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Good evening parents, friends, family, Board of Trustees, Mr.Weiss, Mrs. McRae,
teachers, staff, and students. Welcome to our 9th
annual 8th
grade Recommitment
Ceremony. My name is Dayelline Estrada Britton and I hope you enjoy this wonderful night,
where we are celebrating your childs accomplishment.
For all the parents out there Im sure that you have heard t
Im going to wake up early and finish my homework. Im too tired.
Or your child says, Can I skip school today, I really feel tired.
Im sure you have heard this because I have said it so many times to my parents.
as usual they make me go to school because supposedly being tired is not a good excuse for
an absence. Im not trying to say that we are lazy, in fact if we are saying that we are tired at
13 to 14 years old, it means that Foundation is doing a great job in pushing us to our limit
because that is the only way that we will succeed in life. What FACS was really trying to do
was to instill the core values in us. Because they knew that education is nothing if you dont
have a purpose for it.
want to ask my fellow eighth grade graduates something. Do you guys remember
when we used to watch Cosmos in science class? I hope you do because the astrophysicists,
and cosmologists Neil DeGrasse Tyson once said, For me I am driven by two main
philosophies: Know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the
suffering of others. Youd be surprised how far that gets you.
The reason I wanted to share this quote with you because today we are leaving
middle school behind, and we are moving on to high school.

This means more late nights of finishing your homework.

This means maturing both in skill and values.

This means studying for two to three tests the next day.

This means a new taste of life because we are becoming mature everyday.

This means we get to know more about the world today than we knew yesterday.

The difficult question is: How will we lessen the suffering of others with our
This seems like an easy question, I mean you might be thinking by helping the people
in need. But, if it was that easy then why did we have the Holocaust? Hitler was a highly
intellectual human being, but he used his knowledge to increase the suffering of six million
innocent people.
The answer to my question is that in order to use what you have learned to lessen
the suffering of others, you have to think about your character. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
said, The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.
Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education. The problem with Hitler is
that he missed part of the equation. He had intelligence added to nothing that involved his

Today we have to recognize the enormous values that Foundation has instilled in us.
Respect, honesty, caring, and responsibility are assisting us with building our sense of
character. Today it is our job to recognize that we could be the most intelligent person in
the world, but it wont matter because the people that do not have the basic human needs
will be suffering. It is our job to make this world better, and now we go out into the world,
and we will discover new things. We are the generation that has to change the way our
World is at the moment.
We have to appreciate what our teachers, principal, lunch ladies, and the rest of the
staff have done for us to prepare us to this point of our life and the future. I could compare
my appreciation to Mount Everest, but it wouldnt do any justice to how grateful I am for
their years of teaching me. Even Mrs. McRae who is the principal taught me in fifth grade. I
could stand here all day and talk about the enjoyable moments that I had with every
teacher. Or, I could just say thanks. Which is what I will do.
I want all my teachers to really listen, all of you work incredibly hard, not just trying
to teach us the lessons but also in creating a fun and safe atmosphere. I just want you to
know that your work is noticeable. We are knowledgeable of how much you love and care
for your students success. We all started as little, shy, or wild fifth graders and now we are
heading to high school as prepared and mature ninth graders. Now you get to see us
graduate and know that you did a well job shaping us into the person that each one of us is
The teachers have been our second parents because we get to see them more
during the day than we get to see our own. They are an important part of our lives, and I
appreciate their efforts to help us in life because that is what they do best.

All of us had to go through a lottery to win our spot in this school. I always
remember the day that Mr. Weiss came to my house to talk with me and my parents about
Foundation, since that day, I felt that I was entering a great school with many challenges;
and now Im glad I was able to be part of this wonderful community. It was a great
experience, and I know that every graduate in this room will remember this equation:
Education plus Character equals success in life and it
lessen the suffering of others.
With all that I have said I would like to close with saying that high school will not be
easy, but it will certainly not stop us from trying our hardest every day. If we have come this
far then we can achieve even more greater things.
And, just remember that we know more about the world today, than we knew
yesterday. This will help us lessen the sufferings of others.
Thank you everyone for giving me your attention, and I hope that everything that I
have said has helped.
Congratulations to the class 2024 as we recommit to college.
Enjoy the rest of the night and enjoy your summer.
Have a good night.