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Rachel Raymond

English 1010
1 Black
1 June, 2016
Reflective Essay
Looking back at these previous months I have come to the realization of how bitter sweet
my senior year has been. I have dreamt about how my senior year would play out. But now
looking at the grand scheme of events, I can say my initial conceptions equate to nothing to what
I have thought. Nonetheless, my senior year has been better than I could have ever dreamed of.
Throughout my last year as a high school student, I have pushed myself academically,
emotionally, mentally, and physically. I have overcame trials I would have thought to be
impossible to accomplish in the eyes of my freshman year self. I have grown beyond measures.
English 1010 has been one of many eye-opening experiences. It has given me a direct
feel of the work ethic a college classroom demands in order to be successful. This class has
opened a new door to explore and utilize techniques that are exercised in various types of
writing. These selections include novels, newsletters, research and personal essays. English 1010
has gifted my knowledge with different brainstorming methods. It has also invited me to master
those procedures and to build on my own.
English 1010 has shaped my learning style with sophistication and direction. My
capabilities as a student were put to the test. I recognize personal growth amongst my
organizational skills. A prominent example is found within my essay writing. I have realized that

when I am well planned for an essay, and I am especially passionate about its content, I produce
quality work. English 1010 has given me the opportunity to not only express my personal
opinions but to learn to argue them efficiently with validated research. The process of writing has
allowed me to expand my intellect and expound on varying perspectives of others. This in turn
has made me a stronger writer, in regards to argumentative and persuasive essays, because I now
know how to write relevant counterclaims. Learning about people and their different point of
views has made me more empathetic and understanding as a person. Not only do I value my own
opinion but I recognize the worth in others as well. This skill will help me profoundly in problem
solving, higher education, and the work force.
Although it varies in appearance on whether it seems like I have gained much from
English 1010 or the latter, based off of my grade, I have come out of this class learning more
than I initially have. The writing process that was taught to me has made both my school related
assignments and my personal entries more clear and cohesive. The personal dilemmas that have
plagued my life has sought release through writing. Writing has proven to be a significant outlet
for me. It serves as a way for me to free stored hurt, anger, frustration, and stress. If it were not
for writing I would have most likely exploded with emotion on multiple occasions, furthering
myself into a deeper hole than the one I am currently working hard to overcome now.
A grade is a representation of a students effort, hard work, and intellect. To me, it is also
a significant mark of the baggage a person carries before the title of a student. It marks where
that student was at that particular point of time in their life. At a surface glance, my grade reflects
below proficiency. However, beneath the letter, there lies all that I have absorbed from classroom
lectures and group discussions. This is expressly important to me because it reflects qualifying
aptitude. The array of skills and lessons that I have acquired from the English 1010 course will

lead me onwards to my future academic endeavors. English 1010 has made me a better
communicator. Whether it takes the form of writing, speaking, and even listening to others, this
skill is a lifelong and perpetuating gift that will only add to my success if I choose to add to its
foundation. English 1010 has served as a very substantial building block to the foundation of my
communication skill. My writing has dramatically improved for the best. This is due to English
1010. Writing is an extremely vital branch that stems from communication. I have recognized its
importance, have discovered its varieties, and, most importantly, have exercised and improved
my own. I look forward to the next chapter of my life and, with developing confidence, I am
optimistic that I will pursue a prosperous education in zoology. I owe a significant piece to the
important puzzle of my preparation for life beyond high school, to English 1010.