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Welcome to Eanes CDC Summer Splash.

The teachers are excited

about working with your child this summer. The summer will be
filled with many opportunities for your child to participate in a
variety of fun and interesting activities. Please click on the
following Weebly site for more information with what to expect
each week along with an overview of what to bring each day.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact the CDC
Program Coordinator at: 512-732-3232 X 1.
Hours of Operation
The Eanes Child Development Center Summer Splash program is
open from 7:30am to 5:30pm.
Please Note: Additional closings may be necessary due to weather
conditions. In the event of bad weather, we will follow Eanes
Independent School District campus closures and two hour
delays. Please note a two -hour delay for the CDC is
9:30am. All CDC staff are required to report to their
campus by 9:30am. We will not take children before
9:30am. When the superintendent makes a decision based on
reports that the weather or civil emergencies require that the
schools be closed, radio and television stations will be notified.
Local stations will give adequate information on local school
district closings or delays. This information will also be posted on
the Eanes ISD website.
In the event that the superintendent determines that
school will close early due to inclement weather or an
emergency, you will be notified first by email and then a
phone call. You will be expected to follow the directions

and pick up your child within 45 minutes of the announced

closing time.
In the event of inclement weather the children will evacuate to
either, Cedar Creek Elementary or Valley View Elementary,
depending on which site the Summer Splash program is operating
Summer Splash Activities
This summers theme is Story Stretchers. Each week there will
be a new book to explore and with which to have fun. We will offer
age-appropriate activities, materials, and learning experiences
related to the book. Summer programming includes water days,
outdoor games and activities, gym time and weekly special
guests or events.
I understand that while the play structure/equipment does not
meet Texas Department of Family and Protective Services child
care licensing standards for preschool children, Eanes ISD has
received a waiver from certain standards from the State, which
allows CDC students to use the equipment under specified safety
While student safety is the highest priority for the District, under
state law, the school is not responsible for medical costs
associated with a student injury. I understand that the District, its
Trustees, and employees assume no liability in the event of an
accident or injury.
Summer Splash Teachers
Summer Splash staff are employees of Eanes ISD with criminal
history background checks and fingerprinting completed at the
time of hire. The teaching staff is required to follow policies and
procedures outlined in the operational handbook as well as the
district employee handbook. The teaching staff is trained in

CPR/First Aid. The teaching staff will provide a safe, respectful,

and nurturing environment for all students.
Payment and Late Fees
Payment must be made in advance. Payment may be made online
or during regular hours at the Community Education office also
known as The Rockhouse
located at 601 Camp Craft Rd. Payments must be made before
your child is dropped off.
Attendance and Absences
There are no refunds or credits for daily absences. Tuition is not
transferable from week to week. Refunds for withdrawals will be
handled on individual basis.
Clothing / Personal Items
Activities may be limited if proper shoes are not worn. Flip flops
are not allowed. There is a designated area for children to store
their belongings. Please label all items with your childs names so
that lost items may be returned. Children may not bring personal
items, like toys or games.
Please keep the Site Specialist informed of any changes in your
information, such as daytime phone numbers, cell numbers,
emergency contacts or persons authorized to pick up your child.
Eanes Summer Splash teaching staff must supervise children at
all times. Teachers must have appropriate visual and auditory
awareness as well as physical proximity and knowledge of the
ongoing activity of each child. Teachers must be responsible and
are required to take into account the individual needs and
different abilities of each child for all physical areas that the
children occupy. To ensure adequate supervision teachers scan
the room, coordinate, and communicate with their co-teacher,
positioning themselves where there are no visual impairments. In
addition teachers are mobile and engaging with children at all

times, leaving the ability to react quickly to potential dangers.

Children are never left alone for any reason. Supervision is the
basic prevention of harm.
Discipline Guidelines
Teachers use the Conscious Discipline philosophy to classroom
management when implementing routines, structures, and rituals.
Guidance is individualized and consistent for each child and
appropriate to the childs level of understanding. Our guidance
strategies will be directed toward teaching the child acceptable
behavior and self-control. We approach behavior management
with positive guidance strategies. By encouraging children to
work out their own problems they will learn to make appropriate
choices and be responsible for their own behavior. Incidents and
conflicts should be viewed as a learning opportunity for growth.
Teachers will model and reinforce appropriate behavior.
If all of the guidance techniques fail, a short period of separation
from the group may be used. If a child has been separated from
the group, the teacher will sit with the child and assist them in
reflection and problem solving strategies. Then the child will reenter into the activity. Absolutely no physical punishment,
degradation or verbal abuse will be used.
If a child intentionally injures other children or staff, this is
grounds for immediate suspension of service. The parent /
guardians are notified of the immediate suspension and are
required to pick up the child within one hour of notification.
A conference with the parents / guardian, site specialist, and CDC
Program Coordinator is required before the child may return to
summer school following the suspension period. There are no
tuition refunds or credits during the suspension period.
Drop Off and Pick Up
Persons who drop off and pick up the children must come into the
facility to sign the child in and out each day. This person must be
18 years old or older. A signature and time must be documented
daily. Sign-in and out sheets will be located in your childs

classroom. Photo identification will be required to release children

from the school to those persons listed on the enrollment form.
Illness and Exclusion Criteria
You are required to call or email your childs teacher to inform
him/her if your child will be absent. Let the Site Specialist of the
program know the nature of your childs illness if it is
communicable. Communicable diseases must be reported to the
Travis County Health Department by the program and have
specific stipulations regarding care, documentation and return to
the program.
Your cooperation and diligence is the key to maintaining high
health standards for all the families at Eanes CDC Summer
Splash. If your child exhibits any of the following symptoms,
he/she should be kept at home from school or contact with other
Fever-If a child has or has had, a temperature of 102
rectally, 101 orally or above 100 degrees under the armpit,
the child needs to stay home 24 hours after the temperature
returns to normal without medication.
Vomiting-If a child vomits twice within a 24 hour period, the
child needs to stay home 24 hours after vomiting ceases.
Diarrhea and loose stools-Uncontrollable diarrhea.
Eyes-If a childs eyes are extremely red, glazed and /or
discharging, the child should remain home until symptoms
stop, or on authorized medication for 24 hours. A doctors
note may be requested.
Overall Appearance-You know your child better than
anyone. If your child has a loss of appetite, shows unusual
signs of listlessness, irritability or fatigue, he/she may be
coming down with an illness.
Communicable Diseases-If your child has chickenpox,
mumps, measles, diphtheria, scarlet fever, lice,
conjunctivitis, pink eye, ringworm or other highly contagious
disease; please report it to the CDC Site Specialist

immediately. The Site Specialist will notify the childrens

parents in that classroom where there is a confirmed case of
a communicable disease. If other parents need to be notified
the Site Specialist will also send out a Health Alert to them.
If your child becomes ill at school you will be notified immediately
and will be expected to arrange to have your child picked up from
school within 30 minutes of notification call. In the event a parent
cannot be reached, a person listed on the childs emergency form
will be notified and asked to come for your child.
If your child requires medication while at the CDC, your childs
teacher will administer the medication in accordance with your
written instructions as provided on a completed Medication
Authorization Form. Parents are responsible for completing the
Medical Authorization Form to include the childs name, name of
medicine, date, time, and amount given and signed by employee.
Permission is not required to administer medication to a child in a
medical emergency to prevent death or serious bodily injury of
the child.
The administering teacher will record the time the medication was
given and the amount administered. Dosage may not exceed
label dosing instructions. All medications brought to the CDC
must be in the original container, marked with the childs first and
last name, dated, and placed in a labeled Ziploc bag. You will also
need to bring a device for measuring and dispensing medication.
All medication will be kept out of reach of children in a locked first
aid cabinet of each classroom.
Allergy Care
If your child has a specific food/drug allergy, Eanes CDC will
provide you with an Allergy Action Plan Form. In order to provide
adequate information to your childs teacher. Parents and your
childs pediatrician must complete the Allergy Action Plan within
10 days of admission.

Allergy notification of each child needs to be noted on the

following admission forms:
Admission Information
Child Release and Emergency Medical Authorization
Eanes CDC reserves the right to protect all children in our care;
therefore the CDC can restrict certain food products from any CDC
classroom or campus. If a child suffers from a life-threatening
allergy, the CDC will restrict any specific products from all lunches
and snacks.
The CDC is a peanut free environment. In the event that there
are no allergies of peanuts, the Peanut Free Environment may be
Incident/ Accident Reports
Injuries and/or discipline incidents are documented by the staff.
Parents are required to sign the forms and will be provided with a
copy of the form.
Meals & Snacks
Parents are responsible for providing AM/PM snacks and lunch.
Meals and snacks provided by the parents are not to be shared
among children. Parents can provide special snacks for the entire
class with approval. All lunch and snack containers should be
labeled with the childs first name and the first letter of the last
name. Due to limited refrigerator space, sack lunches brought
from home must be packed with a cold-pack in order to keep the
food fresh until it is served. Eanes ISD Summer Splash Program is
not responsible for the nutritional value of meals/snacks provided
by parents.
Water Activities
Eanes CDC provides water activities throughout the summer.
Some of the activities provided are: water in the sensory tables,
spray bottles, and sprinklers. NO WADING POOLS. Parents will be
expected to provide sun block and any other equipment your

child may require for water activities. Parents will need to provide
ointment, sunscreen or insect repellent with the written
permission form if you would like the Eanes CDC to apply any of
these products to your child.
Late Pickup Fees
Your child needs to be picked up by 5:30pm. A courtesy call is
expected if you foresee a late arrival. In the event of a late arrival
the fee is $15.00 for every 15 minute interval (late anywhere
between 1 minute and 15 minutes). At 5:35 the closing teacher
will begin contacting parents. If parents are unreachable the
teacher will move to emergency contact list and complete a late
pick up form. The parent/authorized person to pick-up the child
will be required to sign the form at time of actual pick up. Late
pick up fees must be cleared immediately.

Summer Splash Parent Handbook

Program Requirements, Parent Handbook and other Program

I, _________________ Print Name

understand & received a parent handbook and other program
materials which contains policies, important correspondence and
I agree to read and respond to said materials as requested in the
designated time frame.

_____________________ Parent/Guardian Signature ___________ Date

Thank you for enrolling your child in Eanes ISD

Summer Splash Program. The children and staff
are guaranteed to have a fun and exciting summer!