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Advanced Microgrid Solutions

Schneider Electric . . .
Helping you make the most of your energy

and Distributed Energy Resource Management

At Schneider Electric, microgrids are a natural extension of our 100-year legacy in the power distribution and energy
management business. Well leverage that experience to partner with you on every aspect of your project from design,
financing, and construction to training, maintenance, and support for the entire service life of your microgrid.

Delivering the ultimate

in energy flexibility

Our Microgrid Performance

Ensure reliability
Optimize efficiency

20 years experience
300+ successful control and microgrid projects completed
Ranked #1 in low- and medium-voltage distribution worldwide
99.999% onsite reliability performance without redundancies and reserves
430 US-based employees, including 250 accredited electrical and power
system engineers

Improve sustainability

Our Customers


Commercial &


Data Center

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Make the most of your energy


The energy environment is changing . . .

A Schneider Electric microgrid can help you manage it safely and effectively
In todays high-tech world, our everyday activities depend on an uninterrupted flow of cost
effective electricity. Severe storms, power outages, aging energy infrastructure, and rising
costs have created a period of energy uncertainty where large energy users are quickly
realizing the importance of distributed generation resources and efficient renewable energy.

The Cost
of Outages
in the US

$119 Billion

Thankfully, the introduction of microgrids is shifting management of our electricity system

to the end user, enabling more decentralized control. These solutions are providing large
electricity consumers with advanced energy flexibility, where power is more reliable and
storm-resilient, and becomes an asset driving performance.

Annual productivity losses due to

power disruptions and outages*

Advanced Microgrid Solutions

As a global energy management specialist, Schneider Electric offers the most
advanced microgrid solutions available today. With our custom solutions
and proven expertise, we deliver microgrids that offer the advantages of grid
independence without forfeiting the benefits of being part of the central
grid. Along with 24/7 power reliability, you also gain energy management
capabilities previously only affordable to big power producers and distributors.
Our industry-leading portfolio of software, hardware, and controls safely
and seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure to deliver a fully
customized microgrid solution, all designed and commissioned by the
industrys most experienced team. In addition, our scalable approach allows
us to deliver innovative and economically feasible microgrid solutions with
greater speed and precision.

Industry-leading Portfolio
& Controls

Microgrids deliver the ultimate energy flexibility

Large energy users from cities and colleges to manufacturing and military operations have different needs. Some require a
resilient energy system to protect their communities during an emergency, while others need to optimize their energy to drive
business growth or protect critical operations . . . and all want greener energy sources. Whatever the reasons, customizable
microgrid solutions deliver optimal performance to meet a range of critical business needs.

Optimize Efficiency

Ensure Reliability


Business continuity 24/7 with local

energy generation

Cyber secure design protects

from potential threats

le E

Determine root cause of outages

and restore power quickly

Harness combined heat and power,

maximize incentives

Our flexible microgrid design

features a scalable set of grid
components designed to efficiently
manage your entire energy
infrastructure, including distributed
generation, energy storage, and
load demand, while giving you the
ability to easily adapt the system to
your changing needs.

Reduce dependence on grid pricing

and availability


Meet your changing energy needs


Proactively island from utility and


Minimize energy costs through load

shifting, peak shaving, or demand

Flexible design to
meet your needs

Prioritized load preservation

keeps power flowing to the most
critical loads

Stable Green Energy

Improve Sustainability
Take full advantage of distributed energy resources (e.g. solar, wind,
and biomass)
Store and harness energy to use when needed
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint

Making distributed energy resources work

harder for you
Well help you determine the right mix of renewable and non-renewable
distributed energy resources based on your energy needs, sustainability goals,
local climate, and incentive programs.
Our intelligent microgrid controls then program when to generate energy,
when to store it, when to buy it, and how to manage it for the most cost
effective operation.

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* Sources: Ensuring Resilience of US Electrical Grid, Lexington Institute, January 2013