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21 Petawawa Cres. PO Box 715 Shilo, M.B.

R0K 2A0 (204)441-9696

Aimee C. Rutz
MB certified teacher (TA-88081)
Bachelor of Education, Elementary; Mount Saint Vincent University

Bedford, N.S. 2011-2013

Bachelor of Science, Psychology; Dalhousie University

Halifax, N.S.

2001- 2005

Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate, 100 hrs

Specialization in Teaching to Children; Oxford Seminars

Halifax, N.S.


Teaching Experience
English as a Second Language Teacher, Shilo MFRC

Substitute Teacher, Brandon School Division

Shilo, M.B.

Brandon and Shilo, M.B. 2015-present

Instructed various classes from kindergarten to middle school.

Supported groups of students both large and small as well as individuals.
Led gym and music class for K-6.

Substitute Teacher, Southwest Horizon School Division

Shilo, M.B.


Instructed adult francophone soldiers of various levels of English as a second language over 7 levels using DND
curriculum in preparation to take the government test of English language proficiency.
Explicitly taught English grammar and pronunciation in multiple tenses.
Engaged and encouraged students in their language proficiency by supplementing the curriculum with more
challenging reading and writing materials as well as discussion, debate and other speaking activities.

Grade one/two teacher candidate, Ecole Grosvenor Wentworth Park

Wawanesa, M.B. 2016 and 2014

Successfully gained and used classroom management techniques such as PAX.

Educated a variety of age levels from grade one to high school.
Led gym class for grade one-five.

English as a Second Language Teacher, Ecole de Langues La Cite


Taught beginning level English as a second language to spouses and family of military members using the military
family services program curriculum.
Instilled confidence in practical communication in English.
Evaluated and provided feedback to students both verbal and written.

Halifax, N.S.


Provided split grade instruction by combining curriculum objectives and sometimes having students complete
differing activities.
Promoted engagement particularly in math and language arts by incorporating technology in the form of PowerPoint
games and videos.
Lead a field trip to an apple orchard; planned pre-trip and follow-up activities.
Helped fundraise and participated in the Terry Fox Run with students.

Aimee Rutz

Kindergarten teacher candidate, Bedford South School

Bedford, N.S. 2012-13

Created lesson plans that were differentiated to a variety of learning styles and included adaptations for EALs.
Designed hands on cross-curricular outcome focused learning centers for students to complete each week.
Used ipad technology to engage young students in alphabet, numeral formation and phonemic awareness.

Grade four teacher candidate, Kingswood Elementary School

Hammonds Plains, N.S. 2011-12

Planned small units especially in science and language arts with adaptations for students with attention difficulties and
learning disabilities.
Made a PowerPoint game as an interesting way for students to learn and review multiplication skills.
Observed parent teacher conferences.
Supervised students in an after school girls club.

Foreign Language Assistant (teacher), Pyung-il Elementary School

Pyeongtaek, South Korea

Pohang, South Korea


Taught science, math, cooking and language arts in English to kindergarten students.
Used and supplemented American English as second language text books and created units of study for learners in
grade 1-6.

English as a second language teacher, Ding Ding Dang Childrens Language School
Ulsan, South Korea


Instructed with and supplemented the national curriculum by researching and creating games and additional learning
activities for children in grade 3-6.

English as a second language teacher, LCI Kids Club

Assisted with curriculum night.


Used and supplemented an academy designed curriculum with games, songs and poetry for children in grade K-6.

Related Experience
Childcare Assistant, Shilo MFRC Childrens Services


Worked with infants, preschool and school-aged children independently and as part of a team of early childhood
Promoted social/interpersonal skills, early numeracy and literacy with adaptations for students with special needs.
Engaged children with reading, music and movement as well as free play and explorations in nature.

Volunteer, Military Family Resource Center

Shilo, M.B.

Shilo, M.B.


Occasionally assisted with childrens activities and community events.

Professional Development
French as a Second Language; Military Family Services Program

Shilo, M.B.


Canadian Red Cross First Aid, CPR/AED level C, Canadian Red Cross Shilo, M.B.


Math 191, Principles of Mathematics for Teachers; Thompson Rivers University online, B.C.



21 Petawawa Cres. PO Box 715 Shilo, M.B. R0K 2A0 (204)441-9696
Literacy, different cultures and languages, science, technology, painting and cooking.
References Available upon request.