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The Wide Window

Shanice Champ

Lemony Snicket was born
Feb.28, 1970 in San
Francisco, California. His
birth name is Daniel Handler.
Lemony Snicket is known
for his sequence of the books
The Series of Unfortunate
Daniel Handler won the
Academy of American Poets
Prize(1992), The Wesleyan
University Olin
Fellowship(1992-1993) and
accepted the Quill Award for
The Penultimate Peril(2006)
for Lemony Snicket.

Character Description
Violet Baudelaire is a 15 yr. old and the oldest out of three kids. She loves
to invent different objects and work on different experiments.
Klaus Baudelaire is 12 yrs. old and the second oldest of the three kids. He
is the only boy. Klaus loves to examine creatures of different kinds.
Sunny Baudelaire is the baby out of the three. She is very tiny but loves to
chew on hard things.
Aunt Josephine was the kids new guardian. She was a widow who was
scared of everything in her house and outside.
Captain Sham is a boat salesman who is disguising himself just to get close
to the kids again.
Mr. Poe is an old friend of the Baudelaires.

Resource Page
Lemony Snicket has published many books as the series of Unfortunate
event(in our library), The blank book, the unauthorized autobiography,
Behind the Scenes with Count Olaf, and The notorious notations.
The reptile room(f sni 1999), The wide window(f sni 2000), and The
miserable Mill(f sni 2000) are some books in our library.
Some books that are in other libraries are the Unauthorized
Autobiography(2003), The Reptile Room(2007), and The Wide

The Baudelaire kids arrived to the Damocles Dock where they will soon start their
new life at their new home. Mr. Poe had gave the kids a bag of peppermints before
they got to their new home on top of the hill to try and comfort them. When they
arrived this old lady name Aunt Josephine answered the door and greeted the kids
but told them to be very careful because she was scared of everything in her
house and outside of it. The kids stayed a few days when they realized they didnt
like it because Aunt Josephine didnt cook she only fixed cold foods because she
was scared to turn the oven on. One day the kids and Aunt Josephine went to
town to get supplies before the hurricane came to town. When the kids got in the
grocery store and went down a aisle in front of her was a tall skinny man with an
eye patch and a peg leg, Violet got a chill from the man because even though he
was in disguise she could still tell it was Count Olaf once again trying to get into
their lives and steal their fortune. Aunt Josephine came on the aisle with Violet
and the kids and greeted the gentleman standing in front of the Baudelaires. He
introduced himself as Captain Sham who was a boat salesman.

Summary Continued

Captain Sham gave Aunt Josephine his business card and told her maybe they
could have a date sometime. The kids headed home on a walk because Aunt
Josephine thought taxis was dangerous so by time they got home they was
exhausted, hungry and cold. They wanted a hot meal but all Aunt Josephine made
was a cold cucumber soup. While they was in the middle of dinner the phone
rang, Aunt Josephine didnt want to answer it because she was scared of getting
electrocuted so Violet answered it and she heard the voice of Captain Sham so she
hung up the phone quickly. The phone rang a second time but this time Aunt
Josephine built up enough confidence to answer it and when she answered it her
and Captain Sham was having a good conversation as everyone thought. A couple
hours after they ate the kids went to their room when they heard a loud shatter of
glass. The kids went down the halls calling out for Aunt Josephine but no answer.
So they entered the library and found the big glass window that over looked the
Lachrymose Lake was broke and Aunt Josephine was nowhere to be found. The
kids found a letter that Aunt Josephine wrote to them saying what had happen
and she leave them to Captain Sham.

Summary Continued
The kids got scared and called Mr. Poe and he said he was coming in the morning.
The next day the kids heard a knock on the door and it was Mr. Poe. They showed
Mr. Poe the letter and said Captain Sham wrote it but he didnt believe them, they
found the grocery list Aunt Josephine had wrote to compare hand writings and
found out it was her hand writing. Mr. Poe called Captain Sham to set up a place to
meet so they can see each other and sign all the papers for adopting the kids.
Captain Sham, Mr. Poe and the Baudelaire kids met at The Anxious Clown
restaurant. Mr. Poe and Captain Sham was talking and signing papers while Violet
was thinking of an idea so they can have time to get information to find where
Aunt Josephine was. Violet reached in her coat and grabbed the peppermints that
Mr. Poe had gave them the first day they got to Damocles Dock and she gave Klaus
and Sunny one. After the kids ate their peppermint they started breaking out in
hives and their tongue started to swell. Mr. Poe wanted the kids to go home but
Captain Sham wanted them to stay so he could sign the papers to get them so Mr.
Poe told the kids to catch a taxi home.

Summary Continued

The kids got home Klaus went to the library where the accident happen, Sunny
and Violet went to take a bath in baking soda to help their hives, they found out
that Aunt Josephine didnt have any baking soda so they went to the library with
Klaus and he told them what he discovered. Aunt Josephine miss spelled some
words so that the letters that was missing would spell out where she was and it
spelled out Curdled Cave. The kids went to Aunt Josephine room and got a map of
Lachrymose Lake and found where Curdled Cave was, by this time the hurricane
was arriving so the stick that held up Aunt Josephine house was breaking so the
kids ran for their lives to get out the house before it collapse. They kids had to find
something to take them across the lake so they went to Captain Shams boat place
but when they arrived they found one of Captain Sham friends holding the keys to
the gate where the boats was. Sunny crawled into the building and snuck the keys
out the man hands while he was sleep. When Sunny arrived with the keys a loud
thunder was made so it woke the man up and he came chasing after the kids in
which he caught them but slipped on the map of the lake and fell so the kids ran to
one of the boats.

Summary Continued

They sailed across the lake while the hurricane was going on and arrived at the
cave where they found Aunt Josephine. She explained to them that when Captain
Sham called that night he told her that he was Count Olaf and made her fake her
death so he could get the kids. She didnt want to go with the kids back to town to
prove she wasnt dead and save the kids so they told her realtors was coming to
examine the cave because it was for sale knowing she was scared of realtors so she
went with them. They was all on the boat and before they left Josephine ate a
banana and the leeches in the water loved to attack people who had just ate so
they was coming towards the boat after them but when the realize the people was
in the boat the leeches started hitting against the boat breaking it into pieces.
Violet was trying to make signals for someone to help them when they seen
Captain Sham coming towards them. They got on the boat with him but on the
way back to the dock he threw Aunt Josephine over board and let the leeches
attack her. When they arrived at the dock Mr. Poe was waiting and thanking
Captain Sham for saving the kids. While Captain Sham and Mr. Poe was

Summary Continued
talking Sunny was on the ground thinking of an idea to reveal Captain Sham as
Count Olaf. While nobody was looking she went over to Captain Shams peg leg and
bit it with all her might, everybody heard a crack and looked down at Captain
Sham leg where it revealed the eye tattoo like Count Olaf. Mr. Poe was shocked,
before anybody said anything Captain Sham(Count Olaf ), and his theater friend
ran away and lock the gate so Mr. Poe or the kids couldnt catch him. Once again
Mr. Poe and the kids go back to his house until somebody else is found to be their

Violet Baudelaire, Klaus Baudelaire, Sunny Baudelaire, Aunt Josephine, Captain
Sham and lastly Mr. Poe
Protagonists: Violet, Sunny, Klaus
Antagonists: Captain Sham
Before reading you should know that the parents of Sunny, Klaus, and Violet burnt
up in a house fire so they was sent to stay with there distance cousin Count Olaf
but the whole time he was mean and just wanted to steal the kids fortune. After
everybody found out his plan the kids was sent to stay with Uncle Monty but
Count Olaf found them there and killed Uncle Monty so now they have to go live
with a lady name Aunt Josephine.

An conflict in the story is Captain Sham who is an boat salesman in disguise trying
to get custody of the Baudelaire kids because he is really Count Olaf.
Another conflict is that Captain Sham trying to hurt Aunt Josephine and make her
fake her death just to get to the kids.

Rising Action
Count Olaf has found the kids once again but this time instead of disguising
himself as Stephano again he is disguising himself as Captain Sham a boat
He wants to try to do some to Aunt Josephine to get custody of the kids and steal
their fortune.

The kids was in their rooms when they heard a loud shatter sounding like glass
broke. The kids went down the hallway calling out for Aunt Josephine but there
was no answer. They checked every room in the house but they didnt see her.
They finally check the library and all they see is the big glass window that over
looks Lachrymose Lake broke and Aunt Josephine nowhere to be found. Did
Captain Sham push her out the window? Did she jump out the window to her

Falling Action
The kids, Mr. Poe and Captain Sham is at Anxious Clown restaurant eating. The kids
are trying to get home so they can have time to figure out what happen to Aunt
Josephine so the kids ate peppermints and they broke out in hives and their
tongues swelled. Mr. Poe let them catch a taxi home. When they got home they
found the secret code Aunt Josephine left for them to find out where she was so
the kids and the secret code was Curdled Cave so they searched Aunt Josephine
room for a map of the lake so they could go find Aunt Josephine. The kids found
the map now they are running to get out of the house because the hurricane has
arrived and the stick that held up Aunt Josephine house was breaking. The kids
made it out the house safe but had to find a way to get across the lake to Curdle
Cave where Aunt Josephine was.

They thought about Captain Shams boat shop so they snuck over there but a huge
man was holding the keys to the locked gate to the boat so Sunny crawled in and
snuck the keys out the mans hands. When Klaus got the keys a loud thunder came
and it woke the man up so he started running after the kids after he realize they
had they keys. He caught the kids but he slipped on a map of the lake so he fell
and the kids escaped on the boat. They arrived to the cave and heard a cry which
was Aunt Josephine crying. They got her to leave the cave because they told her
realtors was coming to look at it in which she was scared of realtors. On there way
back to the shore Aunt Josephine had ate a banana so the leeches was after them.
They banged the boat up so bad that Violet had to signal somebody to help them.
Captain Sham helped them but when they got on his boat he pushed Aunt
Josephine over board. When they arrived back at the shore everybody was waiting
for them, they was about to finish finalizing the papers of adopting the kids when
Sunny bit Captain Sham peg leg and revealed his tattoo. Once again him and his
friend took off so now its from step one again trying to find the kids a good

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