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The purpose of my project is to explain different types of 3D Imagining

Techniques . 3D displays become more and more popular these years ,In this
project the most important techniques to create a spatial three-dimensional
image were described we represent different 3D imagining techniques like
Holography, 3D Lidar / Flash Lidar, Wiggle Stereoscopy, Volumetric Displays,
Anaglyph Technique, Chroma Depth , Auto Stereoscopy. Each technique has
its own advantages and disadvantages
We have discussed range of issues related to 3D techniques including:
the construction, nature, benefits, and limitations of various 3D technologies
and practical issues associated with it and development of a design to assess
the effectiveness of 3D Technique. and at last we conclude the best method
of 3D technique that is anaglyph technique as compared to other techniques
as it is easily available at low cost and is suitable for large no. of people .In
this technique image for one eye is red and the image for the other eye is a
contrasting color such as blue,cyan or green .If viewed through appropriately
colored glasses each eye sees s slightly different picture that is contrasting
color , a stereoscopic image can be seen. It is widely used in home
entertainment and in science and mathematics. Holography and volumetric
Displays are in its beginning but result is not sufficient .Wiggle stereoscopy is
beneficial for people which have limited of no vision in one eye. we also
discussed different types of stereoscopic cameras and television available in
the market and we also discuss auto stereoscopic technology that is
stereoscopy with 3D glasses.

(Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology)