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Crysten. J & Natalie.

Rome Essay
The Roman empire was an advanced civilization at a time and influenced the modern world
in many different ways. The Roman Empire was a civilized economy based on agrarian and
slaves that was populated around the Mediterranean area. Most of the Romans farmed in Italy
and had slaves who worked for them on the farm, they would crop grapes, olives and grains. If
they weren't farming then they were trading different values from the farmers and markets
around the area. Some values that they would trade are animals like sheeps, lions, goats and
horses. The non living things they would trade were their government coins, iron, gold, silver,
copper, drapes, and etc. To transport their values the Romans took routes, navigable canals and
the sea to get to where they need to be.

The Roman government formed a Republic government that was copied from other countries.
They expect every citizen of the Romans to play an active role in governing the state and elect
representatives to rule them. The Roman government leaders picked out the most important
writing laws of Rome. The laws started that females should be remained guarded even if they
are matured, a spendthrift is forbidden to exercise administration over his own gods, it is
permitted to gather fruit falling down on another man's farm. If any person had sung a song to
insult someone they should put to death, and quickly kill a dreadfully deformed child. Instead of
ruling the lands that the have conquered, the Romans invited them to be a citizen of Rome and
Would have the same rights has the original citizens of Rome, this shows how the Romans had
respect for everybody.

Rome valued a lot of things but they strongly valued their architecture. They would have
different shapes, sizes and textures of buildings and structures. The Romans used a lot of
columns and arches in their work. The most popular column that they used was called the
Tuscan column, it was used for domestic architecture such as verandahs and peristyles.
Column also stands for wealthness or power. Some buildings in rome that was created with
columns was the Pantheon, Colosseum, and the Maison Carre.

The Roman social structure was hierarchical and was divided into 6 parts based on your
wealthness and birth . Each social class was strict and had different jobs. The wealthiest/upper
classes were the patrician, senators and equestrian classes, the poorest/lower classes were the
commons, freedpeople and the slaves. The Patrician were the ones taking control of the city
and had the wealthiest families. The Senators had families that were called the nobles, which
means they had one or more ambassador and men who men who served in the senate. The
Equestrians were members of a senator family that went into a business and the politics. The
commons where between the regular people that lived in the city and the freedpeople.

Freedpeople were salves that are now free but can't vote. The slaves were basically property
and don't have freedom.

The Roman religion was different but had some Greek religion in it. The Romans thought that
everything had a god and that it can control different parts of the world, the Romans got it from
the Greeks, they also believed that when you sacrifice yourself or someone else a God will
return because of the sacrifice. The Roman emperors were the closest things to gods so they
would treat them as the same as the gods. The main God that they believed in was a Greek god
name was named Jupiter, he was like the head of all god. Some Romans didn't believe in the
gods so they would make up their own god/s which was called Christianity.

The Roman Empire had lots of entertainment around their city, some of the popular
entertainments that the Romans enjoyed was called Colosseum. Since Romans loved blood
and fighting the Colosseum was when men or boys go against a deadly animal and see if they
can conquer it, the men that were fighting in were mostly slaves because they had a large value
of slaves. The Colosseum was like a giant movie theatre that seated more than 40,000 people.
Another entertainment that the Romans loved was called Circus Maximus. The Circus Maximus

was when a public place where people can go and watch chariot races on a long track, the
Circus Maximus could hold up to 250,000 people.

The political structure of Rome and the United States have some similarities and
differences. The Roman and the United States controlled large amounts of land and
controlled lands outside of their border. Both governments/ economy had greater
imports than exports which called money to decrease and raising the debts. The
differences were that in Rome, only if you was a citizen you could appeal to a Caesar. In
America they had different the appeal process had many levels through the judicial
system. Romans started to vote and speak up for themselves a lot which caused the
political structure to change.
Romans were very dominant when it came for a social structure. They were very strict and
wanted to control others. Nowadays there are social classes but they aren't strict like the
Romans were, today we really don't care about the social classes and it's not really important.
Romans had cultural values, they would values the architecture of their buildings and places
where you can go and admire the artwork. Us Americans have just about artwork everywhere
you go, on the sidewalk, on buildings, on cars , and etc. I think that the most lasting and
important gift that Roman gave to our society today was their architecture, because we use it so
much. We use it on/ in people's houses and different large holdings for an example; the White
House, most of the museums, courthouses and more. Not just here in America but people use
Roman architecture all over the world.