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Focus Listening & Speaking

Theme World of Stories

Topic The Tick Tock Rock

Introduction This lesson focuses on listening and speaking.

Activities are teacher-led where students get to say
what they see on the pictures. There should be a lot
of encouragement for pupils to speak and share.
Teachers’ role is to facilitate and provide a good
environment for listening and speaking to happen in
the classroom.

Content standard 1.1 Pupils will be able to pronounce words and speak
confidently with the correct stress, rhythm and

Learning standards 1.1.1 Able to listen and respond to stimulus given

with guidance
a. Musical instrument

1.1.4 Able to talk about a stimulus with guidance

Objectives By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to

pronounce words which contain the phonemes /o /

Time 30 minutes
Teaching Aids 1. Pictures
2. Story of ‘The Tick Tock Rock’
3. Musical instrument
Activity Teaching & Notes
1. Teacher shows the Contextual learning by Power point
front cover of the drawing pupils presentation/pictures of
story book entitled previous knowledge rock, tree, a boy and a
‘The Tick Tock girl, rod.
Rock’. Sample questions:
a. What is this
2. Teacher gets pupils
to talk about the
front cover (picture)
with guidance)

3. Teacher tells a Story telling Power point

story ‘The Tick Tock presentation / picture of
Rock’. book ‘The Tick Tock

4. Teacher gets pupils Brainstorming Power point

to talk about the presentation / picture of
people, objects or book ‘The Tick Tock
animal on the page Rock’
of the presentation /
picture book.

5. Teacher points to Repetition through Power point

pictures with the / drilling presentation / picture of
o / sound. Teacher book ‘The Tick Tock
says the words and Rock’
pupils repeat.

6. Teacher points to Reinforcement Rock, talk, shock,

the pictures and get through repetition knock, clock,
pupils to name Hot, lot, not, shot, spot
them. Rod, nod, prod

7. Teacher says out Reinforcement Words from the story or

selected words from through fun and play other one syllable words
the story and pupils with the phonemes /o/
tap on the desk if
the words have
the /o/ sound.

1. Observe pupils’ Observation Tick on checklist

response to pictures
2. Able to repeat /
pronounce the
words correctly


Work with pupils who Repetition through Rock, talk, shock,

have difficulty drilling knock, clock,
pronouncing focus words Hot, lot, not, shot, spot
learnt. Rod, nod, prod


Get pupils to identify and Application Mock, lock, block, sock,

say the other /o/ sound. stop, pot, mop, top, dot.