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Equipment Layout Drawing Checklist

Equipment layout is a critical input from piping department to all other departments such as Civil
Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Process Engineering, Construction
etc. It need to be checked properly with utmost care to make sure that no information is missing. A
typical checklist to check equipment layout is as follows :
Sr. Description
1 Title Block : Drawing Number properly specified.
2 Title Block : Area code specified.
3 Title Block : Project Name and Number Specified.
4 Title Block : Plan or Section Specified
5 Title Block : For Plans, Elevation level specified.
6 Title Block : For Sections, Section Grid Numbers Specified.
7 Title Block : Revision Number Specified.
Sidebar : List of Equipments with Tag numbers and Equipemnt Description included in
Side bar.
9 Sidebar : Top of foundation elevation specified for Pumps.
10 Sidebar : Bottmon Tanline elevation specified for Towers and Vertical Vessels.
11 Sidebar : Centreline elevations specified for Horizontal Vessels, Exchangers
12 Sidebar : List of all holds included
13 Sidebar : List of reference documents included
14 Sidebar : Key plan included with patterned area indicating location of this drawing.
15 Drawing : North direction specified along with prevailing wind direction.
16 Drawing : All applicable structural grids marked.
Drawing : All applicable structural components shown including small platforms,
ladders etc.
18 Drawing : TOS elevation of all platforms specified.
19 Drawing : All equipments located in both EW and NS directions.
20 Drawing : All structural cutouts shown.
21 Drawing : Requirement for curb wall for chemical handling pumps, tanks in shown.
22 Drawing : Foundation elevation of pumps shown in elevation drawing.
23 Drawing : BTL Elevation of vertical vessels shown in elevation drawing.
Drawing : Centerline elevation of horizontal vessels and exchangers shown in elevation
25 Drawing : Operator and maintenance accessways marked.
26 Drawing : Davit requirements and drop zones marked.
27 Drawing : Floor cutouts to remove agitator assemblies if any marked.
28 Drawing : Monorails, Overhead travelling crane requirements shown.
29 Drawing : Staircase requirements shown.
30 Drawing : Location of Manholes shown (Orientation,Elevation).
31 Drawing : Equipment platforms and ladders shown.
32 Drawing : Ducting work if any is shown.


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33 Drawing : Tube bundle removal area shown for Heat exchangers.

34 Drawing : Manhole cover swing area shown.
35 Drawing : Maintenance area for plate heat exchanger, spiral heat exchanger is shown.
Drawing : Locaton of fixed saddle for horizontal shell and tube heat exachangers is
37 Drawing : Pumps located in plan based on centre of their discharge.