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The Top Secret Of


ven Buddhist Doesnt Know

Buddhism is not just a

religion, but also a
Lord Buddha (Siddhartha
Gautama) was a man. He
did not teach
supernatural powers or
raise people from the
dead. He was not a god.
In fact, he explicitly
rebuked those who
sought to treat him as

a prince under a Bodhi

tree, gained Supreme
Enlightenment under a
Bodhi tree and
wandered about India
45 years giving his
to the world, and finally
passed away at the age
eighty at Kusinara
under a Bodhi tree
as a human being.

The forests were Buddhas experimental room

where all Buddhist should know and love the

Unlike others, Lord

Buddha was advising his
followers NOT to accept
what he was teaching or
telling them at face value
or to take his beliefs on
Rather, he counseled
them to test his theories
for themselves, and if
they didnt prove true,
then reject them.

Do not believe in anything simply because you

have heard it.
Do not believe in anything simply because it is
spoken and rumored by many.
Do not believe in anything because it is found
written in your religious books.
Do not believe in anything merely on the
authority of your teachers and elders.
Do not believe in traditions because they have
been handed down for many generations.
But after observation and analysis, when you
find anything that agrees with reason and is
conducive to the good and benefit of one and
all, then accept it and live up to it.
(Siddhartha Gautama - The Buddha), 563483 B.C.

The Top Secret of Buddha

of us are born to awaken our life!

people, who didnt know this
were dead free. Even in the
skrit wordbuddha means,
wakened one

Buddha taught mainly the inside of

He taught us how to win the mind
The winner is the one, who can reach
supreme level of awakening

Your vision will become clear only

When you look into your heart..
Who looks outside, dreams
Who looks inside, awakens.
- Carl Jung

Many people believe that

meditation method is only
used by Buddhism, but in
fact it is used by all religions
for a long time before
Buddha was born.

The meditation that led to

calmness was the way
Buddha had passed, but
The meditation that led to
conscious mind was only
the way Buddha had

Buddha had strategic mind! He

taught only Tukka or
Sufferings andhow to
ceasethem. It was the most
important subject to face with all
obstacles that brought the mind
out of the way to awaken life!

Buddha explained
that all knowledge
could be compared
to the whole
forests, but what
he taught was just
compared to the
leaf in his hand.

You are only one

person that can
bring your mind
back to the right
way, but when you
reach there and
your life is awaken,
the consciousness
will become your
great General to
defeat suffering or

The obstacles that make

people not to understand
Buddha, because they cant
imagine the result, dont
know the big picture of
Buddha, havent put their
efforts to reach the awakened

First of all we should know

our mind dont know the
things that people setup, it
knows the things that it
can touch i.e. mind doesnt
know poor or rich, but it
knows how to feel good or
feel bad on that status.
What the mind only deals
with is Feeling!.

owledge brings us good thought

nsciousness brings thoughts to change the feeling
e feeling changes the desire into belief
we believe and feel that it would be possible
ere is nothing is impossible!

All negative feelings are not good

for life. We dont need to destroy
them, but we just use our
consciousness to glance at all of
them like the cat arrests the rat.

Positive thinking is the good

starting point of creating good
feeling. The one who can catch his
feeling will not harm others feeling
and will not do what he feels bad to

The copy of good thought

is illegal, but the copy of
feeling is not and
it makes you progress

r mind,
he more you give,
he more you get!
he more you teach,
he wiser you are!
he more you learn,
he more intelligent you have!
he more you donate,
he richer you become!
l are about your Feeling

nt ask for success,

t you had better ask for
energy inside your mind!

The fear is the General of

negative thought, so we
use our consciousness to
overcome it. Try to avoid
who have negative
thoughts and
stay with the one, who
have positive thought

eeling of enough will make our life be happy

ould like to share to others. It is the shortcut to
the wealth to our life.

Consciousness and awareness are the

of our mind. It will screen all bad things
out of
our life. Finally, we will realize that all
are changeable.

Every time we are blamed

by others,
One good thing to do is to
give Mettamind and
think of them positively.

The Top Secret Of


uilding the conscious min

To overcome laziness by building the feeling

of diligent. Focus on Now activity and
at what you are doing with conscious mind.
Taking meditation to awaken your mind, not
to feel sleepy every time you sit.

To find the good teacher and to learn

how to awaken our life effectively and
this can bring the happiness to our life.
Nowadays there are many website for
further studies of Buddhism opening for
everyone to learn or you can go to
Buddhist temple in your city.

To do what you can do best. Realize that you

alone are responsible for your future. You
alone are responsible for the outcome of
your efforts. Don't look for anyone to blame.
Feel free to ask for help as you need it, but
remember the final decision is up to you. It's
your life, after all.

To stay with the positive thinking people,

because they will warn you every time you
are lack of consciousness and awareness.
Without them, you cannot overcome the
that you create both now and future. This
has greatly affected to your life.

To work in good business and good company

that makes your life better. This will lead to
your good feeling. Avoid alcoholic and
cigarette company that harm people life and
avoid all illegal businesses that are linked to
your life.

To accept your fault every time you make

mistakes. To be honest to your feeling will
provide you the correct sense. The conscious
mind will run smoothly to clean up the guilty
in your mind, so that you have full confident
to do good thing.
As a Buddhist, you must adhere to 5 Sila or 5
Virtues strictly.

To give pardon to others is the easiest way to

delete out the negative thoughts in your
mind. The awakening consciousness will both
adjust negative things in your thought and
negative feeling in your mind.

To avoid impulse purchase sense, so that

you will not jump
to do non-sense activities quickly with your
carving. With full consciousness, it will warn
you every time before you are going to do
mistakes. Making wrong decision will lead
you to failure in your life.

Have feeling of gratitude. To maintain an

attitude of gratitude, knowing that your
dream is about to become a reality. Refuse
to grumble when circumstances look
contrary. Refuse to complain. Be grateful for
where you are now, and for where you are
headed. Look around for things to be
grateful for. You'll be surprised to find quite
a few. This will make your feeling so strong


Become a giver. In your relationships, always

think in terms of what you can do for the
other person. What goes round comes round.
After all, whatever dreams you have most
likely involve interacting with other people. Be
kind and generous to all; you never know
where your breakthrough will come from.

is is just to remind you again!

e more you give,
e more you get!
e more you teach,
e wiser you are!
e more you learn,
e more intelligent you have!
e more you donate,
e richer you become!
are about your Feeling

Before the last minutes of death,

Lord Buddha addressed all the
monks once more, and these were
the very last words he spoke:

Behold, O monks,
this is my last advice
to you. All component
things in the world
are changeable. They
are not lasting. Work
hard to gain your own

Remember you are born to live.

Dont live because your are born!
Dont go the way life takes you
Take life the way you go!!!

And you will not die free!

Thank You Very Much

Sompong Yusoontorn