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COLLOIDAL SILVERI have recently become interested in the use of, and production of colloidal silver for

treatment of various illnesses. This is a compilation of information I have obtained

through various sources. This information is for use at the readers own risk. I am
not a physician, am not prescribing its use for any illness, disease or disorder. This
is strictly a use at your own risk item. There are risks associated with the use of and
ingestion of colloidal silver, and your own state of health should be considered
before using this or any other complimentary therapy. Be sure to tell your physician
or prescribing medical person of this and any other alternative therapies you use, it
could have implication upon prescribed medicines as well as action upon the
internal organs, tissues, and bodily functions. I will not be responsible for any ill
effects suffered by the manufacture and use of colloidal silver. **Colloidal silver
should not be used during pregnancy because of an associated increase in
abnormal development of ears, face and neck of unborn babies.**
That being said- I will give you a brief history of the uses and applications of silver
so that you may make an informed decision as to the efficacy of colloidal silver. I
have started making it only today, and have taken my first dose, and while it did not
taste good, I have thus far not turned blue, become ill, deaf, blind or any other
noticeable effects at all- good or badits only been 2 hours. I will keep you
informed as time proceeds.
First of all you should know that the FDA and the National Institutes of Health
maintain the use of colloidal silver is NOT safe for internal use, and is not effective
in treating any illness or disorder. The World health Organization seems not to
concur, and in fact endorses the use of colloidal silver. Whether the opposing
viewpoints are due to a fundamental difference of opinion or more likely is born of
the United States feeling of obligation to protect the citizenry from any and all
potentially dangerous substance. I am merely here to give you the facts as I have
found and interpreted them. I strongly encourage you to do your own research
before using this or any other complimentary treatment.
Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine wrote about the use of silver in the
treatment of wounds. Prior to the invention of modern antibiotics in the 1940s
silver was widely used as a germicide and disinfectant. After the invention of
antibiotics the use of silver decreased dramatically. Colloidal silver has been used
to treat bacterial, viral and fungal infections. The way that it works is that the
positively charged silver ion (Ag) binds to proteins of pathogens causing irreversible
damage to the cell membrane. The antibacterial action is enhanced by application
of an electrical current to electrodes this is called electrolysis. That is the method
by which I will force the silver particles into the distilled water. The electrical
current flowing through the silver in the distilled water will cause a corrosive
reaction. The amount of silver particles in the water is measured in parts per million

and is measured by use of a meter. The word colloidal means that the silver is
suspended in the liquid.
Uses- Bacterial infections such as TB, lyme disease, pneumonia, sexually
transmitted disease, scarlet fever and cholera. Parasites, such as ring worm and
malaria. Viruses such as HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, shingles, and warts. Lung
conditions like emphysema and bronchitis. Skin conditions like rosacea, cradle cap,
eczema, impetigo, and psoriasis. Inflammation of the bladder, prostate, colon,
nose, tonsils, appendix, and sinuses. Treatment of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, lupus,
chronic fatigue syndrome, leukemia, hay fever, many other allergies, trench foot
and gum disease. Some claim treatment of and prevention of the common cold,
and flu including H1N1. It has many topical uses for burns, acne, eye infections,
fungal infections, throat and skin infections including staph infections like MRSA. It
is used as an eye drop on newborns to prevent conjunctivitis. In solid form it is used
to treat corns and has use in bone prostheses reconstructive prosthetic
devices and cardiac devices. It is used on many kinds of wound dressings and
creams. It is used as a coating to devices such as central line catheters to prevent
blood infections. Endotracheal tubes to prevent ventilator related pneumonia.
Urinary catheters to prevent urinary tract infections. Silver is used in the drinking
water system of both the Mir Russian orbital station and the International Space
station. Some hospitals filter hot water through copper-silver filters to prevent
MRSA and legionella infection. The medication silver sulfadiazine (SSD) commonly
known as silvadene is widely used in second and third degree burns.
The World health Organization does recognize silver in a colloidal state, produced by
electrolysis as well as silver in water filters as two out of several methods of
effectively treating drinking water in developing countries.
Colloidal silver is listed as a complimentary or alternative treatment of many illness,
ailments and disorders. I became interested after reading about treatments of
peripheral and diabetic neuropathy.
Side effects- The most commonly known and heard of side effect is called argyria,
meaning the tissues turn blue, causing the skin to have a blue gray appearance.
This is first noticeable in the gums. This blue discoloration can occur at the site of
use topically for a burn or wound, or it can be systemic from taking it by mouth.
There may deposits of silver into internal organs such as the kidney liver, spleen,
muscles, nervous tissue, skin and brain.
Drug Interaction: Colloidal silver does interact negatively on several medications.
In quinolone antibiotics the absorption of silver would be increased and absorption
of antibiotic decreased, this would include cipro, norfloxacin, zagam, trovan and
raxar. These should not be used together at all. Other antibiotics like tetracyclines
can be used with silver but the silver should be ingested at least two hours before

or four hours after the antibiotic, this would include drugs like tetracycline,
declomucin, minocin, and achromycin.
Levothyroxine (used for thyroid disorders) is unsafe to use with colloidal silver.
Pencillamine- used for Wilsons disease and rheumatoid arthritis is not recommended
for use with colloidal silver.
Colloidal silver is not an essential mineral for humans, it has no recommended daily
allowance and there is no such thing as a deficiency of silver in the human body.
Dosing- The dosing I am using is the one found at the EPA website, and also found
at website. They list a daily dosage for preventative measures,
a dosage for use when you are sick, and a lifetime maximum dosage. You would
always need to know the parts per million of silver concentration to figure this. It
would likely need to be checked daily or at least often as the silver particles will
settle out and dissipate over time. Storage of your colloidal silver is in an amber or
blue GLASS bottle in a cool dark place, not refrigerated. Here is how to figure your
Body weight x 12 divided by parts per million=dosage in drops
For use when you are sick increase it by 10 so
Body weight x 120 divided by ppm=dosage in drops
The lifetime maximum is the daily dosage for up to 25,567 days (70 years) If you
use the higher dosage very much be sure to adjust accordingly. At my age I am not
overly concerned as I will be using it primarily as a preventative measure and it is
unlikely I will live another 70 years.
There are 500-600 drops per ounce.
So whatever your dosage is from the equation above divide it by 600. This will give
you a more user friendly way to measure dosage. You can use a medicine cup with
measurements on it, or a syringe, or measuring spoon. All are adequate. If you are
using a measuring spoon, there are 2 tablespoons in an ounce. If you are using a
syringe there are 30mL in an ounce. You will need to be proficient in basic math to
figure your proper dosage. It is OK to round the final answer just a tad if necessary,
this is not rocket science. For topical use it seems to me that a small glass pray
bottle for ease of application to a wound or rash is the most logical so I have
ordered some small blue spray bottles. I think this could be used liberally with no ill
There are many you tube videos to show how to make a colloidal silver generator.
In addition to that I will list the most useful websites that I found that were positive
and negative about the uses of colloidal silver.