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The Study of Religion under the Impact of

Horst Junginger

November 2007
Hardback (xviii, 666 pp. )
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Numen Book Series, 117

Religious StudiesHistory of Religion
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The study of religion under the spell of fascism has not received due attention. One
reason for the noticeable lack of interest was the political involvement of many
historians of religions. Among those who had good reason to leave the era of fascism
untouched, we find prominent figures in the field. Another obstacle to examining the
past impartially has been the connection with religious and other worldviews which
render historical accounts in the study of religion an intricate matter. The articles in this
volume provide evidence of the great complexity of the problems involved. Laying the
groundwork in many cases, they shed new light on a dark and poorly-lit era of the
academic study of religion in Europe.

All those interested in the academic study of religion, the history of science,
antisemitim, Paganism, National Socialism, and fascism in general.
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