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issue# 120 MF50 Inconsistent Data, As per them the behavior is correct.

Please find
the below details.
For Material FDF0772010, Plant 1402, Operation 0020. (T-Code CA22)

Overlapping setting No Overlapping and Min.Send ahead qty as 50.

So now if we enter qty in MF50

Production Qty Details

Finish Date 22.04.2016, 24:00:00
Start Date 22.04.2016, 21:25:40

Planned Order Details Due to overlapping (Min. Send Ahead Qty 50), planned
order end date has been changed to 23.04.2016, 00:00:09.

Now when the order is saved and due to backward scheduling it calculates the date
from 23rd April instead of 22nd April and move the qty 1 day ahead.

Please let me know your comments on the same. I have checked the behavior after
removing the min send ahead qty and it was working fine after that.