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Jagruti Dekavadiya

+91 8980004488

Mr. Philip Jarvis,

Head Corporate Insurance,
Allen & Overy,
Spitalfields Arts Market, 1 Bishops Square,
London E1 6AD,
United Kingdom.

June 12, 2015

Dear Mr. Jarvis,

I am writing to apply for the post of Corporate Insurance Associate. I am currently

working as an advocate with the Honble High Court of Gujarat, India after
completion of my LL.M. in International Commercial Law at University College
London (UCL) 2012-2013.

I am interested in a career in law because I have always enjoyed problem-solving,

since my childhood as I have been brought up amongst the senior advocates,
including the analysis of the problem and then working out a practical solution and
this is the field that interest me the most and I know I will put more effort into it
than anything or anyone else, not because I need to, but because I want to.

After my graduation from Institute of Law Nirma University in April 2012, I was
immediately called to the Bar on the 7th of May 2012. During the six months of my
practice at the bar I was able to work on a variety of areas that included General
Insurance, Corporate Insurance, Civil and Criminal Litigation, Education, Arbitration,
Service and Property. The time that I spent at the bar helped me hone key skills such
as client-counsel relationship management, leadership, presentation & marketing skills
and innovative solution-oriented approach.

I have had experience of working at various levels starting from an NGO till the
Supreme Court of India including some of the very re-known law firms like
Amarchand Mangaldas & Crawford Bayley & Co. not only has this given me an insight
into the realities of working within a competitive and global environment, it has
helped me to develop important key skills such as client relationship-management,
team working and leadership. These skills have been further added due to working at
the University as a student co-curricular committee head and chief executive editor
of the Nirma University Law Journal, where I often had to deal with potentially
difficult situations with tact and diplomacy. As a law student, I have had to use
research and analysis skills throughout my degree and masters courses. Dissertations

and research projects have taught me how to plan my time effectively and use
resources in the most efficient way. I have opted to take a number of Commercial
Law courses such as Cross Border Merger and Acquisition, International Trade Law,
Marine Insurance and Carriage of Goods by sea in the UK which has helped me
understand the vital role these laws plays in todays business and corporate world.

Having thoroughly researched the sector, I have been interested in Allen & Overy
since I was indirectly exposed indirectly as an intern at Amarchand Mangaldas on an
International Arbitration with the clients from Singapore. This interest is been
strengthen with the time due to excellence and expanding horizons of the Allen &
Overy into my home country which has built up a sense of security in me with this
firm rather compared to other firms. I am more drawn to your firm due to the
tailored nature of your firm and the culture of the organisation as being one of a
multi-disciplinary team that share both goals and unique working space with the preeminence of each and every individual. I have attended brief information session
presentation by your representatives present at the UCL law fair and presentation at
UCL. I was impressed with their obvious enthusiasm and honesty when describing
their work and the approach. Moreover, I am really impressed by the unique, liberal,
yet trajectory place to it is the place to start and grow as a lawyer with perfect
mentoring from the leaders in the field. If offered an opportunity, I will assure that I
understand that working for your firm requires a candidate who is diligent,
ambitious, enthusiastic, team oriented and capable of immense hard-work and I am
willing to put in my best to assure absolute competence towards the delegated
work. The reason that draws me to London as a place of work and especially
towards your firm as it has the limitless horizon of opportunities that it promises as
far as the quality as well as the quantity of legal work is concerned. Further, London
can unarguably boast of being the global commercial capital it is quite a compelling
reason for me to make it as a lawyer here.
I hope that my interest in overcoming the complex challenges your firms constantly
deals with, along with my academic and extra-curricular transferrable skills, will make
me a strong candidate to experience your firm first-hand.
Thank you for taking time to consider my application. I have enclosed a copy of my
curriculum vitae for your kind consideration.

I am available for interview at anytime and look forward to hearing from you in due

Yours Sincerely,
Jagruti Dekavadiya.