unknown Dungeon.
(Thanks to
How To Get Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Deoxys
It has been confirmed by Nintendo that Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Deoxys are in the US Versions of Fire
Red/Leaf Green. In order to capture Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Deoxys, you must first beat the Elite
Four. You must also have the MysticTicket to get to Navel Rock, the location of Ho-Oh and
Lugia. The Aurora Ticket is required to get to Birth Island, the location of Deoxys.
It is not known at this time how Nintendo plans to give out the Mystic and Aurora Tickets. I think
it would either be through an E-Card Expansion or a Nintendo Event.
Back to the Pokemon. In order to get to Navel Rock and Birth Island, you must take the ship at
the Vermillion Port (yes, the same port where the S.S. Anne was).
When you get to Navel Rock enter the cave. There are no wild Pokemon here except for Ho-Oh
and Lugia, so it's pretty straightforward. Go up until you come to the first fork in the road and
keep going north until you get to the last fork in the road. If you go left you will climb up a bunch
of ladders until you emerge at the top and find a Lv.70 Ho-Oh with Sacred Fire. I suggest you
hold on to the Master Ball as it will be needed for catching another speedy legendary. After you
manage to capture Ho-Oh (don't worry, you will), use the Item finder where it was to find a
Sacred Ash. Now go back until you come to the fork in the road. Now take the right path and
climb down some stairs this time until you reach the bottom. There a Lv.70 Lugia with Aeroblast
will await you. Use the same strategy as you did for Ho-Oh and you should catch it in no time.
There's nothing else left here, so head back to Vermillion Port. Now, take the ship to Birth Island.
On Birth Island there's no fancy cave to navigate through just a simple puzzle. You must reach the
triangle in the least amount of steps. Keep doing this until it turns red and disappears. The screen
will shake and a Lv.30 Deoxys will descend from the sky. Depending on the version you have,
Deoxys picture will look different (as will its stats). If you have Fire Red, you will get Speed
Deoxys whose picture makes it look like it can cut through the wind. Speed Deoxys's main stats

are attack, speed, and special attack. If you have Leaf Green Version, you will get Defense Deoxys
whose picture makes it look like its defenses are top notch. Its main stats are defense and special
defense. If you trade it to Ruby/Sapphire, it will revert to the form in which you encountered it on
the Island. That's basically it. Leave Birth Island and you're done! That's all.
(Thanks to
Legendary Birds
You can find Zapdos at the Powerplant. Have at least one good Rock Pokemon.
To get Moltres you will need both the TRI pass (from Celio in Vermillion City) and the Rainbow
pass (from Celio after talking with Professor Oak once you beat the Pokemon League) to get to
the rest of the S.V. islands. You must catch at least 60 pokemon and beat the pokemon to see
Professor Oak. But anyway, Moltres is standing at the top of MT Ember.
In order to get Articuno, you have to have Surf (which is the prize at the Safari Zone). Surf to the
Seafoam islands to locate Articuno. Articuno will be very useful against Lance, the last member
you face in the Elite Four.
(Thanks to
Legendary Dogs
In Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green, not only can you catch Ho-Oh, Lugia, Deoxys, and the game
basic Legendaries, but you can get one of the Legendary Dogs from G/S/C. It depends on who
you pick as a starter. It goes as follows:
Basically, whomever you pick at the start of the game will face the Legendary Dog that's strong
against your starter. Once you defeat the Elite Four, the legendary dog will be roaming around
Kanto (I REPEAT KANTO, NOT THE SEVII ISLANDS!). It's at Lv.50 and the same rules apply
on how to catch it as they did in G/S/C. I recommend using the Master Ball on the legendary dog
since it's speedy to escape. It may be weaker than your current Pokemon, but it will get stronger
as you level it up.
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Mystery Gift
Go to any Pokemart and press A to select the survey below the clerk. Input the words "Link
Together With All" and when you save your game, you will unlock the Mystery Gift.
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Mystic Ticket and Aurora Ticket Codebreaker Codes
(m)Code for Fire Red US- 72BC6DFB E9CA5465 A47FB2DC 1AF3CA86
(m)Code for Leaf Green US- 72BC6DFB E9CA5465 56671F3A 6F4F4D6B
Aurora Ticket Code- 2782EFCA 4EED1397
Mystic Ticket Code- 452BAC4C 8FA01462
Birth Island/Navel Rock Enabler- 07CF2578 E43B4EBF
DMA Disabler Code- 8D671FD9 6F6BEFF2 78DA95DF 44018CB4
You will need both the DMA Diabler Code and the BI/NR Enabler Code in order to get to the
islands. It would be better to wait until you beat the Elite Four to use the last two codes.
(Thanks to

New Way To Find Re-matches

In Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green there is a new way to have rematches with other trainers since
the PokeNav doesn't exist in this game. Play the game through until you come to Vermillion City.
Go to the Pokemon Center and enter. Talk to the girl in front of the counter to receive the VS
Seeker. To use the VS Seeker, get into an area where there are at least a few trainers. In order to
activate it, you must walk around a certain number of steps to charge it up. Then go to the Key
Items pocket in your Bag and select VS Seeker and press A. Now it should go back to the screen
with the trainers on it. If they want a rematch, a couple of exclamation points will appear above
them and they will start to jump. If they don't want a rematch, then an X will appear above their
heads. You must recharge it after every use. The number of steps needed to charge it will increase
sometimes. That's all there is to using the VS Seeker!
(Thanks to
Sapphire Plate
On the 6th Island, enter the dotted door using Cut. Go down the hole and you'll appear in a room
with 4 holes. This puzzle is cleared by taking the top hole first, then the left hole, right hole and
finally the bottom hole. You get the Sapphire Plate only to have Team Rocket steal it. Getting him
will see you given the second password.
(Thanks to
TMs and Locations
01 Focus Punch: Found at Silph Co., 5th Floor.
02 Dragon Claw: Found on Victory Road.
03 Water Pulse: Found at Cerulean City Gym.
04 Calm Mind: Found at Saffron Gym.
05 Roar: Found outside Mt. Moon and also Celadon Department Store.
06 Toxic: Found at Fuschia Gym.
07 Hail: Found on Victory Road.
08 Bulk Up: Found at Silph Co., 7th Floor.
09 Bullet Seed: Found at Mt. Moon. 10 Hidden Power: Found by using the Pick Up ability.
11 Sunny Day: Found in the Safari Zone.
12 Taunt: Found at Team Rocket Hideout.
13 Ice Beam: Found at Celadon Game Corner.
14 Blizzard: Found in the Pokemon Mansion.
15 Hyper Beam: Found at Celadon Department Store.
16 Light Screen: Found at Celadon Department Store.
17 Protect: Found in the Power Plant.
18 Rain Dance: Found on Route 15.
19 Giga Drain: Found at Celadon Gym.
20 Safeguard: Found at Celadon Department Store.
21 Frustration: Found at Team Rocket Hideout.
22 Solarbeam: Found in the Pokemon Mansion.
23 Iron Tail: Found at Celadon Game Corner.
24 Thunderbolt: Found at Celadon Game Corner.
25 Thunder: Found in the Power Plant.
26 Earthquake: Found at Viridian Gym.
27 Return: Found on Route 12.
28 Dig: Found at Cerulean City and also Celadon Department Store.

29 Psychic: Found at Saffron City.

30 Shadow Ball: Found at Celadon Game Corner.
31 Brick Break: Found at S.S. Anne and also Celadon Department Store.
32 Double Team: Found in the Safari Zone.
33 Reflect: Found at S.S. Anne and also Celadon Department Store.
34 Shock Wave: Found at Vermillion City Gym.
35 Flamethrower: Found at Celadon Game Corner.
36 Sludge Bomb: Found at Team Rocket HQ.
37 Sandstorm: Found on Victory Road.
38 Fire Blast: Found at Silph Co. and Cinnibar Island Gym.
39 Rock Tomb: Found at Pewter City Gym.
40 Aerial Ace: Found on Route 9.
41 Torment: Found at Silph Co.
42 Facade: Found at Rock Altar.
43 Secret Power: Found at Celadon Department Store and on Route 24.
44 Rest: : Found on Route 9.
45 Attract: Found on Route 24 and also Celadon Department Store.
46 Thief: Found at Mt. Moon.
47 Steel Wing: Found in the Safari Zone.
48 Skill Swap: Found on Route 12.
49 Snatch: Found at Team Rocket Hideout.
50 Overheat: Found on Victory Road.