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Qperation instruction


The machirc bui'a-in rechargeable lithium battery, flrst time using this mach:ne,
please chae, caa be charged by the following way:
1) Conned computer charging, the use ol US8 connectwilh cgmpule.

2) Can charge while recording, video can also charge (an exie.nal UsB 5 '
charge. or mob:le treasure).
3) Afte. chafging long bright blue light, full of aed and blue lights long said
charge, (red and blue lights, please again more than 30 minlles lo ensure
tl-al baflery is 100o/o)
Note: 1: when the ba#ery is insufficient, T recorded ir the 6ard is full, DV red
and biue light will flash for 5 seconds atter directly into protection
state of shutdown, (save lhe f:le anal automatically shut down)
' recordiag file has been saved, at this *me, please charge on ihis
' mdchine
2i Producis wiihoul a card, red and blue lights flash for 5 seconds
altomatilly power oftatthe same time
3: No work afler boot mode, I minute automatic shutdown

Ohe cable with three functions:

USB with TV cable 1: Can be inserted into the comprie. for the machine is
charcing and data ttansmission


Can plug in lV OUT screen display.

Can insert DV 5 v charger while external aecord.

720 p video not flash:

Click ON OFF buiton to bocl, boot blue ligarl nomally ON, click ON ahe switch
machine, under lhe blue lights flash 3 ou: o4 720 p video, video process lafrp don't
suggesl, a segmeried automatically save 5 minutes contnuous videg, click the
switch button again to stop video, back lo the blue light normally ON standby mode.

1080 p video not flash:


blle light long on standby mode, press the mode button, red and blue

ligl'rts long for 1080 p video mode, click the switcft machine bufton once aga:n, blue
ligl':ts oul under the red iight flashing on the long 3. 5 minutes to. 1080 p video a
p;ecew:se confinuous rem.ding save automatically, cl;ck lhe swilch rachine again
to stop video, go back to the standby mode.

Plcture 12 million:

On standby mode, press mode butlon for 2 l;mes iong red light for picture
rode, the. click on bultons flash a red l:ghl, pholo 1, 12 million pixels (4032 x3024)
auloma{cally saved

Infrared lamp open closed:

Open: boot ary standby mode, p.ess acd hold the ON/OFF 2 seconds under
aed l:ght flash 2 infrared n:ght vision lamp opea, n see video
Close: infrared night-vision lighi, no siandby mode, p.ess and hold the ON/OFF
2 seconds. the red light iash 3 lo shut down ihe infaarcd nigh: vision under lhe



Motion detecting mode(720P-1080P)

720 p moiion detecting: :n blue light slardby mode, press mode key for 3
seconds, red light flasting on:he long 3 under blue Jights open moton detecting
v:deo mode, both have delected objects move afler, red and blue llghts flash io.
720 p mobile video al ttre same time, a period offive minutes, aulomatic packagirg
to save, don't covei tiere is no mgving object siandby all the timewithoui electricily
o.T rd record. (click on any butlon 1 exil mol;on deiecling mode)
1080 p motlon detecting: in ihe red and blue lights normally on 1080 p video
mode, long press the mode butto. for 3 seconds flash 3.ed, blue lights flasa 3
after a long bfight red into the open mobile v;deo mode, both have to delect moving
object, red and b:ue l:ghls flash for 1080 p mobi'e video at:he same time, a pe.iod
of flve minu:es, auioma:ic packaging to save, don'l cove., withoui mov;ng object
standby urti' electricity or T rd record ss fat (cllck on ary button on@ ,aunched
moiion detecting mode).

Filling record:

insed the T card. externai jnsert USB TV line, ihe exlernal USB 5 v power

supply, or cha,ging treasuae, machines directly irio 720 p video mode, no manual
slop has been aecorded at ire card ilth o. wiihou: powet can atso be manually
slop video sw:lcir aay oode.

TV OUT mode:
connect USB TV l:ne, the boot after
images, lhis


video can see through the



take plrotos and v:deos, motion detecling use-

Invalid resetr
madt'ne ctashes, buttons, canl nofmal use, can use a sharp object to reset
lse normally aiter rese{.

reset hole insert to the machine, can

Power off:

in ihe stop (video, piclures, moiion deiectirg) function mode, the need to shut
down, long press ON/OFF bufton fof 6 seconds or so, see the aed and blue lights to



1 minute


automaiic slutdown.

Time to change the setting on its own:

h complle. seat surface state right click ihe rouse

b,utlon, selecl-new-text
documents, fi $** tle ceskton to set up a document, as s:lolvn in f:gufe atter
open a iexi document, compile lime thek need,l\4iautes when the iormai(YM,D,
H,M,5)20140908182568 Y a:ter save the text file,Then put the name changed to
a new text document(TlllERsETi. g HE , Through ihe IJSB cable to connecl
to ihe machine plugged in to a @mpuaei a U disk mgde io save a good text files
are copied to the U disk mode under the root d:aectory of as shown in f:gure.
{ i? - H F ), Then move the USB cable, pressAbutton to open A DV RTC
blild waternark was writlen lo save time {.ead U disk insefted into the compuie.
again, ITMERSET file disappeared. Don'l need:ime watemafk is also operati.g
mode, mainly is:he tail ofthe Y and N difierenG. content to.mal is as followsi
Refe.ence style: l: 20140908182568 Y (Have the iime watermark)
2: 20140908182568 N {No time watefmark)
a.Please be surc to confirm lhe product has been inseiled it the : - flash
{Micro SD rd. In {he absene of card producb double flashlng red and blue
lighb can't normal use
b.Please in sufflcient lighting conditions, is taken by the cameaa to like,
and subject to keep a distance of moae than 50 cm, this will be coarect, the
color:s natural, the scenery is 6lear, the stabilig o{ the ixages.

Connect the computer:

On standby and ofi, can be cgnnected directly io the computer, connect the
computer after n be used as a U disk, fiies are aree:o copy, and pasie, delete,
formatthe U disk.
lnsert the machine into the computer USB pofr, the comprte. will pop rp a few
seconds after feoovable disk logo, the blue inditor io rdenify USB devic-a n
ca.ry out da:a iransmission, ihe.ed :nd:aator to.charging. the.ed light:s full of.
Afieflhe machine to connect the computel ii lhe computer can't idenlify, or s6l did not pop up
s@nds removable disk logo, please reset lo pl.g againiie T card reader diectly read the video liles lo piay, and play Cir*fly by USB
connecton 1n the videolile, in ihls video rerder builfin memory may be because lhe dala volune is
ico big, ka6p0d couldn1 keep ugryith, io play el smootha.

in 30

b. Suggesi using