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"The Case of Trent.

Trent is an African American boy five years old just started kindergarten, where he was in
the hallway screaming and crying with an aide struggling to put him in a chair for time out. Trent
has only been in school for two weeks when his teacher has diagnosed him with a learning
disability and wanted this five-year-old removed to Behavioral Education classes. During these
two weeks is when the toddler came in contact with Jo, a student intern social worker who took a
particular interest in Trent not wanting this stigma to stick to him because this a general
statement across America that African American boys are at risk population.
Not only did Jo intervene, but also wanted to learn more about Trent family background
by taking a chance to reach out to the child-parent for an interview. Not to mention Jo thinking
that Trent parents would not open up to trust her being she is white and a stranger that is another
stigma place on African Americans. Having said that, Jo did home visit with Trent family to
make it more convenient to be evaluated. During these home visit, she found out that Trent
reasonably moved with his father and stepmother in a different community.
Not only, where the out of control behavior in school is coming from but also his lost
from his mother and grandmother with whom he had lived with for the first five years of his
birth. The social worker intern used a genogram to understand the family dynamics she gathered
information from school, family background, one-on-one sessions, as well as group sessions with
family members, actually evaluate Trent, which would allow her to offer the necessary resources
to help him with his behavior and be successful in she developed a plan of work to help Trent;
this proved to be successful in school impact on helping Trent change his behavior.

Ecological Model
As a result, from the different casework studies in this week reading the assignment give
the social worker the opportunity to explore many ideas thoroughly so the care of clients would
be the primary priority. I have always exceptionally appreciated the challenges of case studies; it
allows me to applied critical thinking by using the tools that were learned in the WOW Program.
My opinion is the case studies that I have experience in my past courses give me the education
what to expect as a social worker performing an intervention by gaining knowledge in observant
skills. Most of all the case studies reveal as a social worker to analyze the situation by
understanding what impact the outcome could be most advantageous effect in the best interest of
the client.
I begin by reading case study 1-2 Using, the Ecological Model in Generalist Practice:
Life Transitions in Late Adulthood, after a viewing of the Biopsychosocial Assessment being it
design expands on the ecological system theory, identifying Mrs. Lilly Goodman, a 77-year-old,
Caucasian female. The microsystem which is the most powerful level of the ecological systems
theory, in this case, this system is the closest to Mrs. Lilly Goodman it has direct contact,
examples would be home. The mesosystem is where interconnections between the microsystems
Lilly as an individual do not function independently; therefore, she had been recently removed
from her home and into a nursing home, and these interactions have an indirect impact on the
individual. The ecosystems refers to a setting that does not involve the person as an active
participant but still affects them. This includes decisions that have bearing on the person, but in
which they have no participation in the decision-making process (STUDY, 2016).
An example would be Lilly being affected by series of severe strokes. This situation
impacts Lilly, and she becomes anxious when leaving her home. Lilly's anxiety has an effect on

her development in the new environment, which involves links between a social setting. The
microsystems encompasses the cultural environment in which Lilly lives and all other systems
that affect her. This is going to have either a positive or an adverse effect on a Lilly's
development. After reviewing this case study it was a fantastic example of the ecological systems
theory, and distinguishing what happen in people lives. Also, amazing knowing how efficient the
ecological systems is on clients outcome of a situation The implementation make it easier to
expand my comprehension of this holistic approach. In spite of the fact, there was not any
particular cultural issue the social worker had to acknowledge with Mrs. Goodman.
However, the social worker still had to take into consideration her culture when creating
an intervention plan. Another key point to remember, Mrs. Goodman has a multidisciplinary
team that is part of the organization to work together with the social worker to deliver
comprehensive care for Lilly. This will allow the social worker to focus on every detail of Lillys
life by being successful moving her back home. With this in mind, the ecological systems, in this
case, study to work in the best interest of the culturally competent and taking a bio-psychosocial
assessment of individual clients characteristic. Despite, the social worker and team were
incapable of being successful to reach their goal getting Lilly back into her home, she did benefit
from the assessment helped her to become accept it with her newly surroundings.
Empowering Adolescent Girls in Foster Care
While reading the article Empowering Adolescent Girls in Foster Care, it reveals to me
what to expect when dealing with foster care being I always know what the small percentage be
for a foster care child coming out from the system into adulthood adverse outcome. After reading
this story, it gives me a better understanding. One thing that catches my attention made me
reflect on a pass class was the paper on Adolescence; I identified with the statement giving it five

stars because it was good. , Adolescence is a time of life that is ripe for empowerment and
mutual aid group work" the statement is valid because personally I feel it is true. The article
display what can happen when a group of people comes together sharing their experience can
help a person realize someone else understand their dilemma. The report demonstrates the power
in a group coming together to address the situation showing how practical therapeutic value had
on individual being a part of the session helping them reach their goal. Most people do not
understand how do sitting in a circle supposed to help to talk to a bunch of strangers get better,
but it does because the topic of one person helping another person.
With that in mind, I can recall this event at my field placement this teenager who is
homeless was doing an unacceptable behavior, at the field placement, the homeless have access
to computers. It was five of us use to sit down and talk about my lunch, finally instead of them
being outside I suggested the computer, which to my surprise three never use a computer and two
have. With that in mind, after a couple of weeks, they start filling out resume applying for the
job, which one id get hire at Wendys. I wish I can have seen the follow-up among the other

Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory of Development. (n.d.). Retrieved June 01, 2016,