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William C.

Pro Se Litigation
P.O. Box 4823
Baltimore, Maryland 21211

May 4, 2016
The Hon. Ellen Lipton Hollander via: Hand Delivery
U.S. District Judge
C/o Clerk of the Court
United States District Court for the District of Maryland
Baltimore Division
101 West Lombard Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
RE: Civil Action No.: 14-02627-ELH
Dear Judge Hollander:
I ask that you treat this letter as a second supplement to my amended motion to intervene.1
I believe it is necessary to relay to the court continued public interests & new events of which it
may not be fully aware.
1. Late in the afternoon on May 3, 2016, the Baltimore City Paper published a news story by
reporter Brandon Soderberg titled In front of the Medical Examiners Office, the family of
Tyrone West demands his case be reopened.2
2. Importantly, this story again quotes the actors as again accusing the Baltimore City Police of
murder.3 The rest of the story speaks for itself.
3. Clearly, the West family believes that the simple act of purchasing an untested medical

Please see: Docket no.: 59.

Please see: Exhibit no.: 1, which can also be viewed here:
It is odd that activists routinely claim that Baltimore blacks dont like the police
when blacks complaining of criminal activity place the majority of 911 calls. Likewise, with the
black murder epidemic, the extreme rise in carjackings & other violent crime, the only safety
most citizens have is derived from the honorable service the great majority of the citys police
provide to all its citizens.

expert opinion somehow makes that opinion verified fact & law. As this court knows, this is not
the way tort litigation works.
We repeat to the court: Our motion to intervene is limited. It seeks to relay to the court public
interests of which it may not be fully aware. Clearly, the West family seeks to influence this
court via the media by falsely informing the public as to the facts and non-facts of this case.
Given Baltimores recent past, one could clearly infer that these people and their enablers are
attempting to create social unrest on a level calculated to erupt into violence so that they can then
receive their stated desire of a Freddie Gray payoff.4 Therefore, as a concerned member of the
public, and in addition to the relief already requested, we ask that you issue an immediate gag
order in this case as to all parties.
Thank you very much again for your consideration.
I hope this letter finds you to continue to be well.
Very truly & respectfully yours,

William C. Bond
cc: The below parties were all served this filing via email this day,
A. Dwight Pettit
Allan B. Rabineau
Latoya Andrea FrancisWilliams
Michael L. Marshall
Chaz Romeo Ball
Thomas Faulk
Ashley Elaina McFarland
Dorrell Antone Brooks
Kristen Elissa Hitchner

Plaintiffs and their counsel break many rules in this case: In docket no.: 52, they sought
to influence the court by introducing private settlement information, including the Freddie Gray
language, conducted before the magistrate judge; In docket no.: 60, they sought by content &
unallowed filing method, again, to influence the court; and as we already stated, the April 30,
2016, Associated Press news story was clearly fabricated with the intention to influence this