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LaShirine Howard

Pro Rodeo and Steer Show

WS of female horse rider
S/LaShirine Howard

Im LaShirine Howard with you on East Texas
Explorer inside the Nacogdoches Expo Center
for the annual Pro Rodeo and Steer Show. This
event is funded and sponsored by great
organizations as well as giving back to the
community by supporting important causes.

S/Anita Scott
MS wrangler
MS clown
CU bull rider

IN Were excited
OUT close to three hundred


The steer show is very particulate on who can

enter. According to the Nacogdoches junior steer
show rules, students are encouraged to
participate in their school districts and be
academically eligible.

S/Damon Blank
MS Boy participant

IN By doing this...
OUT higher level

VO LaShirine
CU pink hats
MS audience
MS family wearing pink
S/Brenda Lee

WS LaShirine on the mechanical bull

WS of wrangler

On Saturday, the Pro Rodeo and Steer show is

drawing attention to Breast Cancer with the
Tough Enough to Wear Pink event, everyone is
asked to show support by wearing pink

So come on down to the Pro Rodeo and Steer

Show where you can do more than family fun
and activities, you can get involved with your
community. Im LaShirine Howard with you on
East Texas Explorer, Axeem Jacks.