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Mavi Pistilli

It all started with Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who lives in his Hobbit-Hole with a peaceful
ambient, before something unexpected happened. One sunny morning, preparing himself to have
breakfast, he heard a knock on the door. He went to see who was, and he saw a Wizard standing at
the front of his door. This Wizard, known as Gandalf, immediately enters to the house as if he knew
Bilbo for a long time. He has auto-invited himself to a tea for his next visit, and when he arrives the
next day, he comes accompanied by a group of dwarves led by Thorin. The point of this meeting
was to invite Bilbo to join their journey to find the lost treasure that the dragon Smaug has kept for
a long time at the Lonely Mountain. Instead of Bilbo choosing rather to go or not, Gandalf had
made the decision for him, and he assigned him to play the burglar role.
The next morning, their journey had begun. During their way to the Lonely Mountain, Bilbo
and the dwarves had faced many obstacles. Their first encounter was with a group of trolls, who
they escaped with Gandalfs wizardry and Bulbos talent. The good news was that they had stolen
from the trolls place, and continue their journey even though they feared. They had passed the
country of the elves, in which Bilbo and the dwarves had stayed that night at the house of Elrond, a
good old friend of Gandalf. As they continued the next day, Bilbo started to feel nostalgic and
desiring to return home more than ever. In their way, they passed through a mountain chain, where
Fili and Kili had located a cave for them to sleep for the night. This cave was supposedly inhabited
by the Goblins, but it turned out to be the other way around. Bilbo had once more saved the group,
and this time with his inner startled yell. They as well had trouble along their way with Giant
Spiders and the elves. Bilbo had defeated a creature known as Gollum, and the positive of this
defeat was that he stole a ring of him to make himself invisible. This ring had been helpful in
fighting the Giant Spiders and getting the dwarves out of the Elevenking prison. They finally
arrived to Smaugs mountain, where the group had elected and chosen Bilbo to face the challenge.
Bilbo with great courage enters the cave, when he suddenly gets attracted by a red glow.
This red glow turned out to be the glow of Smug. Despite Bilbos great fear, he engages in a
conversation with Smug and steels a cup from its treasure. The next day, he re-enters and steals the
Arkenstone, which is the precious gem. When Smaug realize Bilbo had stolen from him, he comes
out of his cave and destroys the town of Esgaroth. Bard, with help of a messenger bird, Thrush kills
Smaug by striking his weak point. At this point, various groups come to the Lonely Mountain for
getting part of the treasure. Thorin had refused in allying with Bard and the elves, so Bilbo gives
Bard the Arkenstone to manipulate Thorin. Gandalf rappers because of the conflict, and The Battle
of Five Armies begun. This battle consisted on dwarves, men and elves fighting against Goblins
and Wargs. Thorin dies during the battle, where he is buried with his inheritance (Arkenstone) and
the treasure is later divided. Bilbo, Gandalf, Elevenking and Beorn, go back to the hobbit-land,
where they stayed for a time in Beorns house and later return to Elrond in spring. When Bilbo
arrives home, he discovers he has been presumed dead, so his house and its contents were in sale.
After all, he had recovered most of his possessions and continue his living, with more visiting from
his journeys new friends.

I chose to use this genre because its the best way to show my knowledge from the book.
This content is important to review because not only I enjoyed the book, but it taught me two other
majors in literacy. The first one is Heroes Journey, which I didn't learn before that each story or
movie had a process to include a hero. I have learned how to identify and look more into. The
second is Characterization, in which I learned how to identify and analyze more about each
character and their characteristics which makes them differ from the others. This book has taught
me a lot.