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Glow plug body with 10-digit number.

Two important rules for the replacement

of glow plugs:
1. Only use OEM quality glow plugs
as offered by Beru!
2. If the vehicle manufacturer
stipulates glow plugs with post-heating,
you should only use glow plugs with the
marking "GN"!
What you should take note of during
1. Dirt around the thread must not fall
into the combustion chamber under any
2. The glow plugs and the connecting
nuts must be tightened to the correct
torque. In case of excessive tightening
torque, the glow plug may be damaged.
This can result in irreparable damage to
the plug (destruction of connecting pin
or overheating due to reduction of the
annular gap).
Fitting the glow plug with a torque
It is imperative that you observe the
manufacturer's stipulations.
Attention observe maximum
tightening torque:
* Gewinde M 8: 10 Nm
* Gewinde M 9: 12 Nm
* Gewinde M 10: 15 Nm
* Gewinde M 12: 22 Nm
Fitting the glow plug if a torque wrench
is not available
Screw in glow plug until it contacts the
engine block. Tighten approx. 30 using
a suitable tool.
Our tip: To be able to undertake the work
properly and correctly, we recommend
the purchase of a torque wrench.
Tightening the nut on the electrical
The maximum tightening torque used on
the connecting nut must not exceed the
following values: on M 4 thread max. 2

Glow corp plug cu numr de 10 cifre.

Dou reguli importante pentru nlocuirea
de bujii incandescente:
1. Folosii numai bujii incandescente
de calitate OEM aa cum sunt oferite de
2. n cazul n care constructorul
vehiculului stipuleaz bujii
incandescente cu post-nclzire, trebuie
s utilizai numai bujii incandescente cu
marcajul "GN"!
Ceea ce ar trebui s ia not n timpul
1. Mizeria din jurul filetului nu trebuie
s cad n camera de ardere n nici un
2. Bujiile incandescente trebuie s fie
strnse la cuplul corect. n cazul n care
cuplul de strngere este necumpatat,
bujiile pot fi deteriorate. Acest lucru
poate duce la daune ireparabile la
orificiu (distrugerea filetului bujieiruperea ei, sau supranclzire datorit
reducerea decalajului filetului).
Montati bujiile cu o cheie dinamometric
Este imperativ sa respectati prevederile
Atenie - observa cuplul maxim de
* M Gewinde 8: 10 Nm
* M Gewinde 9: 12 Nm
* M Gewinde 10: 15 Nm
* M Gewinde 12: 22 Nm
Montarea bujiilor in cazul n care un
cuplu cheie nu este disponibil.
Insurubati bujia pn cnd face contact
cu blocul motor. Strngei aprox. 30
utiliznd un instrument potrivit.
Sfatul nostru: Pentru a putea s
ntreprind funcioneze cum trebuie i
corect, v recomandm achiziionarea
unei chei dinamometrice.
Piulia de strngere de pe conexiune
Cuplul de strngere maxim folosit pe
piulia de conectare nu trebuie s
depeasc urmtoarele valori: pe max
filet M 4. 2 Nm,

Product finder Your vehicle




Renault CLIO II (BB0/1/2_,


1.5 dCi

06.2001 -

Power output

Cc /

60 kW / 82 PS 1461 / 4

can be fitted with the following original BERU brand product(s):

Glow Plug


Code designation
GN 018

Type designation

Order No.
0 100 226 373

Installation Information: Cover glow plug thread and -shaft with mounting grease, (GKF
01 - Order No. 0 890 300 034), before fitting to enable easier removal and prevent
Tightening Torque [Nm] 15
Failure Moment [Nm] 35
Port Type 4 mm
Cone Pitch 63
Fitting Depth [mm] 25
Overall Length [mm] 89
Thread Size M 10x1
Spanner Size 10 mm
Glow Plug Type Pencil-type Glow Plug
Glow Plug Type After-glow capable
Voltage [V] 11


A 110 S

Fitting Position Dacheinbau

Cable Length [mm] 4400
Outer Thread [mm] M 6
Length [cm] 41
Operating Mode Electronic
All information subject to change

0 460 400 110